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    True i dont think he should be jailed for having a few manga on child sex and bestiality (?) and from that amount of manga not all of em are going to be child sex/bestiality(?)

    on another note....

    So Much MANGA!!! immag go steal his stuff.
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    That was just... epic win :D

    i hated the movie too but whatever it was it deserves to be added to my itunes.
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    wow , just. DR.OCTOGONAPUS
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    From watching countless anime episode's i have magically picked up japanese, but only the first phrase where aqua tells ansem her name.

    Subs plox :D
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    Has the most common content's in his sig.

    Plus i have dyslexia so it cant be helped :D
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    is really called Y
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    I guess its gonna be stating that another keyblade war has arised with some hidden faction of keyblade wielders then sora riku will go off and try and defeat the leaders of this faction but not let kairi come because it will be 'Too dangerous'
    but then kairi will probably either get in an argument with them and leave or they'll solve the argument and save everyone.

    Or maybe maleficent creates something that goes beserk and start colliding the world of kh2 at the present time To just before TAV are possibly defeated by MX and vanitas and then having two problems to deal with TAV and SKR join forces and then save everyone.

    or 3rd. its a picture of a lolface.
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    Thats nice hope we can get more of the interview soon and if they're both connected to kh2 could it be an event which had occured in kh2 not kh1 or Com to cause the events of coded?
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    pokemon oreo's obstruct people?
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    Rule 30:

    Rule 34:Is a bit harder to describe
    Lets just say that no matter wht it is there is porn of it.

    something along those lines
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    i shall back you up with the power of rule 30!
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    :O that's like never been achieved in anyKH game before :O

    sorry, i didnt like sora that much , he just didnt fit in well with the game engine i think.

    my happiest moment was when i finally understood the game and how it fit into the plotline of the series.

    my saddest moment was when i found out there wasnt a massive stand-off between roxas riku and xion (and maybe mickey ) against the rest of the organization i think that wouldve been much more funnier :D
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    okay so Terra and aqua are having a fight.
    Ven Seems to have whats happening to sora at the start of KH1 with the glass floors breaking.
    Sora And Riku seem to be looking up and someone probably T,A or V

    When Ven is Talking quite aggresivly he is standing on the station of awakening.
    Meaning Someone else is there with him. Maybe the Mystery of theese glass panels wll be shown

    Mickey is shown planning to have a fight with someone as sunset horizons And then later its shown Ven and mickey being 'Sucked' into what seems to be a blue Force at the top of the screen Most probably kingdom hearts.

    Maleficent seems to be summoning what looks like a black hole like seen in the 1st KH on destiny islands

    I picked this up in the comments apparently they're somewat rough translations:

    Ansem the Wise: All will be born from sleep.
    Yen Sid: Right now, you must not protect your friend, but trust them.
    Terra: What have you done with his heart!?
    Aqua: Return my friend's heart!
    Ven: My friends are my power!

    Wasnt the last line of ven in the commercial said by sora At hollow bastion When he retook KK from riku?

    If so maybe ven has a more of an effect on the storyline as we think
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    third post :P (hey look ima noob)

    i luv the flame war song and the HUGH incident videos
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