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    Who's Who: The characters of WWD
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    Story and Concept by: Jon
    Editing: Ale
    Consultors: UnbridledWild(*)
    Ula by: @cstar, Saino by: @Hexin, Kara by: @Magick, Ara by: Nani
    Early concept sketches by: Emma Mosier(*)
    Art by: Demona Silverwing (*) Aylea (*) Hannah (*) Xero (*) Gabby (*) Koko-arts (*)
    Signage and other Graphics by: Jon
    Based on properties owned and trademarked by the Walt Disney Company, their affiliates and subsidiaries (especially Disney Imagineering)
    For optimal reading experience with the published Google Docs, minimize your window to a comfortable width.

    Chapters 1-6

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    This is doubly embarrassing, but I did some digging since the other day and all my old writing is preserved in Google Docs and I just forgot. My apologies.
    Post by: Sebax, Oct 27, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Well, I should learn to read. I lamented the loss of all the earliest fanfics I wrote under the account "BaseSebastian" when I first joined way back when. I should probably discuss accessing those stories so I can copy and paste into personal docs for safe keeping and sentimentality.
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    Claiming six
    Post by: Sebax, Mar 6, 2018 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Naw, I'm joking. It's a solid rule. Unfortunately, yeah, that song is awesome and would work great otherwise. I figured you also would have nothing against it, I just wanted to make that joke.

    My real suggestion has been added to my previous post.
    Post by: Sebax, Nov 21, 2017 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    I feel like you put "no swearing" because you knew I was involved and you might remember my favorite Christmas song

    "Was Christmas eve, babe. In the drunk tank! An ol' man said to me, "Won't see another one". And then he sang a song; "The Rare Ole Mountain Dew". I turned m'face away, and dreamed about you."
    ~ Fairytale of New York

    Real suggestion:

    Better Days
    Original ~ Karaoke
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    Can we agree on a count measure for the last sustained note on "go"? I mean, I think it's eight. Many might be able to sustain for ten.
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    Ah! My favorite part is still available! 7! Hamilton reference all the way!
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    Base began to think about the fact he didn't have a nemesis. Enemies from past adventures, yes. But a true rival? No. He looked around and surveyed the Keybladers for a candidate.

    Ignis was having a moment, and he was too well-acquainted with most of them to start changing the landscape of his relationship with them. He was having a hard time until he spotted AJ's fresh face.

    "Hey! Hey you! Your face is... dumb. Like, super, super dumb!" He shouted over to AJ, looking him direct in the eye. He didn't really mean it, but he did need a rival, and a random one would do just as well.

    Granted, there was truth in what AJ had said about "strength in numbers". But he could still have a nemesis AND fight against a greater evil (okay, an ACTUAL evil) by his side, right?
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    Base blew the smoke rolling off his Keyblade from the Seeker Mine spells that had taken care of the king before the eruption could finish him. When he heard Ananta shout "WHAT", he looked over and saw her fixated on Nigo. He looked to Nigo, then back to Ananta, and shook his head.

    "Uh? Is there something sketchy about him besides the precarious proximity to an unspeakable slur in his name? Am I missing something?"

    Over by the racers, Vanellope was back in her poofy dress and he heard her give a royal decree in a sickly sweet, princessy tone.

    "Everyone who was ever mean to me will be... executed."

    "Wow. Do I we have to go? I kinda wanna stick around and see what happens next. Look! Look! Ananta! Those twerps who sicked the data replicas after us are crying because they know they're doomed! Ah, come on, we gotta stay!"
    Post by: Sebax, Oct 25, 2017 in forum: Role-Playing Arena