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    Sioto's hand lngered over a window, which signified the various levels that had been unlocked. His finger hovered over the icon stating 'level 42' and his breath came in short gasps.
    "Gah! What do I do?!" He muttered, clenching his fist in anger, "This is stupid! I can't even get myself to go to another level...sure, I might die...but what's it worth staying here, when people are dying, just so we can leave?!"
    Sioto, never truly getting a chance to be social, often had outbursts like these....which again attracted the attention of various people. Sioto shook his head, the Teleport window still hanging there, as if begging him to make a choice.
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    (OOC: I'm sorry for not posting anything- even though I've 'watched' this thread, I haven't been getting very many notifications.)

    After much turmoil in Sioto's mind; a part wanting to leave the first level, and another wanting to just stay, and let things continue as it was. Eventually, though, Sioto made up his mind. He would explore a bit more of what this game had to offer.
    He neared the Warp Gate, and went over the various levels that had been cleared.
    Is that 'tournament' still even going on? He thought, realizing it had been too long to take any course of action, By now, it's probably over. Sioto felt defeated at that, but still selected a random upper level.
    "Even though I can't see the tournament...might as well as enjoy the rest of the game, while I still have the heart to do so." He said out loud, again attracting the attention of the few people near him.
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    Mentioning seeing me around on KH13 is probably the creepiest part of the message...but thank you! I'm still getting situated here, but I'm really liking KHV.
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    Sioto walked silently through the grassy hills. To him, even knowing that the world wasn't 'real', the place was certainly beautiful. On several occasions,he would simply stop, and gaze out to the land before. Sioto would smile, hands on his hips, as he took in the scenery.
    He didn't realize that on one occasion, people were watching; Wondering what in the world he was doing.

    Even then, Sioto managed to reach the Town of Beginnings fairly quickly.
    "Where's the Teleport Gate...?" He murmured, looking around. The Town was as usual. Plain, quaint, and mostly NPCs; with the occasional player walking about. Sioto sighed, leaning on a wall as he rubbed his temples, "Gah...I don't want to waste my time on finding some stupid Gate, when I easily do something far more productive.." He complained, glancing at the few Players that passed by.
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    "Grah!" Sioto yelled, slashing the wild pig that dared to come near. The pig exploded into blue-white flames like all the other creatures, and a small window, dictating what Sioto earned for that 'battle'. He sighed, seeing he had barely earned any XP, nor any money.
    "At this rate...I won't be able to afford food." He groaned, sitting down. He sheathed his dual-sword, sighing as he did, "I'm just not cut-out for this kind of work." He muttered, looking about the grassy fields. He was still on the first level, only a 'mile' or so away from town.

    I should be going up to the upper levels...I hear there's a tournament going on or something. Not that I'd join. Heh, they'd beat me easy. Sioto thought, smiling, Besides, no one seems to like me anyways. I'm best to just stay out here. I stay out of the way of everyone else...and...and... Sioto frowned, realizing the pointlessness behind just staying put while others sacrificed their lives, just for the chance of getting out of this game.

    Eventually, Sioto stood up, looking back towards town. "Fine...let's see what else there is for me in this world."

    (OOC: Hope that was good enough for a start!)
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    Alright then, thanks! I'll get posting soon enough.
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    Alright's mine:

    Username: Silver3drago
    Known Name: Sioto Uen (In-game, simply goes by Sioto, or Sio)
    Age: 17
    Appearance: This
    Personality: Very headstrong, and very dense. Often gets himself into trouble, either through his naivety, or through some other means.
    Bio: In reality, he's the son of two rich parents, who spoil him, and never allow him to do much with his life. Even though being spoiled, he still was rather nice to just about everyone. But this didn't stop his growing distance from his parents...and that lead to MMO gaming. Enter SAO, and things became even more complicated.
    Job: None.
    Guild: He is not affiliated with any guild at the moment.
    Weapon: A blade that is two short swords in one. Though he cannot dual-wield, he can wield both as one long sword; or one short swords. Each short sword has a special bonus. The black one is slower, and deals more damage; while the white side is faster, with less damage dealt. Meanwhile, both together negates this, making it a regular blade.
    Special Skill: X-Cross. Temporarily lets Sioto wield both short swords at once, and the ability let's him dash quickly towards an enemy; slashing the adversary, with a slash mark that resembles an X. The attack does twice the damage of a regular long sword attack.
    Other: Due to being socially inept, he tends to not understand social hints, and does things people find odd. He does learn over time, though.

    Hope that's good enough! Though may I ask, would anyone mind telling me what's happened recently in the RP?
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    Hey, um...are sign-ups still allowed? I recognize it's pretty late in the Roleplay, but I wanted to do one about something I recognize to familiarize myself how Roleplaying here works. Thanks!
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    Hah, thanks!
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    Did I ever mention I like Doctor Who, too? But thanks for the info! I might join if it's allowed, even that far in to the Roleplays.
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    I feel so awkward here...
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    I noticed the Roleplays! They really look amazing! If only I wasn't so shy, I'd sign-up for one.

    Hah hah! Pokemon jokes....
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    Hah, but I have no Master! (Still going to do as you say, because following the rules is a good idea.)

    The Spamzone sounds fun...but what are 'magnets'..?

    Nice, uh, speech you have there...I don't feel especially tormented, though.
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    New to this site....yay.
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