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    I'd leave the lever alone. In my opinion, there are already too many people in the world. Of course, it would get complicated if they were people that I knew and care about. But assuming that I do not know or care about them, I would not interfere, and let the five people die.
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    Yeeesh calm down there. I'm not asking for anyone to pick out specifically what I should do. I am just wondering what people think about the different views, how they work and don't work in different situations, and what people personally prefer. I believe my favorite book "Dragon and Thief" uses Third Person Multuple.
    I'm just here to get some insight on the different types of points of view to see what I would like to use.
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    Do you guys prefer first or third person view in a story? This includes Third Person Limited, Third person Multiple, and Third Person Omniscient.
    I have also been wondering what seems to be the trend in popular novels. Knowing this would be very helpful for a story that I have had on hold for a while, and for my boyfriend who wants to become a writer.

    If you need help, this website is great for finding out the meanings of these terms:
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    I got my bf to give me his own opinions. Muahaha. I agree with all but #6.

    "1. People are too content to live mediocre lives. They wallow in self-pity, spend more than they earn, covet things they don’t have. They put their lives on hold, always saying they’ll ‘get around to it’ or they’ll ‘do it later.’ When they ponder death, they might think of the things they wish they’d did or want to do, but soon dismiss those thoughts. And so they sleep-walk through life. They age. They die.

    2. Adult prostitution should be legal and institutionalized. It provides a safer environment for women, allows for health checks and insurance for the workers. It’d be no different than women working in the porn industry. Of course, every business has a seedy underbelly, but measures would be taken to curb these.

    3. Some holidays should be cut since they’re taken advantage of by capitalistic fat cats. Every day should be Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (by which I mean, love your folks every day), not just because it was arbitrarily decided to be celebrated/marketed on a particular day.

    4. Cybernetic implants should be the norm, but not the law. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll reach an informational singularity.

    5. No one should be circumcised, unless it would somehow save the person’s life. For some reason genital mutilation is treated as a traditional thing.

    6. No one should be tortured, nor executed. No matter how grievous their crimes, people can be reformed, if they so choose. If a criminal decides to take his own life it’s within his right.

    7. Art shouldn’t be censored to appeal to foreign markets. Censorship is thought control. If people are worried about ‘corruption of the youth’, limit access to the artwork in question to those suitable instead of butchering the product.

    8. Religious teachings can be beneficial to people. Religious zealots are another matter. Multiple religions should be taught in schools, but not instated as a ‘national policy’. Let people choose their own schools of thought.

    9. Moral good can lay outside the realm of law. Oftentimes the law infringes on civil liberties and ethics.

    10. Nothing should be illegal which does not infringe upon another person’s liberties or cause anyone else intended or unintended harm."
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    1. More videogames should lessen their amount of in-depth story given (especially if it is a shoot-em-up because they just use it for filler to make the games longer). I don't care about the whole history of the made up world, I just want to get to the part where I get to play and have fun (hopefully). For example, the Dark Souls series is minimal in its storytelling and can be very cryptic, but they are very well made games. I can also list Shadow of the Colossus, Spyro (PS1 games, Lengend of Spyro trio for PS2 is the worst), and the older Pokemon games (haven't played any new ones) as good games that have simple story lines but are really good games. In SotC you are just killing the colossi. In Spyro you don't get a long exposition about each area's history branched off of the homeworld. And in Pokemon you just become the very best trainer and beat everybody.
    If you have a really good story that can be both in depth and give the game plenty of play value, though, you are golden. Looking at you Okami, you beautiful game you.
    2. Abortion should be legal. Some women either do not want children or cannot afford them.
    2a. Sterilization should be widely accepted and be a discussed option for those who have decided that they do not ever want children. Doctors are dodgy about the topic and instead discuss other methods of birth control. One BS excuse is that it will "hurt their psyche if they want kids later." Well if they want kids there are plenty already out there looking for homes.
    3. Company dress code should vary based on the seasons. I live in the desert and holy moly does it get hot, but we have to wear pants at all times. Why can't we wear like knee-length shorts so we don't die of heat?
    4. People who turn into "vegetables" after an injury should just be passed on into death. It takes too much energy to keep them in a stagnant stage of "life."
    4a. Same applies to people with mental disabilities who cannot fend for themselves. Why spend so much effort on those who cannot survive on their own? Animals leave those behind who cannot keep up, why can't we?
    5. Skinny villains are way sexier than the buff heroes. For example, Joker is much sexier than Batman.
    6. More people should dumpster dive. Huge stores like Walmart constantly throw stuff out that could be worth a pretty penny to others, such as metal for recycling. More money to the individual, and less trash in the landfills.
    7. THERE SHOULD BE LESS BRANDS IN U.S. STORES. It is so confusing to have so many brands with similar products, especially if you stock them on the shelves. It just wastes time and energy.
    8. News about disastrous storms and mass shootings do not affect me. Didn't happen to me so why should I care?
    One story that I have: The choir conductor of a church that my parents would take me to got stabbed right in front of our eyes. My mom was crying, and I was trying to see past the crowd to see what was going on.
    9. There should be more group housing (apartments) or smaller homes. Better on the environment, and easier on peoples' wallets. Plus it would discourage large families from developing.
    10. Parents should have a limit of 2 children maximum (preferably with one having been adopted). There are already too many people in the world.
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    On the topic of cheating:

    In my opinion, like many others, fooling around with anyone else but your partner is straight up cheating. When I was with my ex-girlfriend, I had the problem of her romantically talking to another girl behind my back like if they were together. It wasn’t only once, either. I am extremely monogamous, so that didn’t fly by real well and I had trouble trusting her after that. Just make sure that boundaries must be 100% respected.

    On the topic of sex in the relationship:

    Being with only a girl at that time in my life, I didn’t care too much about sex (being a girl myself) because I hadn’t experienced it yet. Truthfully, I was quite a bit hesitant. We hadn’t done much besides fool around, but I did love knowing that she enjoyed what I did to her with my minimal skills, and in addition I respected her boundaries. In this relationship, sex only seemed secondary to the personal relationship between me and her. True, I did feel it somewhat important, though.

    Now I have a boyfriend, and with practice I have grown very attached to sex in the relationship. I feel that it has made my feelings for him even stronger. I do not feel like I would ever want to separate from him, but if I did I would consider sex as a need. I feel like it gives the relationship more depth.

    “If you were in a relationship with someone who was asexual, or just had very little sexual desire, would you be able to stay faithful? Consider everything else they are willing to do for you. If they loved you to bits, would you stay faithful, knowing that sex is pretty much off the table?”

    I do not believe I would pursue a relationship with someone who was not interested in sexual matters. Without sex, I feel that there is some sort of disconnection. I consider myself as a high libido person also, and that is an itch I need to scratch. I wouldn’t have anything against being friends though.


    Amethyst, it makes me happy to hear that you are not against masturbation. I have heard stories of sexually active couples getting mad at each other for masturbating, and all I can think is ‘WTF? It’s their own body. It’s not like they are fooling around with anyone else.’ In my current relationship with my bf, we highly encourage each other to do it, so hearing stories like that make my brain get confused. Lol.


    “I don't want biological children simply because I don't want to get pregnant, let alone have sex. If I ever want children, I would adopt. But this would be another thing to talk to my partner about. I know biological children is desirable for a lot of people, but seeing as I don't even want to get pregnant I'm not sure if I'd be willing to make that compromise.”

    It makes me SO happy to know that there are also other women out there in the world that do not ever want children. Every time I tell someone that I do not want children they seem to get offended and say stuff like “You’ll change your mind when you get older”, “But you would make such a great mother”, the whole deal. In fact, I even want to get fixed so I can never have the worry about accidentally having a bun in the oven. My bf knows and respects this decision of mine, and even agrees with it as he has said he doesn’t want them either. It’s nice being compatible like that. Plus there are already too many people in the world, and there are plenty of orphans to adopt if I ever decide on getting a kid.
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    In my opinion, both physical and mental age can, but not always, create some sort of tension. I only say this because I have had these issues with a girl that I dated in high school who was four years older than me, and was not as mentally developed as I was.

    I didn’t mind the physical age gap, but the stress of her graduating and not being around me for at least a couple of years in school definitely affected me. So I had always feared that. I am also a gamer, so that is a big part of my life. Being that she was older, she was not very savvy with the newer generations of games. We did not have much to talk about in that area, creating a gap between us.

    The mental gap ended up splitting us apart because our hobbies, interests, and dreams for the future were different from each other. At the time, I was interested in art, and she was interested in music involving the guitar. Both are hobbies that can be expensive to have due to needed equipment and space, and need great amounts of effort to actually produce any profit.
    I could barely hold onto a job for more than a short amount of time, and she did not have a job at all the whole four years we were together. She would say that she would get a job, get out of the house, be more adult, but that day never came. I wanted a stable income with a stable home, and she was not mentally old enough to become the adult that I would need to have the comfort later in life.

    To conclude, it is of utmost importance to make sure that both of you have similar mental ages. You don’t want to end up with someone who will let you down.
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    The only reason why I didn't end my days was because they didn't really end. Meh, I was done with the RP anyway. Now that I have school and work, I don't really have time to write for over half an hour to post.
    You guys have fun and all that jazz.

    The only thing that I request is that Decimus not be taken over/killed off/etc. for the rest of the RP. I like to think of him as a character to only mix up the storyline a bit.
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    Decimus Black
    ----- Day: 25 ----- Mood: Livid ----- Location: Service House ----- Interaction -----

    All of a sudden the curtains near the orchestra caught fire. Hana was thrown to the ground as Decimus turned to see. The people in the orchestra had fled within seconds, only the metal seats and the basses and cellos remained in that area. The sprinklers had gone off in the building, showering everyone inside. Men of the house opened panels in the walls to reveal a few fire hoses that had been stored there while the women tried to store away flammable objects. With no time to lose, they opened fire on the blazing curtains. The fire was only half subdued, and glowed a teal color.

    Confusion and curiosity filled the fallen angel as he stared into the mesmerizing light.

    This isn’t any normal fire…

    His gaze turned to Hana as he picked out what her plan was. Before he could grab her wrist she was snatched up by Hay Sun and taken away. Rage filled him as his hands turned into fists and his grey eyes glowed intensely. He started to make his way towards the girls.


    A table exploded near him, killing two of the girls running around in fright.

    F-CK! He thought to himself angrily.

    Wood from the table had splintered and torn some of his shirt and pants, even stabbing him in certain areas. Israfil didn’t even feel it. He was too enraged to feel anything besides that hatred. The fallen angel continued his march towards the girls. A handgun was produced from his jacket and he shot Hay Sun in the thigh. When he got to them he grabbed Hana’s throat with one hand and Hay Sun’s in the other. The angel in him started to surface as he lifted both of the girls off of the floor and went through the front door.

    “You think you’re funny?!” He huffed, his eyes starting to glow red. “Let’s see how funny you are when you’re hungry on the street with no one to help you.” A growl left his lips. With super human strength, he threw both of them down the front steps.

    He went back inside for Cassandra, who he grabbed by her purple hair. “They’re your buddies, aren’t they? Why don’t you join them on the streets?” She was also thrown down the steps.

    “Let’s see how you three handle yourselves on my turf with nothing.” The muzzle of the gun was pointed at them once again. “Get out of here, or I’ll be forced to do something you may not like.”
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    Decimus Black
    ----- Day: 25 ----- Mood: Curious ----- Location: Service House ----- Interaction: Hana -----
    As Decimus danced he glanced over at the three girls in the middle of the room. The read-headed one had managed to move over to the feisty one. What were they planning? He had to find out.

    With a motion of his hand, two men came up beside him. One was slim and had a silver and orange rabbit mask, and the other was bigger with a white wolf mask that had gold leaves. The fallen angel removed the half cape from the Rabbit and led them to the girls. He put the cape on Hana. The slimmer male put his jacket around Cassandra, despite all the glitter. With another motion of his hand, an elegant mask with red lace and orange feathers was brought to him. He handed it off to the bigger male, who put it on Hay Sun.

    When the girls were ready, they were each taken to dance with each male on opposite sides of the dancing area where they could hardly see each other. The bigger man was chosen for Hay Sun due to the fact that he could take Hay Sun down if she tried anything. The slimmer man was chosen for Cassandra because he was less intimidating, and she was as scared as could be. Hana, of course, belonged to Decimus. He had to know what they were plotting.

    They didn’t do anything too fancy with the girls. Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time could hurt them because of the drugs. It was mostly just simple steps back and forth with slight turning.

    He looked at Hana through the Fennec mask.

    “So, what are you planning? Don’t think that I can’t see you three conspiring. You have something up your sleeve or something?”


    “Do you like the decorations?” asked the Rabbit towards Cassandra. “We try as hard as we can to make it feel and look like a real Venetian Ball.” He buttoned up a couple of the buttons on the jacket so the girl wouldn’t feel too exposed. His hands took hand and hip as he swayed her gently to dance. “Don’t worry, we all had to go through this.” His green eyes had a sort of sadness to them as he looked at Cassandra through the rabbit mask. “We don’t mean to hurt you. We just follow orders from the boss. I used to be really shy like you.” Rabbit trailed off for a little bit. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Tristan,” he smiled.


    “So, I hear that you’re a rowdy girl,” said the Wolf to Hay Sun. “I think that that is a great trait for a woman to have. It gives her spunk and a wild spirit.” His hands handled her drugged body by the hand and waist. “I hope you like the music. We try to have the best band whenever we have a special event going on. I also hope that you like the mask. I think that it looks real good on you, too.” He seemed to hesitate at this last part as he looked at the violin players. “It’s a silly name, but my name is Tiberius. What’s yours?”
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    Decimus Black
    ----- Day: 25 ----- Mood: Joyful ----- Location: Service House ----- Interaction -----

    It was around five thirty in the afternoon and the men and women of the house started to close up for the night. A fall-themed masquerade for the new arrivals was being prepared in the main hall. Decimus was dressed in an elegant suit with a fennec fox mask. The men all wore different versions of rabbit and wolf masks with their Venetian suits, and the women wore varieties of masks adorned with all sorts of feathers along with their dresses. Events such as these only happened on very special days. Some of the customers wished to stay, but got the red flag.

    Israfil made his way to the bathing area. As soon as he entered he could see the three women being treated to a bath by some women of the house. They were groggy and had lazy movements.

    Good. This will make it easier on me.

    About five minutes went by and the girls were taken out of the tubs to be dried and prepared for the night’s festivities. Hay sun had a bruise on her back from when the henchman hit her with the butt of his gun when she resisted getting in the tub. It was a silly move, which made the fallen angel smirk in amusement.

    A girl appeared from around the corner with a tray. There were orange, red, yellow, and green paints along with glitter and brushes. She was a great artist, and did make up for the girls when special events happened.

    Cassandra was brought up first while the other two were sat down on the floor. It took a couple of the girls to drag her groggy body over, but it was no big deal.

    With the dip of the brush into the orange paint, the artist set to work. Large, elegant leaves of orange with yellow shadings covered Cassandra’s shoulders and vines crawled their way up the front of her legs. A sort of panty was created out of leaves and loose leaves that seemed to float downward spotted her abdomen and arms. A leaf covered her left eye and each of her exposed nipples. The rest of her was nude.

    Hana was next. The markings and procedure was the same, but her leaves were yellow with red shading and her nipples were exposed. She also had her right eye adorned with a leaf.

    Hay Sun was last. Like Hana, she was lacking coverage in the chest area as well, but her leaves were red with orange shading. A leaf was not present on either of her eyes.

    This continued exposure was part of their conditioning.

    “I’m all done,” the artist said as she made sure all the paint on Hay Sun was dry.

    “Very good. You’ve done a fine job, as always. Be free to wear the fish mask, as a thank you for your work.”

    Her eyes grew wide. “Oh!~ I sure do love that mask.~” With a skip to her step she made her way to prepare for the upcoming festivities.

    The dark angel’s attention turned to the maids that were still in the room. “All of you, take the girls to the seat circle in the middle of the room. Sit them a few feet apart. When you are done, make sure that everyone is ready, especially the orchestra. Their area should be designated on the second floor, we don’t want any mishaps.”

    “Yes, sir. Right away.” They grabbed Hana, Hay Sun, and Cassandra and took them to where they would be for a good part of the night. The sedative made sure that they won’t do much.


    Decimus had one mistress on each side of him - each with a white peacock mask - as they stood at the top of the stairs.

    “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we celebrate the addition of three girls to our happy family. Be merry, drink, and eat to your heart’s desire. Make note, though, that any behaviors that I see to be less than desired will be met with punishment. Wolves, rabbits, birds, and fish alike, I welcome you to the festivities in our Venetian Wonderland.”

    Music started to play and Decimus, along with his two women, descended to join in the fun.

    Fennec Fox Mask:
    Rabbit Mask (one version):
    Wolf Mask (one version):
    Fish Mask:

    You guys can imagine the rest xP
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    Decimus Black
    ----- Day: 25 ----- Mood: Evil/Pleased ----- Location: Service House ----- Interaction: Hana, Hay Sun, Cassandra -----
    "Youuu... you cannn't key-pus here." She swallowed to try and clear her throat. "I don know what youuu expect frommm us, but it'sss not going to happ - happ - happen..."

    The drugs had clearly started taking affect. It made him smile. He moved closer to Hana and looked down at her.

    “I can keep you as long as I wish. As long as you’re sedated and tied up you can’t really go anywhere on your own. I also doubt that anyone knows where you are.”

    “P-please tell me this is just one big joke… p-please. It isn’t my s-sense of humor… but I-I’d rather this be a j-joke… ma-maybe I am just-just sleeping…” Tears started to streak the girl’s face. “A-at the m-motel… or h-home…”

    His head turned in the direction of the one called Cassandra and he moved over to her location. He didn’t look down on her as he did Hana. Clearly this girl was scared out of her mind. Decimus’ hand filed a hankerchief from his jacket pocket and started dabbing the tears from the girl’s face.

    “Don’t worry, no harm will come to you.” Fingers ran through her hair. “You have lovely purple hair.” A frown crossed his face and he took the hankerchief back. “But no, this is no joke. You are all trapped here, not at a hotel or at your house.” Israfil moved a few feet away and in the middle of the girls. “Be ready to lose the rest of your garments in time.” A scissor motion with his fingers showed his plan.

    “You two, come here.” He motioned to people in the back of the room. “In an hour, restrain their arms horizontally so they do not lose too much blood to their arms and hands. But don’t forget to do the thing so they don’t try anything funny.” A banging on the head motion ensued.

    “Yessir,” they replied.

    Decimus nodded and proceeded to leave the room.

    “I’ll see you three later.”

    He closed the door and went to the office to talk to Vince.

    “Make an announcement to the girls right away. At six o’clock we will be closing early to have a Masquerade for our new arrivals.”

    “Right away.”
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    Decimus Black
    ----- Day: 25 ----- Mood: Excited ----- Location: Service House ----- Interaction: Hana, Cassandra, Hay Sun -----
    He leaned forward in the chair in front of the bath area door. His chin rested on his hands as he observed the three girls. An evil smile crossed his face. Watching the girls was so fun and funny. They started talking to each other and he learned each of their names. It was just too damn funny. Evil laughter escaped his mouth as he couldn’t keep it in any more.

    “Bwahahahaha! You girls are too hilarious!” Decimus rose from the seat and went up to the one called Hana. His nose made his way up her neck as he took in her scent. “Yes, all of you have been drugged,” he whispered in her ear.“It is a type of sedative that will keep all three of you from doing anything I don't want you to, especially running very far.” His fingers ran across her abdomen. “I have three pretty little butterflies caught in my web.”

    The fallen angel moved from the red head to Cassandra. Her blindfold was removed. "We'll, you're a pretty one, aren't you?"

    He moved to Hay Sun next. “You’re a rowdy one. It’ll be fun to break you.” He ran his fingers over her neck before removing the blindfold.

    Hana was last. “You three are going to be here a long time, Hana.” His hand slicked back his hair. "I suggest you get used to the whole everything going on," he motioned to her almost nude body.

    Israfil stepped back from the girls to get a grip on the door. “Your conditioning starts now.”

    The door slid open and revealed both the women and men of the house bathing. “Your audience awaits.”

    Their eyes shifted to the three women. Pleasant smiles crossed their faces as they took in the view.
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