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Feb 25, 2013
Jul 13, 2011
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Destiny Islands Resident, from Mastic Beach, NY 11951

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Feb 25, 2013
    1. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Ah kk well then check the modifier on front page of the kh2fm thread to see if you can do it with that.^ ^
    2. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      ah kk well its possible but it depends on which character you want to mod them into.^ ^
    3. Jin
      The modifier will be on the first page for the KH2FM codes thread, all the codes will be there.
    4. EvilMan_89
      it's not going to make a difference, just take my word for it.
    5. EvilMan_89
      if removing the abilities manually didn't work, a code isn't going to make a difference.
    6. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      I've got no clue dude cus I've never tried that code before, thus your asking the wrong person here, I may know how to hack but I'm not as experienced as the other hackers, sorry.
    7. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Unfortunatly I have no such codes.
    8. Jin
      I'm not sure if there is such a code, try asking someone such as evilman or wheel of time
    9. Jin
      Just manually disable them, you don't really need a code for them do you?
    10. Jin
      By "blue" ability do you mean the abilities that are in the blue section for physical damage abilities? there are a green and blue sections and a red one for the weapon ability
    11. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      dude can you please put you list of codes in a spoiler buttom plz it's taking up a HUGE amount of page space in my vm box.=/
    12. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      no clue post the code and I'll take a looksie .^ ^
    13. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      it might be because he doesn't know and thats just how he is sometimes he can be a little rude but a lot of members do the same thing on here they ignore others just ask someone else maybe ask a coder their the ones with orange names. that's all the advise I can give you.=/ sorry!=(
    14. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Then unfortunatly I have no idea why it dosen't work.
    15. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Did you try jokering it? (you're using a PS2, right?)
    16. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      I believe this should do the trick, I haven't tested it so I can't confirm it working:

      2036C3E8 0016F1A4
    17. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      I still don't understand why he's trying to hack something that has already been hacked...

      Yes, here it is ^^

      Lion Sora Ally
      11CE0B6A 00000064
      01C95AEF 00000014
      21C95AF0 4B4C5f50
      21C95AF4 00303031
      21C95B10 4B4C5f50
      21C95B14 2E303031
      21C95B18 7465736D
      01C95B36 00000007
      2036D930 61726F73
      2036D934 00000000
    18. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      unfortunately I don't have it and I'm still learning how to hack allys so it'll probable be better to ask someone with more experience then me, see if wheel of time has it or gultigargar.=/
    19. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      You're welcome ^^
    20. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Goofy in Disney Castle
      2032F094 12020102
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