May 12, 2008
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Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
Dead God


Traverse Town Homebody, 32, from Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime

So bloody bored... people need to fix this -_-" Mar 9, 2014

    1. Beucefilous
      Well i could edit it to be...y'know..better. Suggestions are welcome
    2. Beucefilous
      Hm...Well each one wants to take over the other and whatnot. so neither one is really good or bad.
    3. Beucefilous
      You pretty much turn into the armor
    4. Beucefilous
      You make a pact with the armor. basically, you lend out your soul, the armor the enemy's ass. And your fighting style can be just about whatever you want.
    5. Beucefilous
      Alright. lol my dog is pretty hyper too.
    6. Beucefilous
    7. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Hey, just letting you know you can posty. :3 FKB is just waiting on Britishism to posty.
    8. Lauriam
      Oh, did I join that RP? I'm sorry, I think I might have gotten in over my head again. XP
      lol, I just have a tendancy to get into too many RP's, and then forget about it. I'll get back into it and post soon. Again, sorry for the delay in my posting.
    9. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      Hey about Affinities rp, SORA hasn't been online since the 26th and I see no reason that your character wouldn't be accepted. So I think it is safe to assume you'll be accepted and start posting, there's no point in you getting left behind.
    10. Chevalier
      Just Alright? Haha. You know, it's funny. Time has passed by...and we sort of have to stop and be like "Wow. Time really HAS passed" for it to hit us in the face. Lol. It's just...been a long time. At least 3 years since those days of the past.
    11. Chevalier
      Yeah. How about you, though?
    12. Chevalier
      I've been okay for the most part. Struggling a bit with becoming an adult and just overall. But I've been good; can't complain.
    13. Chevalier
      Hey! It was nice seeing you around.
    14. Daxa~
      Tim Curry fan.
      You like Tim Curry.

      I FREAKING LOVE YOU <33333333

      Hello there <3
    15. TwilightBlader

      oh my...your back!

      Its been years since I last spoke to you. Welcome Back!

      things have been fine for me. How about you?
    16. water mage
      water mage
      Just so you know you need to answer to Escape with Marluxia when you have the time. Everyone is in the basment.
    17. Jayn
      *Smiles* No, no. It's aright...

      Though I wasn't able to give you that note...
    18. Jayn
      *Runs my hand through your hair*
      Hehe. ^-^
    19. Jayn
      Gah! Don't ever, ever say that!
      Never ever ever ever! I missed you so much!

      *Clings to your arm* ;~; So much!
    20. Jayn
      Oh, I see.
      I sent an email to your old one, attempting to get back in touch somehow...

      You know, when you were away, everytime I drank tea I thought of you. o_o
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    Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
    Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
    Dead God
    Howdy. I'm Sessamaru, though I prefer to be called Sess, and I'm a diabolical genius. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, gaming, amongst other things. I love RPing, too, because I believe it helps inspire further ideas for your own creativity, whether personal or public. I have been called "mad" and I take it as the greatest of compliments. Aside from this... I wish for everyone to appease my divine existence by offering me tribute in the form of milk and cookies. Or else...

    Writing, reading, gaming, and drawing.


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