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    Ember Reborn

    Ember Reborn.
    I remember the windows barely being cracked. See, they asked me if I could remember anything. I did, but only that. Because this life isn't mine, nor has it ever been. They tell me to lay down on this elevated rectangle. I do as they say, because I am unsure of their ways.
    I lay down hesitantly, one man with a paleish face prods my flesh-- he is sadly disappointed to find out that his finger goes through, emerging with salty drops of clear liquid. He writes this down on paper in big, scratchy, barely readable letters.
    "What is your name?" The creature asks me, his head tilted to the side. Lifting up his goggles to reveal crystaline eyes, his brows furrowed in curiosity.
    "I have not a title." I reply, leaning upwards to face him. The corners of his mouth curling downward in intense frustration.
    "Surely, everyone has name,given to them in birth." He sets down his board, pulling up a stool. His eyes meeting mine, he is an older man, with acne scars. His jaw is tightly locked as he analyzes me, so, I fear I must give an answer.
    "Memory. I am nothing but memory." I snap back. Breathing out heavily. The room is getting darker, except for a flickering light that messes with my thought process.
    He stands up, placing his index finger in my chin to turn my face to the side. Suddenly becoming solid at the freezing room temperature, it works. My skin is reforming itself, and slowly I remember.
    "Were not going to hurt you, just work with us." He replies, I slowly lift my head. Remembering.
    "I am Maireen." I whisper out, feeling the warmth returning to my cheeks. The skin covering the bone. After all this time, why would they bring me back? Me? Out of all the possible.
    "Where were you from, Maireen?" The man offers a smile, chewing on the end of his writing device. His grey hair brushing his stubbled chin.
    "Flame. I was from Flame." I nod, looking down as my bones slowly began to abund with flesh. The soft pale flesh I once knew, growing as intertwining roots often do. I stare at him as he smiles at the process, as if he has seen this a thousand times before.
    "Flame. Interesting. One of the towns in the four regions left after the War Of Wars," He smiles, with one swift motion pushing the stool back to stand. Clicking a metallic grey pen, coming torwards me. "Now, this might sting a little. It's to get the pigment back in your eyes. To see what color they are, so we can tell if you're speaking the truth or not."
    I reach forward, gripping his wrist as I grit my own teeth. "How do I know you're not going to try to kill me?"
    He laughs at this. "Wouldn't be very wise of us, huh? To just bring you back then to suddenly kill you? Although, we do have the power to do that. Now if you would, please co-operate."
    I lower my wrist, putting some form of trust in this man. He raises his wrist yet again, putting the golden pen directly at my eye, a sudden tip jutting out. Stabbing the liquid that inhabited the sockets. Slowly, the white began to form. Then he did the same with the other. Just as I thought he was done, he blew in each. Revealing the color.
    "You were quite young when you died. Your eyes are orange. Not yet to the golden or red stage. Interesting."
    He writes this down, before smiling at me.
    "Well, Maireen, I will let you rest. You have been oh so helpful today. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Your hair will grow back to it's state when you sleep. Along with your stomach and all other internal organs. Good night, then."
    Slowly, he leaves. And I am left in darkness, the table pressing to my back.


    "Maireen? That is your name isn't it?" I am awoken to a sing song voice. I think that I am dreaming, but yet I am unsure. It had been so long since I had dreamed. But, alas it is not.
    I awake staring into the face of a monster. I startle at this, screaming as I roll off. Hitting the floor with a thud, pain surging through my limbs. I groan, rolling over as I see the face of a ebony colored woman, with overly pink lips and navy colored hair.
    "I'm Spiff! And judging by your groans of agony, you got your touch sensors back! Great! You're on your way!" She giggles, turning off a goblin looking hologram, before offering her hand to me. I shake my head, before pushing my ownself off the ground.
    "Who are you? Why are you in here?" I ask her, my face twisted up in utter disgust and repulsion. She simply smiles and bats her obsidian colored eyes, before setting the remote control on the side of the test table.
    "I'm Spiff, Duhhhh! I told you that silly! And I'm your scare tester! I'm here to ensure that your developing emotions correctly! And it looks like were done here! Pretty hair by the way! The groomer will be here in five minutes!"
    She practically skips out of room, leaving me in utter confusion. I look down to see naked flesh. I quickly look for something to cover up my shame, anything. I result in grabbing the stool that the man had sat on the previous day, attempting to cover my body with it, but failing desperatley.
    "Need clothes, huh?" I hear a deep voice from behind me, turning around abruptly. I am in utter shock to see a male.
    "Hey, it's fine. I've done this before." He gives a reassuring smile, before stepping torwards me, his eyes down cast. He turns off the light, startling me slightly.
    His eyes blazing white. As an X-Ray. I gasp slightly as the two orbs come near me, scanning my body. Suddenly, I feel metal against my skin. It is over taking me. I struggle against it, but he suddenly grabs my hand, twisting me about to scan the other half, quickly suiting me up. I am naked no longer, and he turns the light back on.
    "There you are, lovely. See, it matches your hair." He chuckles. His fangs revealed from behind his lips. He is a sweet looking man, with red hair and a slender flame.
    "Thank you, sir. But I've never actually seen my hair." I respond, going to feel the metal that now embalms my skin. It is red, with streaks of golden for trimming. It is beautiful, and I find myself in deep admiration of it.
    "Your hair is golden, love. With streaks of embers." The man smiles yet again, reaching up to brush through it with his fingers, revealing a wedding band. She is a very lucky woman indeed.
    He spends another minute or two brushing through my hair, before nodding once. "I'm afraid I must leave you now, dear. There is another.'
    "Wait!" I shout, blinking once at the utter shock of myself doing so.
    He turns around, cocking a brow as he asks, "Yes?"
    "What is your name?" I ask, in hopes that I will see the strange man again. He reminded so much of someone. Someone that I can not recall.
    "I am Mirror. And you are beautiful." He turns to leave me, and I am alone yet again. Hearing only the sounds of heavy foot steps as they appraoch, and I pace myself. Breathing in softly, pursing my lips, for I knew that the man was coming back.


    "So, you tell me you remember your parents?" The man leans over the stool, clicking his pen as he continues to write. His eyes meet mine as I dangle my legs over the table.

    "Barely. Barely, I remember." I swing them in sequence, left to right, left to right, almost as a counter clockwise clock, you can tell this erks him, but I continue to do so anyways.
    "What do you remember, about them?" He emphesises on the word "them" and this erks me, a continuing cycle of who can tick the other one off more.
    "They were poor." I mumble, a sudden image of my mother coming back to me.
    .Leaning over, pale, sick, on death's door. Her golden hair clinging to her face as she reached for me, her nimble fingers beckoning me forward. I sobbed slightly, crouching down at her side.
    "Don't fight. Don't fight. Your brothers and father have died this same way. Be a light. Guide others, in the way they should go. You will be as peaceful as the ashes. For the fire has taught them what can be left of war. You will be as the remains of the fire, to remind others what war can do. Mommy loves you, Ember. Mommy loves you very, very much."
    "MOM! MOM!" I screamed as her eyes faded away to obsidian, her pale fingers lingering over my hand. I tried to wake her up, straining in my struggle. She was gone. She was an ash. A reminder of war. I would name myself Maireen. A reminder of war. Their rebellion.
    "Maireen? Open your eyes sweetheart." The man hovered over me, smiling broadly. Smelling of peppermint and hand sanitizer. He pushed the hair out of my eyes.
    "You have gained your memories back. You are you fully recovered." I discover that I am back on the table, my arms chained to the rest. I looked up, helpless as a bug.
    "Now what are you going to do?" I breathe out, my eyes widening slightly. Heart hammering loudly, blood flowing through me.
    "Now, we can attain your memories and send you back of course. You can go back to the way you were. Back to rest." I see a strange suction device with a light at the tip coming torwards my ear. Suddenly, I feel the life being drained out of me, and I am sinking. I am going back to where I was, a deep, happy rest. All before I hear the sound of a thud, and metal hitting the floor. Stirring me to half conciousness, I see black and blue, against white. And then, everything was silent.


    "I'm afraid I must leave you dear, there is another." I wake to the sound of Mirror's voice echoing through my mind. I am no longer chained to the table, but I am laying in a meadow. With a trickling stream and the humming of birds being the only sound. I breathe out, closing my eyes.
    There is another. I turn to face a tall boy, with platinum hair and gentle eyes. He steps forward, looking worn and tired. My eyes are drawn to his armor, black and blue.
    I stand to my feet, ready to defend myself. Red eyes alight. "Stand back! I'm warning you!" I shout, clutching my fists tightly, ready to maim or dismember.
    "I'm not going to hurt you," He breathes out, holding up his hands in defeat. His jaw swollen and beaten, three pen sized cuts going down his face. "Think we both had enough of that, don't you?" He spits out bitterly, hiding his gaze from me.
    Suddenly, I feel remorse. This is the boy that saved me. The flash that I had seen only a day earlier, or days, or months. In fact, I wasn't quite sure anymore.
    I stood up slowly, orange eyes meeting grey, flicker meeting ocean mist. I was hypnotized. My mouth fell agape as I muttered, "I'm sorry..I didn't know who you were.. You just.. You j-,"
    "Startled you?!?!" He mocked in a Spiff tone of voice, waving his arms flamboyantly as I began to laugh.
    "Yeah, that's it. W-Who are you?" My tone of voice becoming serious again as I face him, keeping a safe distance.
    "Aquarius. Oceanis, a town in the region of Water. Your sworn enemy." He looks at me as he says so, his eyes locked on mine. He backs away yet again. His head bowed low to the ground, as he drew a map in the dirt, revealing the ruins of both of our civilazations. Long forgotten.
    "Where the water and fire meet, there will be smoke." I whispered, remembering hearing the words of my brother, Kindle. He was only seveteen when he died. This was before the long omen of all the males in my family dieing before the age of adulthood due to war. Except my father. My father died due to a welding accident. He had tried so hard to be careful with his own fire, careful not to let it get out of control, out of his hands. But he did. And it cost him his life.
    Then, Kindle felt the need to restore order in the family. We would fight for everything we had, because that's what we had grew up doing. Fighting for everything we had. He would see the Water merchants coming upon the shore, just for mere trade, and he would destroy them. This created a war among the Fire and Water regions. Killing everyone of us. Now that I thought about it, this boy looked familiar.
    "You killed me." I whispered out, eyes locking on his as he nodded once.
    "Now I saved you, now, were even."


    It did not occur to me that my own murderer would be the one to save my life. This would not occur to a normal person by any means. But death has a way of rewinding itself. And sins have a way of being forgiven.

    It was a cold day back in December, the Fire and Water population was diminishing rapidly. The Air and Earth had their own way of getting vengence upon us too. For disturbing the peace.
    He lay sprawled out upon the ground, barely breathing. I had broken my mother's words not to fight, and he had something I wanted. I raised my hand with the dagger made of hot coal, ready to strike. It was then he caught my wrist, holding it tightly as smoke began to fill the air. Water, and fire, the most lethal combination. He did it in self defense, and stabbed it through my heart. I spent the last few moments of my life watching tears trickle down his face as if in regret. My blood staining the earth.
    "Hey, Aquarius?" I whispered out, shaking him slightly. Able to touch him now, as long as our skin wasn't in contact.
    "Hm?" He turned to face me, eyes fluttering open.
    "Are you hungry?" I offer a weak smile, still weary of him. But trying to forget. I was in his debt.
    "A bit," He sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his face as he sucked in his bottom lip, in deep thought. "Yeah, I'm real hungry. They didn't feed me while I was there. Said it would disturb the regeneration process."
    "Yeah.." I offered a weary smile. "They didn't feed me either." I reach up to touch my neck, rubbing the back awkwardly. He stood to his feet, much taller than me.
    "Do you remember how to eat?" I ask, my eye lids feeling heavy from lack of sleep. It sounded stupid, but it was a very serious question. Besides, when you find yourself not doing the basic things, you often forget how to.

    "Yeah, I do. It hasn't been that long since I died, you know." He walks ahead of me, as if he owes me nothing. I watch his retreating figure, before following close behind.

    "When did you die?" I whisper out, my hair continuing to grow. It now brushes my waist. I am able to see the sunlight hit the golden waves, revealing the hidden red underneath.

    "Five years after you did. But not by who you would expect it to be. There was hardly any Fire Guard left after. The Balance thought it would be best to dispose of the rest of them. So, they came in, killing. They thought that we could get by, taking up the trade of the Fire region. Making swords, baking food, welding. But we couldn't. We didn't have the essentials. Basically like you trying to keep peace. We just couldn't. Then, we all eventually came into war. Earth Elders sent the quakes our way, Water Wielders sent tsunamis there way, Air Archers, tornados. We destroyed ourselves. But, me. I wasn't killed that way. I actually had it kind of good, the Neutrals thought I could be of some use connecting all three of the remaining regions, but I couldn't. They found out that I killed Ember. The only Fire that had the capablity to make peace. That's where you come in, you know. You were so special, so signifigant to the Balance, that they found me a disgrace and turned their heads. I was an exile. You know that guy that was questioning you earlier? He was Centre. The center of The Balance, once he obtained certain knowledge, or what he wanted, then it was game over for all of us. But that's the thing about the nucleus of a cell, it always has a way of dividing, or healing itself. There will be another. And that Mirror guy, well, he was one of you. The librarian of the Fire Region. He had a way of mimicking certain things though, and they captured him. But he was too much of a softy to do anything to, so Centre kept him. Now, that Spiff chick, she's who you got to look out for. She is programmed by Centre. With the ability to fight like your kind, taught by sir Mirror himself. Though, she wouldn't harm without cause. Not that she doesn't have one now or anything." He turns his face from me, before muttering softly. "We have to get this armour off though, Ember. It's got tracking devices in it.'

    "I'm NOT Ember." I hiss out, averting my gaze. "I gave up that name a long time ago. I realized you can't be who you aren't. I'm not MADE to keep the peace. I was made to KILL, to FIGHT."

    "Maireen. Please," He whispered out, his eyes looking sympathetic. "You can melt it off. You can destroy. This is why Centre was going to send you back. Because he knows you can start a whole revolution. But not in the destroying part. But by having the capability to be two different things. To tear down and plant." He offers his arm, his gaze meeting my own. And I know he is sincere. "I trust you."
    I nod once, lifting my hands as the sparks fly off the metal. It cuts it as bits and pieces fall to the ground. He sprawls out once the process is done. But he's not naked like I am. He is covered in a black tee shirt, and blue jeans.
    "Where did you get those?" I whisper, eyes wide. I hadn't seen a pair of them since they were worn by the normals. Before each human found out what they were capable of, before they had to become capable of.
    "My grandparents used to tailor." He smiled, looking down. "I was regenerated with these, oddly enough. Because I clung to them in death. There are some things even The Balance can't explain. Now, it's your turn."
    "I can't do it.. I'm not clothed like you are." I whisper out the last six words, eyes averted in embarassment.
    "I stole some of Spiff's clothing before I broke you out of there." He grins cockily, a typical teenage male type thing.
    "I'm going to look like a candy cane.." I hiss out bitterly, destaining him at this very moment.
    "Or you could walk around naked..That'd be fine with me too." He smirks, before I turn away from him.
    Burning my ownself out of the armor, and changing into a emerald green dress. Tied together with an ivy strand around the middle. I realize that this was a dress from the Earth Region. With beautiful floral patterns printed over it. I take a moment to stroke the smooth silk, allowing my newly found fingers to feel the fabric once more. Taking life in again, I smile, before heading back to Aquarius. Ready to co-operate.​
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    Lets see here Mio Amakura wants to kill me and Tidus loves me...mio's only weapon is a camera that kills ghosts and tidus has a sword half the length of his body..hmmm close call. XD
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    Well if your that tall you might be able to pull off the trickmaster heartless. Its not as well known as a soldier but would definatly be unique. :)
    It would definatly be one heck of a project though!! Good luck!
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    The howling flick rush is exactly how I play any and all games! If I'm not loud it's probably a boring game. :/
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    What is the char file under and what format does the skin have to be in? if that makes sense haha :)
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    Can you get a custom skin on your player when your not online?
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    I love minecraft! Has anyone else found slimes?
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    wow i really love these! Thanks for sharing :D
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    My logic is that roxas is the only one that actually does have a heart. He has ventus's heart which sora had inside him when he became a heartless. Since xion was meant to copy sora by taking roxas's power i think she shares vens heart with roxas toward the end. As for the rest of the nobodies, they dont have hearts but they have the memories of emotions. Axel sees real emotion in roxas and can remember how it used to be so therefor it looks like he has emotion.
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