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    mine would probaly be john cooper from skillet, i listen to skillet less often now but one song i can never forget is "my obssesion" by them, cause yeah i'm totally axel obssesed :D
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    indestructible by disturbed

    i luvvvv this song too!
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Apr 15, 2012 in forum: The Playground
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    if i post a picture of me on here im going to have to go get ready cause seriously i look awful in most of my pictures......
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Mar 29, 2012 in forum: The Playground
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    I can be Bard if you want.
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Mar 24, 2012 in forum: Forum Families
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    while looking at these pics for some reason kh 358/2 days music was playing in my head - btw thanks for the update :D
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Mar 16, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    im not even good at texting i just call because i get fustrated and it is sad people cant just call instead of texting.
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    lol you sound just like roxas! its a wonder how they could ingnore you. I still cant wait for them to release kh 3d because eveybody will have all summer to play it :3
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 28, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    i'm in too - loyal and worthy
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 25, 2012 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    wtf? cant they just do what they were gonna do and make gray version? that is really messed up, pokemon should stay thier oringinal forms not mashed up like this.
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 25, 2012 in forum: Gaming
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    thats only what i want too.
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 21, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Profile Post

    WELCOME ! to khv :)

    WELCOME ! to khv :)
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    best trailer ever im so excited ! this will be the best game eva!
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 14, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    kh 3d will hopefully not be the last game . Mabye they will keep the series going - i just got into it last year and i've played all the games. I have become addicted to the series so i hope they will keep going even after kh 3d comes out.
    Post by: shadowlugia2000, Feb 9, 2012 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
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