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    I used my HxD Hex Editor to find the hex values for sora's HP bar. I was able to preview it via Noesis, but the thing is, when I save it, all I get is the image below. It doesn't show the appearance of the actual bar itself. Is there a software I could use to make it so It looks like the bars and not like this? Please and thank you for helping if you do!
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    102B6568 00000001
    102B6570 00000000
    102B6574 00000000

    This is the Destiny Island Code.
    102B6568 000000XX
    102B6570 000000YY
    102B6574 000000ZZ <---- room modification code orginally

    Here is sephiroth's location code:
    E003FDFF 004DD49C
    102BC128 0000000B
    102BC130 00000006
    102BC134 00000007

    So how should I work this then? It doesn't work for either Kingdom Hearts (USA) or Final Mix
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    ok well basically I want to relocate sephiroth battle on destiny islands on the beach if possible
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    What flag would I use for Destiny Islands for A room mod?
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    Hello everyone! Today I introduce a new tool developed by Disgustor that extracts VAG files from any .mdls in Kingdom Hearts 1 USA/ Final Mix. Do take notice that NOT ALL .mdls files have audio in them. Some .mdls files are either cut scene textures or they have a different format to find them. These are the instructions on how to use them as well as the things you need:

    Items Needed:
    1) A Hex editor of some sort (Preferably HxD Hex Editor)
    2) The "KH1 Boss VAG file Extractor"
    Download Here:
    3) VAG+VAS Previewer as well Here are the instructions on how to use this tool...


    1) Find your .mdls file you wish to extract. (example: xa_ex_3000.mdls which is sephiroth)
    2) Open your .mdls file with HxD Hex Editor
    3) On the 3rd line, look at the first four bytes. (Sephiroth's .mdls is 80 A6 3D 00) - do an offset search with these four bytes, but before you search "80A63D00", you need to do it in reverse order. So instead, you would search for "003DA680".

    The Screenshot below is a referral to what I mean by the first four bytes of the third line

    4)Your insertion point should be at that offset. Next, you need to copy that offset and all the way down to the last line.
    5)Copy the hex codes from "003DA680", all the way down, and create a new file in HxD and paste those codes into there.
    6)Save the file to any name you would like. It does not matter what it is named but preferably name it the name of the boss you are editing.
    7)Once your new file is saved, drag the new file onto the "KH1 Boss Vag Extractor and it should then create a new folder with the name of your file you saved with -ext in the end. (Example: Saved file name is "sephiroth" it will make a folder called "sephiroth-ext"
    8) From that point on, you can edit the VAG files to your will.


    1) After you have edited your VAG files to your own will, drag the folder onto the KH1 Boss VAG Extractor/ Recompiler and it will recreate your saved file but will recreate it saying ".new" in the end. (example: saved file is "sephiroth" it will recreate it saying ""
    2)Next, open that new file onto the HxD Hex Editor.
    3) Copy the new codes from the new file and replace the original codes with the new codes
    4) YOU ARE NOW FINISHED! Next, drag your .mdls into the import folder of your ISO Tools and put it into the game. ENJOY! All credit for the tool DOES go to Disgustor
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    Does anyone happen to know how to relocate sephiroth onto Destiny Islands? I want to see if I can try and do so.
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