Awarded Pins

  1. Awarded: Dec 26, 2016

    Question Timed

    Wow, you really like being questioned, huh? Or did it feel like a police interrogation? (Must be selected for a Question Time)
    Reason: For surviving an intense interrogation (being a recipient of Question Time)!

  2. Awarded: Jul 5, 2013

    Luminary Residuum

    A hero's path abides by the protection of others... (Must be a Former or Active Staff Member.)

  3. Awarded: Jan 7, 2013

    KH-Vids 2012

    One more year has passed on, and we're glad you were here for it all. (Partook in the KHV 2012 event. Is Sold Occasionally on the Pin Shop)

  4. Awarded: Dec 29, 2012

    Radio Active

    We interrupt this program to bring you, YOU! (Must have helped or Partaken in the KH-Vids Podcast)