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    Al blinked and turned to Sakuya. "Oh, it's great!" He said with a smile.
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    Al tried to listen to everyone else and became lost. Very, very, very lost. He sighed and waited for the rolls to come in. Perhaps Winry would make him an apple pie when he got home...His mouth watered at the thought and he bit his tongue. No, no. No hopes until he got out of here.
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    The food was excellent; Edward would've downed it in two seconds. But the other company Alphonse was in made him uncomfortable a bit. At least he was able to be unnoticeable to them. He watched as the maid-no, Sakuya- flitted around. He sat back and watched everyone else. He pulled the State Alchemist watch out of his pocket and sighed, opening it up and looking at what Edward had written in it-
    Never forget who you really are.
    Alphonse looked up at the ceiling and sighed, smiling slightly.
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    Alphonse was at a loss for words. He looked up at the mansion and stuttered "T-thank you!" He pulled at the collar of the silk clothing Ling had insisted on having his 'advisor' wearing. Al sighed and walked into the room, but before shutting the door, he said again, much clearer, "Thank you again."
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    After a while of staring out into emptiness, Al became slightly impatient. And that was very hard to do.
    "Am I all alone out here?!" He exclaimed finally, exasperated by the time and his tiredness and exhaustion.
    Something-someone- moved out of the corner of his eye. Alphonse turned and he saw a...
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    Oh hai dere :3

    Oh hai dere :3
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    Character: Alphonse Elric
    Age: 15
    Sex: Male
    Series(Where did they come from?): Fullmetal Alchemist
    Picture(NO FANARTS and please put it under spoiler tabs): Ability/Weapon: Alchemy-the ability to take something and make something else out of it; and alkahestry-a form of alchemy used for healing
    Additional Information: Alphonse is traveling for the sake of traveling and has left his brother Edward behind with Ed's wife, Winry. He somehow got sucked into this world while being in Xing researching.


    And Brother had said that traveling seemed easy.
    Al woke up on the ground, rocks digging into his back. Where had he been before this?
    Heinkel and Darius had been with him, in Xing...
    And Ling and May had been training together...
    Why had it been so sudden?
    Alphonse sat up and rubbed his head and looked around and sighed. "No one else came? That's a relief...couldn't live with myself if May came with me..." He trailed off and blinked. Did he feel something for her? Al shook his head. No time to wonder about that now. Should he stay or should he go? "Someone's bound to come along soon."
    So he stayed.
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    Hai :3 Homestuck fan?

    Hai :3 Homestuck fan?
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    My friend on here made me come, I swear! :3
    But I have an account on another forum about Kingdom Hearts, so it's all good x3
    I love Kingdom Hearts (of course) and Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm open to any talking or such. I love to talk to people. I like to keep an open mind. :3
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