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    People Will sue for anything if it means making money

    There was a case once were someone who broke into a house, hurt himself, and he sued and won. Law system is that screwed, and if this taken to court, I will not be surprised if this man wins.

    By the way, why was he in a airport drunk and no knows how he got on there or saw at all getting on there. I think this is more than just a drunk case if nobody saw him go there or knows how, after all it is not easy to get to without even being spotted by somebody or security cameras.

    Just pointing out my questions
    Post by: Roaringflames, Aug 10, 2012 in forum: Current Events
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    I go back to school that same day and ever since i've entered my current school distract.

    Without snow days I got out of last school around the end of may.
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    Sir, People take offense to that sometimes

    I was only stating my opinion.
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    The answer is obviously 2

    Did you not learn preschool math?
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    I say it's the police, why?

    The police did not state anybody else suspicious in the neighborhood, nor anybody behind or in front shooting a gun. Besides suicide does not seem reasonable, in fact impossible because his hands are behind his back and they would have heard a bang instead of a thump. The car that passed them would have been it, but there have been no reports of broken glass on the vehicle.

    Example of police abusing their power and being able to get away with it. I hope these men go to jail and his family receives consolidation for their loss.

    Also on how he hid the gun, this is a police report, written by those police officers, it could be false or have fake parts in it.
    Post by: Roaringflames, Aug 2, 2012 in forum: Current Events
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    This is junji Ito, there is no such thing as common sense among regular people, only the protagonist and his/her helper(s), from my observations of junji ito's work.

    Otherwise, all of the people are going to die besides, what if killing remina actually did something more worse than what they're expecting or were expecting
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    1st - Misty - love the smudging and how his hand seems to be blending in with the blue or flowing the blue( in my eyes). Think the text could have been smaller, but you could also remove it as well

    2nd - Advent - I like the smuding and think you blended Riku in the tag goodly. Text is distracting, too big and takes away attention from Riku. Smudge the circles that Riku isn't holding and it would be a better tag.

    3rd - muff monkey - love the textures you used, but flow wise it does nothing but add effects, put color on sora, because the text looks more interesting than the render.
    Post by: Roaringflames, Jul 29, 2012 in forum: Competitions
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    meh, at least I'm entering
    Post by: Roaringflames, Jul 26, 2012 in forum: Competitions