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    No I don't =/ Well if this is the problem I'll look for that code. But it's possible to replace Anti Form for DW Roxas for example?
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    Guys I have a question...I used the code to have all Drive Forms (found in this thread) and it really gave me all form incluing Anti Form. But Anti Form is unable, I cannot drive into it even in battle. There's any way to remove it or make it work at least?

    Thanks already!
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    I was testing some stuff to make what I want with Limit Form and I'll post here a code I came across on my tests:

    11CE0B68 0000095D - (Play as Limit Form)
    0032F054 00000003 - Drive Mod (Limit Form)
    1032F228 000002BA - Sonic Blade on "O"
    1032F22A 000002BD - Last Arcanum on "/\"
    1032F22C 000002C0 - Strike Raid on "[ ]"
    1032F22E 000002AB - Ragnarok on "X"

    This code is cool because you don't have to worry about losing your magic menu if you want to use it on other form, and Limits can heal you when they deal damage, so no need for Healing Magic ;)

    The only trouble I noticed using the code is that I cannot enter moogle/shops because the game crashes. Anyone knows the reason?

    Well...that's a custom code actually made by myself, of course I'm not a coder so mistakes happen. Please, if you know any way to make the code better, tell me =D!
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    I was thinking here...using the Limit Form w/ Normal Command Menu code works enough to play the game without big troubles if you use joker wisely, except by one thing: The Limit Form's Limit menu is replaced by Magic menu, and that's HORRIBLE! Sora cannot perform magic this way (T-Stance), that means no Healing Magic. The Limits though are able to Heal Sora when then deal damage on enemies.

    It's possible to make a Limit Form w/ Normal Command Menu, with Limit Menu instead of Magic Menu? Just the magic menu will change... Anybody knows?
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    Hey guys, before coming to KH-Vids this morning I was looking for the code again, and I found this one:

    Limit Form w/ Normal Command Menu (hit revert when ready)*
    4032F064 00130001
    12020106 00000000
    0032F054 00000003
    201A1BE0 C60001B8

    I'll test it as soon as I can, but, by the way, someone can break this code down? Like xaddgx did with Pride Lands Limit code? Thanks already! And sorry for the bothering again :x



    I had a little time to test the code earlier today and this is what I could see:

    Sora is abr to perfor all Limit Form finishers (Ripple Drive, Zantetsuken, etc...) but the menu Limits is replaced by the Magic menu and Sora T-Stance if I try to use any of them;
    I can use the drive forms (but Limit, of course) but the game crashes sometimes when changind maps with a form and open the START Menu;
    MUST unequip all Growth abilities except by Dodge Roll, otherwise Sora will T-Stance;
    Unfortunatly I had not enough time to try stuff as Trinity Limit or Summon, but I believe I'll have some instability;
    The code description says "Hit Revert When You're ready" but when I activate the code (used joker) there's no Revert to hit, just the normal Drive menu, and Sora has a normal drive gauge...weird uh??

    Well, these are the results by now, as soon as I can, I'll try out the other stuff. Meanwhile, anybody have an idea of how to make this code better...if it's possible? Or even if this is the real code...?
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    Guys, I was thinking here...a long long time ago I saw a "Limit Form w/ Normal Command Menu" code on a YouTube video from one of our Code Masters here (don't remember if it was Evilman_89 , Antiweapon, Erkz, etc...). The name was something like "KH2FM Cheat Codes..." sorry I really don't remember.

    I'm saying that because I think that code was pretty complete, he was even able to use summons with Limit Form, and Drive too I guess. I had this code, but I lost my codebreaker save file so my old codes are gone =/ Anybody have this code, so I can test it again?
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    Well, once again, thanks for your help, it cheers me up when somebody take a time to answer my questions =)

    I just useed the codes I mentioned before. Using that codes I'm not able to perform Limits, since it's just Sora with a model and simple moveset mod,

    instead of Limits, I have magic avaible and totally functional (like you could see for yourself).

    This code you gave me (Limit Sora fully replaces Lion Sora) can you explain the structure of the code? I could just identify the model mod lines...just

    for an extra knowledge! (which can help me to use codes better)

    To be honest, I don't care about the Limits, what I'm really after are the Abilities (Zantesuken, Ripple Drive, Huricane Period, etc). What would me perfect for me (perfect and impossible rsrs) Sora having Limit's abilities and also able to perform magic, drive, RCs and Growth. If I understand what you said, that's really impossible.

    When I have some free time I'll test the codes you gave me and see how it goee ;)
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    I'm using Limit's moveset on normal Sora and had no problems until now, on the contrary, I was able to use Slide Dash and Aerial Sweep without the abilities on my menu. Of couse, the keyblade goes backward when I perform some finish slash and when there's no battle around, it desapears. But I can use magic freely, perform RCs, Limits, Summons...everything normal...I only got T-Stance making my tests when I used the sub-status mod (codes at my fist post).

    It would be great to play as Limit with no problems...maybe I'm asking too much to have Limit's Finishers and perform free magic, use RCs, growth abilities, enter shops, drive, etc... hehe :)

    What solution do you have for my nostalgia man? hehe
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    In first place I appreciate your help, =)

    You got exactly my point, and I already used the code you gave me to play always as Limit Form and also Evilman's Limit Form w/ normal command menu code to make it use magic and other stuff. But both of the codes will bring me some problems through the game (like going to Pride Lands, for example) cause I'm playing the whole game like that, with the codes I mentioned.

    To be honest, what I want is totally KH1FM nostalgia. I love some of Sora's abilities of KH1FM (Ripple Drive, Huricane Period, etc...) and play with them on KH2FM is awesome. And also, Sora's KH2 Clothes with KH1 style looks very nice to me! hehe ;)

    I don't want to bother you guys but...the codes are supposed to let us have fun with the game right? I'll have a lot of fun playing with Limit Sora the way I mentioned =D

    If anybody knows a way to do that (see my post above) tell me please!
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    Hey Guys!

    I need some help with status modifier codes. I'm trying to make Normal Sora have Limit Form's Abilities/Status, I'm already using the Model Mod to give him Limit's clothes and Moveset Mod too. I tried to give him Limit sub-status but he T-Stances right away. However I can't give him Limit's status (for example: when I give Sora Simba's status, he receives all Simba's abilities. That's what I want to do with Limit Form.)

    I don't know if this is possible though, but it would be really cool =) !

    Those are the codes I'm using, I just need the Limit Form digit for the neo status mod.

    21C954F4 5F303031
    21C954F8 4631484B

    01C95536 00000042

    01C9553F 0000003

    Anybody can help me?!
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    And I assume you get the bônus normally right?
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    But when u used it you always win at firts place??
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    Still need those codes(above) please.
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    Hey Guys!

    I'm here because I lost my KHBBS(USA) Codes, and now I need like for Yesterday these ones:

    All Abilities, All Commands(Magical, Attack...), All Shot Locks

    Please guys I really need them =/

    Yeah but I already tested those and It didn't work =/
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    Hey guys!

    I'm here because I want to know if there's a code to make the Rumble Racing and Ice Cream minigame easier(I mean, win always when the code is on '-') Because the Castle Circuit is really hard to me and I want to get the keyblade as reward so I need to win.

    I guess, before the forum wnt into maintance, there was a code for that but I'm not so sur about it.
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