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    After a LONG abscence, I've decided to come back with a bang, in the form of AMVs!
    So far, two have been done.
    Tsuki no Curse, Kingdom Hearts 2.
    I used clips from kh-vids/net of course, and credit has been given, dur, I aint that stoopid =B

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni
    Clips from, Music is the 3rd openign to Naruto i think.
    Anyways, I prefer the 2nd one to the first, due to the fact the 1st one was my FIRST EVER AMV, and it had those blacked out parts from the cutscenes, and some other parts like the ending ran too long >.<

    Anyways, enjoy, a 3rd one shall be coming soon, but with school and extra currics, I'm very busy
    Again, enjoy!
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    When watched it, they saw Pete (olden one) TWICE, like, a loop, which confused me, ALOT
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    The whole, Timeless River thing confuzzled me too....
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    Like the title says, just write here if you didnt exactly understand a part in KH2, like many people have....
    My confusion started during the Opening of KH2, when Sora walks in on Namine, now when exactly does that happen, if it recaps KH?
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    Like, I've always seen myself as a Roxas/Sora/Riku sorta person, but recently, alot of people have been saying I'm like Namine...
    So that makes me a Roxas/Sora/Riku/Namine person
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    I dont really spam, except my exits are sort of spammy, but its the way I am!
    -falls off cliff to Organization XIII's theme-
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    Hello -bows-

    My name is RoxasXNamine, and obvously I an a huge fan of RxN, have anything against it? Then bully for you!
    I am one that doesnt care what people think about me, but call me Gay or Homosexual and feel my wrath!
    Anyways, yeah
    KH2 Rocks, even though I havent even got a PS2 of the game ^^;
    I still lurv it
    Anyways, I'd prefer if you guys would call me Colin, as those usernames annoy me
    Anyways, BYE!
    -waves as he falls from a cliff gracefully listening to Sanctuary-
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