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    Zack nooded. "right" he said as he ran at the monster. "I wont let you down!" he exclaimed as he began to slice at the beast with his standard SOLDIER sword.

    Hiari sighed. She had a hard time keeping up the ruise that she was Tristan and not His twin sister.
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    "interesting enough" she said in her disguised voice before turning back to her own thoughts. ' hope I do not see one of those.....' she thought to herself. "So Atrice, you get bored of guarding these science nerds too?"
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    Hiari rose a brow looking over at Mercury. She lowered her voice to the best of her ability. "You seem very calm for having just heard a blood curling scream" She gave a false manish chuckle before speaking again." you know the spiders here are as big as house cats...right?"
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    Hiari was sitting on a rock nearby the camp. She had just finished making up an excuse not to go bathing with the other SOLDIER. She sighed. She wondered how long she could keep this up, hiding who she was. It had only been a few weeks but still, every day it was getting harder and harder to keep her ruise up.
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    Name: Hiari
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Rank/Occupation: Hiari (disguised as SOLDIER 1st class Tristan.)
    Weapons: Hiari likes her guns.....yea :|
    Appearance: Hiari has long brown hair and mako blue eyes (contacts). She has a fair complection .
    Personality: strong willed, fun loving with a competitive spirit.
    Bio: Hiari was born and raised in midgar. She and her twin brother lived a happy life until the day that tristan set off for infantry training. Hiari was sad to see her brother go. Over the years she grew into a beautiful young woman . She became fascinated with guns and fighting often shooting targets and sparing with her brother when he visited.One day when her brother was visiting he obtained a career ending injury leaving him paralized from the waist down. This was devistating to his family for that was the main incom. Hiari then made a desperate decision. She would return to shin ra in her brothers place. She took his sword, uniform and headed to shin ra. She had obtained contacts to disguise the fact that she did not have mako exposrure. She left a note behond saying she had eloped so that her family would not look for her. She currently still hides her gender which is extremely hard arround Tristans fewllow 1st classes.
    Dislikes(optional): showering with the others...... , the science department...., needles, physicals... cough...She skips them every time. xD
    Other: n/a
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    Nicholetta hated to admit it but he was right. "you haven't seen the last of me.... I will take back what is rightfully mine!!!" she said before running off into the shadows.
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    "You expect me to believe that!!? You committee members are all the same. How dare you try and trick me!?" she said fighting to move forward. "Fight me like a man blondie!!!"
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    Nicholetta gave a annoyed look at Konstanze. "We will see about that... and how am I to be certain you will not just tell the committee where to find me hmm? Why shouldn't I kill you where you stand?!" she said launching herself at him , her fangs bore and ready to kill.
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    "The council are a bunch of criminals!! Their power in society is stolen!" she said angrily. "If anything I should have a warrant on your heads!!!" she exclaimed. Indeed she was revealed that Konstanze was not out to kill her , however she was severely angered at the same time.
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    Nicholetta seemed to freeze in place. ' One of them...' she thought to herself. She had been found out. "I suppose there is no use in hiding is there...councilman...I will not come quietly nor will I at all for that matter. " she said baring her fangs at Konstanze. "You can tell that filthy blue blood you call a leader that Nicholetta sends her deepest loathing while you're at it" she was not about to fall victim to one of the council. Her entire family had been destroyed by them. She would not allow her family name to perish.
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    A carriage had just pulled up in front of the mansion home of none other than councilman Konstanze Nachtnadel. The driver of the carriage opened the door to reveal a petite blonde woman with doey brown eyes. She gave a nod to the driver as he bowed and then led her to the front of the mansion. The driver, who was a servant of the girl, Johanna's father, knocked on the door waiting to introduce Johanna though at this point in hers and Konstanze lives there was no introduction necessary. Johanna really hoped that perhaps since her parents were not in attendance that things might have been less aquard this time and that maybe she and Konstanze could talk for the sake of talking and not about a wedding which for neither one had even spoken of setting a date.
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    The back streets were quiet compared to the main roads. The perfect place to catch ones breath while not being seen. It was the full moon and she was in desperate need of feeding but the young vampire could not risk being seen by any of the council that were in these parts. The woman, Nicholetta, as she had been called in the past, was now hiding behind a crate which appeared to be empty. She looked around the back streets to notice that there were several run down homes, all of which seemed to be abandoned in light of the festival that was happening not far from there. 'I have to feed....but what if they see me...they will kill me!' she thought to herself if she tried desperately to decide what to do.
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    Name: Errin Masterson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Race/Nationality: European/English
    Social Rank: Nobility
    Relations: Her Mother, Her Father and Her Fiance' whom she doesnt seem to have any feelings whatsoever for.
    Weapons/Powers: As a vampires lover, Errin is immune to a vampires bite. Her blood contains the ability to free those who are enslaved by the vampires cast system but not to cure them.
    Personality: Shy and propper, Errin is the ideal lady of her time. She is very obediant and doesnt tend to voice her opinion often.
    Appearance: comming soon
    Bio: Errin was born into the noble masterson household. She had a privilaged childhood . Upon her coming of age, Errin was introduced to a young lord whom her parents told her she would marry. Errin did not protest the matter but she is a little frightened of her Fiance' as somehting seems off about him.
    Likes: Sweets, Flowers, Chldren, Happy people, Books (especially fairy tales)
    Dislikes: Storms, Frightening people, How secretive her fiance' is...
    Username: Sandy Flipflops
    (you can post that if one wishes to play the fiance, he is a vamprie....but of corse he doesnt advertize that fact. XDD he is a day walker she likely will NOT end up w/ him in the rp but anything can happen. im literally rolling w/ the flow)

    Name: Nicholetta
    Age: looks to be in her early 20's
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire [Pure Blood]
    Race/Nationality: Seems to be Romanian
    Social Rank: Unknown - for now- [[all council members would know message me if you make a council member]]
    Relations: -unknown - [['' '']]
    Weapons/ Powers: Nicholetta possesses healing abilities which come at a great cost. Her abilities cause her to take on whatever damage she heals.
    Personality: Serious, a little paranoid especially arround Blue bloods (you never know who is involved with the council...) falls in love easily
    Appearance: comming soon
    Bio: -Unknown to all but those playing the council and out owner... srry- Nicholetta is currently on the run from the council.
    Likes: Wine, Luxurious places, Handsome men
    Dislikes: The council, fire, rude people.
    Username: Sandy Flipflops
    [[NOTE: this has been aproved by Love]]

    Name: Lilith Nachtnadel
    Age: apears to be 17
    Gender: female
    Species: vampire (blue blood)
    Race/Nationality: German Vampire
    Social Rank: Blue Blood/ Nobility
    Relations: Her father, Her mother, Her big brother Konstanze
    Weapons/Powers: Shapeshifting though she doesnt use it.
    Personality: shy and anxious around people
    Appearance: comming soon
    Bio: When Lilith was born, her father doted on the child giving her most anything she could want. This did little to corrupt lilith as she was a shy individual. She fears disapointing her father and lives up to the standard of most ladies, seen not heard unless spoken to. Being a young vampire there isnt much to say.
    Likes: Reading, Tea, Flowers
    Dislikes: Konstanzes lifestyle... (too eccentric for her..), Perverse men, the idea of marriage scares her.
    Username: Sandy Flipflops

    Name: Dracul
    Age: -unknown- looks to be in his 20's
    Gender: male
    Species: Vampire
    Race/Nationality: Romanian/ vampire
    Social Rank: Blue Blood (council member)
    Relations: n/a
    Weapons/Powers: Dracul shapeshifts into a three headed beast. (rarely uses this) He can also communicate to one in their deams much to may young ladies discontent....
    Personality: he is an ass
    Appearance:comming soon
    Bio: Dracul wasborn in romania but moved to london to be closer to the council . Having always been a vampire supremicist he felt that the council was a great thing as most of them share his views. (sorry not feeling too too creative on him... hes an ass if that helps.
    Likes: blood, wine, woman, watching executions
    Dislikes: loosing, canceling executions
    Username: Sandy Flipflops

    Name: Johanna Nightingale
    Age: Appears to be in her very early 20's
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Race/Nationality: German/Vampire
    Social Rank: Blue Blood
    Relations: Her parents, Konstanze Nachtnadel (her betrothed)
    Appearance:comming soon
    Weapons/Powers: She tends to recover more quickly than others when woanded.
    Personality: kindhearted, quiet and pure (innocent of mind and body)
    Bio: Johanna was born into a wealthy vampire family. At an early age she was told that she and the son of a family friend would marry oneday. Johanna was raised to be seen and not heard unless asked for her opinion. She is by all standards the "perfect" woman of the victorian era. She was introduced to Konstanze Nachtnadel very early on. She found him to be pleasurable enough company though she didn't know if she could love him per say. To this day her relationship with Konstanze is more or less one of a professional nature. She does not object to the marriage but she is not necessarily in love with him either. She hopes that maybe she might grow fond of him in the long run and sees him as a kind and caring friend for now.
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