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    This is a really cool vid =D A little bit fast but exciting.

    I'm not sure about it really if this would count as a Spoiler!-or if someone already mentioned it- but, I think the bald guy is the Nobody that Sora met on Destiny Island and is the one on the ship in the other trailer- and even though Tetsuya said the guy you met in Hollow Bastion, in KHFM, was Xemnas -or something like that- it might have been the bald guy to.
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    If you had a choice to going to a high school, would you go to the one your friends went to or would you go to one where it specializes in the feilds you want to be in/lets you travel?
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    I was thinking it was Outland but when I looked at a gameplay footage of WoW:BC it didn't show it on the map so I don't know what the place is.
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    OMG!!!!!! I watched the ceminatic or whatever thats on the sign-in page of WoW and I saw that at the end of the trailer on the rotating map of the world it showed a huge completelt new Continent! O_O check it out for yourselves, it looks like a big hook on the northern part of the map.
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    My Art teacher pointed this out once; he asked "What makes Art- Art?†What does it take for a painting to be good? What does it take for a painting to be great? What does it take for a painting to be bad? In the eyes of a mother, when her child gives her a figure painted picture that she puts on the refrigerator and brags and tells about it to everyone else, does it make the Art Great? Or is it even considered Art?
    Is it in the eyes of the beholder that says wither or not the Art is good? But if so who are they? Would they only look at the appealing side of Art or the dark side as well that has an edge that no one wants to share?
    Or an edge that is erotic?
    Should it provoke the imagination?
    Or is it the amount of detail in the Art?
    Does emotion really even matter in the Art? Does it need it? The Mona Lisa is smiling- does that means she's happy? Does that make it a good painting? Or does the worth of the painting come from the emotion that is coming from inside the Art?
    But what does it matter? She's smiling- isn't that all that matters? What you see?

    “What Makes Art- Art?â€
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    Yaysh! Coolsh! Thanksh Deathspank for adding this to KH-Vids :cool:
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    Hi yea

    Hi!^_^ Welcome to TKK!^_^ We now own your soul and you can never leave :cool:
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    Maybe even it could be Yunalesca from FFX, they could put her in Olympus colliseum with Auron.
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    Combo plus, Vortex, Scan, Blitz, Beserk.

    What is the ability that Sora learns on level 96?
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    #3 the most probably, of course I'm going to be disappointed but I'd probably try to make it up.
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    Thats because I didn't say the part where two girls said:

    First Girl said "How much calories did the bird just eat?" XD

    Second girl said "I think 11" and she holds up 9 fingers. XD
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    I wouldn't mind getting an org. trench coat for Halloween, I would actually like it and I would where it on special occasions and not casually though.

    I've never been to a cosplay and it kind of looks weird from the vids I saw of it.
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