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    Ok I was ok about Sora not being Keybalde Master but his reaction was just not human. He was a bit too happy. At least feel a little sad even though you had it coming Sora then be happy later after a little talk with Mickey, Riku or even Kairi. I actually wanted to strangle Sora because he didn't really took it seriously which made it sound like all that hard work the players put in were for nothing.

    My reaction....
    Me: Oh that sucks... I kinda read about that back in Mar-
    Sora: OMG Im so happy for you! :D
    ME: What...?
    *after credits*
    Me: Sora.... I hate you now.... I wish Lea didn't stop Master Xehanort....

    My reaction to secret ending.
    Me: *sigh* might as well... *downloads*
    *Kairi shows up*
    Me: Ohhh shi- o_o

    So yeah.... I dont like Sora anymore because of how he reacted even though he knew it would happen. Sora just isn't the Sora I thought I knew anymore. Im actually glad I dont own a 3DS and the game or I would have thrown my 3DS out my window which would have made it fall in my pool if I imported the Japanese version. Thank you Spirit Camera for not disappointing me with your ending

    Dose anyone feel this way? Or maybe Im just the only one. I most likely am.
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    Happy for Nintendo fans. Despite it's features, games, and hype I wont be getting one unless the next installment of Zero/Fatal Frame is set for the Wii-U then I'll be getting a Japanese Wii-U and will be the only Wii-U title I'll ever own.
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    I've never really used this site. Now that games are out the window for me (with the exception of Zero/Fatal Frame) I got a member from another forum for my Japanese gaming news so I'll be up to date with the next incoming Zero title.... which wont be till.... 4 years from now? At least give us a peek a year from now Shibata :B
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    So I finally got around to finish this and...
    in the anime I didn't gave a shi- to Yuno nor Yuki however in this version it made me gave a shi- to Yuno and Arata. The ending is so much better than the anime. This is why I prefer live actions more than the anime adaption due to the fact that they put in realism in it and not keep in the childish stuff. Thank you Japan!
    If you want to watch it go here.
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    So it sounds like GameStop will be selling retro games (games of systems you cant find in a GameStop anymore). Hmm..... maybe I can finally get my hands on Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut (both for XBOX).

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    *looks very very closely at the details and images* *breaths in* *breaths out*
    I can play all of these right now if I have it but... I cant believe anyone would pay for this (unless you have none of them then I can see it happening). I think the gamer in me is now officially dead. If they did this for Parasite Eve I would not mind it but wow. So.... that's it. Thats the last straw. I knew something like this would happen in the gaming world and it finally did to money grab from the poor hungry fans like other video game series has done to me. Time to sell every video game and consoles I've ever had except for Fatal Frame related games because I dont want to get too attached/trust any other game series other than Fatal Frame.

    Off to the Hellish Abyss with me~

    Gamer Shinkou

    Fatal Framer
    2012 - Present
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    The new ending song is called "Run Away" by Stephanie. "Lullaby for You" by Jyongri was replaced but I like both songs just as much. Dammit Square! Why dont you show us her real face now?
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    THis is really just for s**ts and giggles to be honest. Please dont take it seriously.
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    I kinda expected this but.... wow.... this is what happens when you dont support the licensed anime you love.

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    No, not yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Shi- even BBS had a FM.
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    I was going to see this movie but Im not too sure about it sense most recent horror movies tend to disappoint me (story-wise and horror-wise). If it looks good to you then more power to you :)

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