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    I thought it would be cool to add music from Dream Drop Distance to previous boss fights in the KH series. You can read the video description on Youtube if you want to but I'll let you enjoy video here. If you haven't listen to the OST for KH3D, I strongly recommend you go do so. It's a good way to get hyped for the US release of the game without spoiling anything major about the game itself.

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    Happy New Year to everyone from Alaska! :D
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure I didn't over look it because when you click on the link to go to the BBSFM thread on iwantedtoexplode thread of all the official code threads, it says it isn't there and it isn't on the first page on the Code Vault which it is normally there. I think it's just an error since it's been that way for a little while now.

    EDIT: Can someone give me the 1 hit kill code for BBSFM since the thread is gone for some reason?

    EDIT 2: NVM I found the code.
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    I was just woundering, what happened to the BBS Final Mix thread? There are some codes I need for the game but I can't find it and the link to it says that it isn't even on the website.
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    Hmm that's a bit interesting. Are you trying to get him to fight himself or are you trying to get him to work correctly when you use a UCM mod in any room?
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    I got a few questions for you guys:

    1) When do you think we will get a official release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D?

    2) Speaking of release dates, when do you think Final Fantasy Versus XIII will come out? (I ask since the main KH team is working on this game and KH III won't be worked on until this game is finished.)


    3) Do you think they might release a remake of a past game like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to keep us occupied during the time between the anouncement of KH III to the release of KH III in Japan?
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    Does anyone have the all actions code so you can ablilities like Counter Hammer in Ven's story? I've seen people use these actions in a couple videos like these:

    I found a code that was surposed to unlock all actions but it doesn't work. Here's the code:

    _C0 All actions
    _L 0x01726B96 0x000000F3
    _L 0x01726BA0 0x000000F4
    _L 0x01726BAA 0x000000F5
    _L 0x01726BB4 0x000000F6
    _L 0x01726BBE 0x000000F7
    _L 0x01726BC8 0x000000F8
    _L 0x01726BD2 0x000000F9
    _L 0x01726BDC 0x000000FA
    _L 0x01726BE6 0x000000FB
    _L 0x01726BF0 0x000000FC
    _L 0x01726BFA 0x000000FD
    _L 0x01726C04 0x000000FE
    _L 0x01726C0E 0x000000FF
    _L 0x01726C18 0x00000100
    _L 0x01726C22 0x00000101
    _L 0x01726C2C 0x00000102
    _L 0x01726C36 0x00000103
    _L 0x01726C40 0x00000104
    _L 0x01726C4A 0x00000105
    _L 0x01726C54 0x00000106
    _L 0x01726C5E 0x00000107
    _L 0x01726C68 0x00000108
    _L 0x01726C72 0x00000109
    _L 0x01726C7C 0x0000010A
    _L 0x01726C86 0x0000010B
    _L 0x01726C90 0x0000010C
    _L 0x01726C9A 0x0000010D
    _L 0x01726CA4 0x0000010E
    _L 0x01726CAE 0x0000010F
    _L 0x01726CB8 0x00000110
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    He put the code on a video he made showing off that code. Heres the code from that video:
    _C0 Terra vs MF & VLS (Terra only)
    _L 0x2062E781 0x78653130
    _L 0x2062E791 0x78653231
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    Has anyone gotten Keytotruth's code to fight the Mysterious Figure and Vanitas' Lingering Spirit with Terra on the A Time To Chill mission at the Mirage Arena to work? or is it just me? I've tried a few different cheat devices besides CWcheat like FreeCheat and NitePR and it either freezes the game or doesn't do anything at all.
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    Thats cool that you can unlock KH Cloud if you buy KH:BBS FM. Can someone explain why the new Dissidia game has the "012" in the name?
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    I had to wait a week or so after the release of the Japanese version of KHBBS to own it, now just less than a month to go for the American version. I can't wait for the game much longer! I want to beat that "Mystery" new boss and understand the full story in my own language already!

    *goes and saves money for the day it comes out :D
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    Well your right, the boss warp codes dont work when you try to fight a boss that doesn't appear in their story like trying to fight Mad Trent (Ven's first boss) while in Aqua's or Terra's story. You'll have to play through Terra's story until that point then use a character mod to play as Aqua to fight Eraqus that way.

    Edit: Woops, didn't see that Aurangzeb56 already explained the whole fight bosses with other characters part. Internet in some parts of Alaska are wack XD
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