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    Ooh, P&W. I like that park idea. Very nice.
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    Here's something we were going over in Gov class.
    What's your opinion on this?


    For those who are too lazy to click the link or whatever reason, there is a mosque is either going to be built there or may very well be built in the future. People might say that this is a nice opportunity to get to know the good side of the Muslim community better, others think that this is nothing but a dickslap to our faces. I mean, it IS Ground Zero after all.

    Oh, I don't think the mosque is going to be built EXACTLY on G.Z, of course, but near a clothing store that was pretty much demolished after 9/11. Just to make things a bit more clear.

    Pray tell, what do you feel about this?
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    First is my favorite, heh.
    Where did you get yours stocks?
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    So today in my Law class we were discussing our current events. My teacher happened to show us a video.

    Apparently there was a beating somewhere in Florida triggered by a text message. A freshman from some high school traveled three miles on bike to beat the living shit out of a girl in 8th grade to a pulp after she teased her brother who recently committed suicide. There's an article about it here. Apparently she's had at least 2 brain surgeries done, including removing part of her skull to reduce swelling in the brain. She's also in a drug-induced coma to help her heal.

    (oh, a quick fyi; apparently a kid was doused in alcohol and burned because of a fight over a video game. the kid's on the way to recovery, though.)

    So, we discussed...:
    xxxxx Should the girl be partly to blame for teasing his deceased brother?
    xxxxx What happens to the boy if the girl is to die.
    xxxxx School security.
    xxxxx The kid's sanity.
    xxxxx The dangers of texting.
    xxxxx What should have been done after the brother's suicide.

    But what we mostly discussed was: If the girl was to die, should the 15 year-old be put on the death penalty?
    A lot of people in my class said absolutely to this question.

    What says you, lovely people? How ridiculous is this? Does the kid deserve a better punishment? What about the school security?
    Or the question I'd love to see answered: If she is to die, should the crime be treated as an adult committed it? Should this kid get the death penalty?


    Here's video if you want to see more or something. It's just the parents talking over the matter.
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    You may kiss the bride.~

    All seriousness now.
    That's just a LITTLE odd. Marrying a pillow with some anime character's face on it?
    I don't think there's any law or such against that...but it's certainly weird.
    Better him than me.
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    Agreed .
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    This so very hard.
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    This is very true. <3
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    I hope we can see The Flying Graysons.
    Tissues will be needed!

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.
    I am so ****ing excited.
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    I'm excited. <3
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