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    I hope you guys like the updates I'm giving this :) Thanks for reading and if Chapters 12 and 11 are still weird give me maybe tomorrow or this week and I'll have them fixed and Chapter 13 and possible 14 if I have plenty of time for it :)
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    I'm sooo sorry you guys. The delay is due to massive editing and revising. Once I have re uploaded chapters 1-12 I will continue to post. Then I can continue with chapter 14 and 13 is done so hooray :) for that. So you don't leave feeling disappointed here's a picture :)

    Thanks for Reading.

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    Chapter 12

    I'm sorry jajaja I've been super busy, lazy, and obsessed with other stuff I completely ignored this fanfic. But don't worry I'm still writing it and I've been looking it over to fix some grammer and spelling mistakes and planning it out with my loyal friends. Thus, far I only have this from Alice in Underland It's not finished though!!:registro5B15D:::L:

    Alice Kingsliegh had a dream. It was one she has had many times before. Of how she fell down a hole and met some strange characters. Dodo’s, singing flowers, white rabbits, crazy hatters, and a big headed red queen and so much more to imply that she was absolutely bonkers.

    There were also times where she would dream of six princesses, a loud duck, a goofy dog, and a spiky haired teen wielding a keyblade. It had been years since she had such a dream and she can feel it deep within that they are very significant to her. This time she dreamt of an evil witch with horns like the devil and her silver haired minion. His back was to her but when he turned around to reveal his face.

    “Ah!!†Alice gasped in fear as she awoke. She looked aroundto see that she was under the Hatter’s hat and morning was just around the horizon. She looked back to the other side of the hat and there laid the silver haired boy asleep. ‘Him’ she thought in anger. She picked up the keyblade and crept slowly towards him. She stood unsure of how to wake him up when.

    “Argh!â€Riku groaned holding his side. “Alice?†he looked up, “What are you doing?â€

    “It’s you†she yelled

    “Why did you kick me?†he asked.

    “It’s youâ€, she said again, “You’re the one who kidnapped me and sent me to an evil witchâ€

    Riku remained silent for a moment, “Why?†questioned the Princess of Heart, “Why are you here? Are
    you here to kidnap me again?â€

    The keyblade wielder sighed, “Look I’m not the same person who captured youâ€

    “Why should I believe what you say?â€

    “Because I’m your friend, aren’t I?â€

    “I don’t know what to believeâ€

    “Listen to your conscience†spoke up Jiminy

    “What do you mean?†asked Alice

    “We could stand here and talk about the good and bad that Riku has done in the past, but it’s your decision do decide if he is good or notâ€

    Riku could have taken The Way to the Dawn away from Alice, but he waited to see what she would do. The Princess of Heart sighed looking at the key in her hand she turned to the boy and handed it back to him

    “I trust you and I’m sorry for kicking you†she apologized

    “It’s oka-†he was suddenly, interrupted by some loud sniffing going on outside the hat it was then tipped over and their stood the blood hound dog that captured the Hatter. Alice was still furious she became upset with the dog.

    “You were supposed to lead them away! The Hatter trusted you!â€

    “They have my wife and pupsâ€

    “I’m sorryâ€

    “What’s your name?†asked Riku


    Alice glared at Bayard, “Sit!â€

    “Is your name Alice?†asked Bayard

    “Yes, but I’m not the one everyone’s talking aboutâ€

    “That Hatter wouldn’t have given himself up for just any Aliceâ€

    “Where did they take him?†asked Riku

    “To the Red Queen’s castle at SalazenGrumâ€

    “We are going to rescue him†blurted Alice

    “It’s too dangerous†Riku warned

    “Look ever since I fell through that rabbit hole I’ve been told what to do, I’ve been shrunk, stretched, scratched and stuffed into a tea pot!!!†she argued, “And I’ve been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice, but this is still my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here.â€

    “If you diverge from the path-†warned Bayard

    “I make the path!â€

    Bayard sighed and lowered his head for the two to climb on top. Alice was already a top of the dog’s head when, “Alice are you sure?†Riku asked

    “Yes. He wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for me. So we’re going!!†she spoke determinedly, “Now take us to SalazenGrum, Bayard, and don’t forget the hatâ€

    It didn’t take the blood hound long to realize there is no changing her mind. On command he snatched the hat and ran out of the dark woodlands and into mountainous valleys and deserts until the Red Queen’s castle became visible to all three.

    They snuck away from castle guards and stopped near a castle wall. For some it must have been some 19-23ft tall, but for the Princess of Heart and the keyblade wielder it quadrupled, tripled, and finally doubled in height.

    The three stood near the moat filled with floating heads. “There’s only one way across†examined Jiminy

    Riku took in a deep breath before following Alice who had already hopped on top of a rotting head. Slowly they hopped making sure they didn’t slip or miss and plunge into the moat. Alice made a risky jump and landed right foot into a mouth. She shook off the water gagging at how disgusting and crazy this may seem.

    Eventually the two made it and examined how truly high the castle wall is. Riku went off and found a small crack in the wall that made a good tunnel into the castle. Meanwhile the Princess of Heart turned to the blood hound across the moat shouting, “Bayard, the hat!!â€

    Riku saw the hat fly up and over the castle wall like a Frisbee. He turned to the Princess and said, “Come onâ€.

    They crept inside the small crack and entered a very green vegetation area with bushes of red roses. They hid behind one of the stems and looked out into the garden. Seemed the Red Queen was play croquet, she held a flamingo as a bat and swung hard to the ball. It was hit so hard it whizzed past Alice and Riku. The Red Queen’s loyal servants cheered her amazing shot. “Splendid shot your Majestyâ€.

    On instinct Alice ran towards the hedgehog (ball) and helped unbind him. At the same instant the Queen was waiting impatiently for the small creature, “Where’s my ball? Page!â€

    “Yes, your Majestyâ€, replied the Page.

    “Alice hurry upâ€, Riku whispered

    The hedgehog was making too much noise, “Shh†Alice whispered, “I want to help youâ€

    With that the hedgehog stopped crying and was freed. It was only then they all turned around to be caught by the Page. The Page was luckily to be McTwisp who looked at Alice disappointedly, “Well if it isn’t the Wrong Alice†he mocked

    Immediately the hedgehog scurried off as McTwisp wondered what they are here for, “What brings you here? Mmm?â€

    “We’ve come to rescue the Hatter†informed Riku

    “You’re not going to save anyone being the size of a gerbilâ€

    “Well, do you have any more of that cake that made me grow before?†asked Alice

    “Upelkuchen? Actually, I might have some left†he searched his pockets and found a small piece and broke it in two and handed to the two. Riku took one small bite while Alice two chunks. “Not all of it†warned the Page, but it was too late Alice was growing too rapidly and she was now here normal size!!

    “Page!†the Red Queen screamed as she drew closer to Alice.

    “Oh, Dear†McTwisp was worried and ran off to inform the Queen.

    “And what is this?†she asked

    “It’s a who your Majesty this is um…†he tried to think of something to get her out of this.

    “Um?†the Queen questioned

    “From Umbradge†Alice made a daring save.

    “What happened to your clothes?â€

    “I… I out grew them†she said, “I’ve been growing an awful lot lately. I tower over everyone in Umbradge. They laugh at me. So I came to you hoping you would understand what it’s likeâ€

    “My dear girl, anyone with a head that large is welcomed in my courtâ€, the Queen reassured, “Someone find her some clothes! Use the curtains if you must, but clothe this enormous girlâ€

    She looked up at Um and smiled. The Queen looked down to see the silver haired boy next to her, “And who is that?â€

    “He’s eh…†Um studdered.

    “Eh, from Ehlestan†Riku saved

    “You accompanied Um? I’m sure†the Queen asked

    “Yes, she asked me to bring her hereâ€

    “Ah, very well then come this wayâ€


    The Red Queen, Um, and Eh entered the throne room. It was large room with twelve pillars painted red around and gold at the bottom. There were many stained glass windows, but the largest was behind the throne. It was seated with large red curtains and a heart shaped chair. Um was dressed from the curtains and Eh had his clothes grow with him. Eh wasn’t as tall as Um, but then again they grew into their normal sizes.

    As the Red Queen sat in her throne she immediately screamed, “I need a pig here!!â€. Just like that one big fat pig was dropped in front of the Majesties feet and she kick them right on its belly. “I like a warm pig belly for my aching feet. Would you like one Um?â€

    “No thanks†she replied


    The Princess of Heart looked at her chair that was being lifted by two monkeys. “Sit!†the Queen commannd carefully she sat down sinking down to the floor. Eh immediately sat on the floor next to Um.

    “So what’s the plan?†asked Jiminy

    “Shh!!†Riku hushed

    The Queen looked at him, “Is something wrong Eh?â€

    “No nothing at all your Majesty. Just admiring how amazing your kingdom is†he replied

    “Oh, well thank youâ€

    Finally right! well the idea for Alice hurting Riku was because only Mickey, Donald,and Goofy know he's changed, but the Princess of Heart and their Prince don't know that. :3 Catle of Dreams and Agrabah are going to be interesting for him:poketoungeb:
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    Chapter 11 Underland

    “Miss Kingsleigh… Will you be my wife?”, Hamish smiled at the lovely blonde girl. She stared at him with worry as they held hands. She has always been told what to do and was tired of it. She stood under the gazebo with this red haired lord and wasn't ready for marriage.

    Miss Kingsleigh was unsure of what to say. She looked around at the huge crowd that has gathered to see her get engaged. It was silent and she stared back at Hamish seeing his big smile. “Well…” she finally spoke, “…Everyone expects me to…. You’re a lord…. My face won’t last… and I don’t want to end up alone…”

    Everyone was getting excited and impatient to hear her say yes, but she didn’t she let go of his hands and said, “…But this is happening so quickly. I….I think I… I need a moment”

    Just like that Miss Kingsleigh ran out of the gazebo and ran to a meadow of many different kinds of colorful flowers. She stopped to catch her breath and began thinking about the engagement. She was always told of how to think, how to dress, how to behave, and more importantly who to marry. Enough was enough she sat down near all of the flowers in her blue dress and white boots and thought about flying.

    “I’m late! I’m Late! No time to say hello good-bye. I’M LATE! I’M LATE! I’M LATE!”

    Miss Kingsleigh quickly looked over her shoulder and saw a white rabbit in a blue waistcoat holding a very large pocket watch. ‘What in the world?’ she thought. The strange talking rabbit was running not wasting time to enjoy the flowers. Miss Kingsleigh was unsure of what to do so she followed him.

    She ran into the woodland forests pushing tree branches away from her as she followed the rabbit. Miss Kingsleigh found her way to a rotting dead tree and the rabbit was gone. She looked around for anything out of the ordinary, but nothing. It seemed hopeless and she began to walk back to the party.

    “Whoa!” she cried, ‘A rabbit hole?’ she thought. ‘Maybe the talking rabbit came here’.

    Miss Kingsleigh looked into the hole. It was dark and really deep, she couldn’t see anything. She shifted her hand to get a better grip, but the dirt was unstable and she fell into the rabbit hole.

    “AHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed. Falling into a deep hole that seemed to take centuries, but with strange obstacles falling around her made it very dangerous. Books, book shelves, pianos, lamps, clocks, what else could have been falling around her?

    As she was coming to an end of the drop she hit a mattress and bounced off continuing to scream and fall.


    She fell right through the ceiling? And right on the floor? The chandler was dangling from side to side. Miss Kingsleigh picked herself up staying put looking around. It was the strangest thing the chandler was upside down and so were the candles and flames. Even her hair was strange it was being pulled up. That’s when she realized she wasn’t on the floor. She was on the ceiling!!

    “Ahh!!” she cried as she was detached from the ceiling. She hit the floor with tremendous force and fell unconscious.


    A large red aircraft landed safely in an open area. The cockpit doors opened up and a silver haired teen stepped out. “Where are we Jiminy?” spoke the young teen.

    “Well, judging from my journals it appears we are in Wonderland” A green cricket was looking over his journals from a previous adventure.

    “Wonderland? Alright then who are we looking for?”

    “Well on our last adventure I recall meeting a Princess of Heart”

    “Hmm…” He thought.

    “Hey you!”cried a voice, “Get out of here before I make you a dead boy!”

    Riku looked around and saw no one, “Down here idiot!”

    “A mouse?” Riku replied

    “That’s Dormouse to you”

    “Look I’m not looking for any trouble I’m looking for someone”

    “If you’re here for Alice it be best you got back in your plane and left. Or Else!!” the small mouse threatened with is sharp pin sword.

    “Alice! Of course!!” Riku shouted, “One of the Princess of Heart”

    He looked down at the mouse, “Can you take me to her?”

    “Not on your lif-”

    “Mallymkun don’t be rude” a white rabbit interrupted, “I’m dreadfully sorry for my friends’ behavior he means well”

    “So we noticed” replied Jiminy.

    “We are looking for our friend Alice” Riku informed

    “Well I have just led an Alice here maybe she’s thee Alice” the rabbit replied

    As Riku followed the rabbit and dormouse they ran into a dodo and some twins named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They found a door sitting on some stoned stairs in an open area with nothing behind it or keeping it up.

    “Is this it?” Jiminy asked

    “Well, actually we are waiting to see if thee Alice figures out how to open the door” spoke the dodo.


    “Ouch” groaned Miss Kingsleigh. She slowly stood up rubbing her head as she looked around the room. There were six doors. Each painted with strange symbols. Miss Kingsleigh tried opening the one nearest to her, which was an ordinary door with and apple and seven little men painted on it.

    The door was locked so she moved to the next one which was a door with tiny mice and what appeared to be glass slippers. Again it was locked. The next had a rose and a menacing spinning wheel. Also, locked.

    None seemed to be opened. She turned around and found a glass table in the middle of the room ‘This wasn’t here before’ she thought. Slowly she walked up to it and noticed a bronze key sitting atop of it. ‘Maybe this will help’

    Again she tried the doors, and again they were locked. Not even the door with the purpled colored carpet and lamp, the strange beast like creature, nor the door with the palm trees that had strange star like fruit hanging on them.

    Miss Kingsleigh thought for a moment and suddenly noticed a curtain. She walked up to it and yanked it off the shackles kicking it off to a side. Voila there was a door and the key opened it with ease, but it was quite small and Miss Kingsleigh didn’t fit.

    She sat back down thinking. When she came across a bottle that was sitting on the glass table. Another mind trick. She crept up to it and held it with concern. It had a tag that read “DRINK ME” She popped the top off and smelled the substance.

    “Ugh!” it wreaked a putrid smell, but never the less she drank a little bit of it. She set both the key and bottle on the table as she noticed her whole body began to shrink. Her blue dress didn’t fit anymore so she used her undergarment as a dress. She realized she was now small enough to walk through the door.

    One problem, the key was on the table and she couldn’t reach! Figures that she never learned from the first time. She let out a huge sigh and looked at the floor to see a small box with a kind of candy with frosting reading “EAT ME”

    A small bite and she immediately grew to great proportions. She was so big she didn’t fit in the room. She realized what a fool she was so she thought it through she grabbed the key then drank the bottle that made her shrink again.

    Now the undergarment was stretched in her growth and when she returned to a bite size it fit her slightly big. It didn’t matter how anyway she was too small to fit in her blue dress regardless. As she unlocked the door she prepared herself to see what lies beyond it.

    A peculiar place with actual dragon flies and horse flies, trees, flowers, and mushrooms, that tower over her. She was definitely not in London anymore. She walked down a stone stairway and followed a path under a huge gate. She made a spin to look at everything clearly. When she turned back she found 2 twins, a dodo, a mouse, the rabbit in the waist coat, a cricket, and a boy.

    “I told you she’s the right Alice”, spoke the rabbit. Miss Kingsleigh looked at the group with wonder as they were looking at her as well.

    “I am not convinced” said the mouse

    “How’s that for gratitude?” argued the rabbit, “I’ve been up there for weeks trailing one Alice after another and I was almost eaten by other animals.”

    “Come now you’re safe and home so stop your worrying” spoke a flower, it was purple, rooted into the ground with a blue and yellow one. It looked at the suspected Alice gazing at her, “You look nothing like yourself”

    “That’s because she’s the wrong Alice!” the mouse complained.

    “If she was, she might be” spoke a twin.

    “If she isn’t, she ain’t” replied back his brother.

    “If she were so, she would be”

    “But she isn’t, no how”

    “I’m sure she’s Alice” spoke the boy with silver hair, “Her light shines bright like the others”

    “She’s still the wrong Alice” replied the mouse

    “How can I be the wrong Alice? If this is my dream” asked Miss Kingsleigh. Everyone looked at her with the look of “What?”

    “And who are you if I might ask?”

    “Oh, I’m Tweddledee and he’s Tweedledum” advised a twin

    “Yes, yes, and I’m McTwisp” spoke the rabbit, “And this is Mallymkun”

    “Don’t introduce me to this not Alice” yelled the mouse

    Alice still was curious of what’s going on and then looked at the boy with a cricket on his shoulder. “I’m Riku and this is Jiminy”

    “Nice to see you”, said the cricket, “Again” he whispered under his breath.

    “We should consult Absolem” said the dodo

    “Exactly, Absolem will know who she is” replied the flower.

    “Alright I’ll escort her” reassured Tweedledee

    “No I will” said Tweedledum

    “You both can escort her” bargained McTwisp

    As everyone headed towards Absolem, Riku was wondering if this really was the Alice he was looking for. She’s all grown up how could she be the little 9 year old girl he saw in Hollow Bastion. “You think this is Alice Jiminy?”

    “Well, I’m not sure, but you said yourself that she has the same light as the others. Are you having second thoughts?” asked Jiminy

    “No, but… she seems different… like…. I don’t know” he sighed as they got to a blue smoke cloud. “We’ll see what this Absolem says”

    The not Alice saw the smoke and looked at it with much curiosity. As the smoke cleared there was a blue caterpillar smoking a hookah. “Who are you?” he asked

    “Absolem?” Miss Kingsleigh asked

    “You’re not Absolem. I’m Absolem. The question is, who are you?” he took in a blow from his hookah and blew it in Miss Kingsleigh’s face. She coughed and spoke up with a hoarse tone.


    “Hmmm” he hummed

    “What do you mean ‘Hm’ I ought to know who I am”

    “Yes you ought stupid girl.Unroll the Oraculum”.
    Alice looked confused and looked at everyone around her when McTwisp hopped over to a scroll sitting on a mushroom. Mally unrolled it and Alice took a good long glance at it.
    “It’s a calendar?” Riku asked.
    “Compendium” boasted Absolem
    “It tells of every event that will and has happened in Underland. Today is Griblig Day” chimed McTwisp.
    Alice looked closely at the scroll and could see her and everyone in her group in the same pose looking at the scroll. “Show her the Frabjous Day” said Absolem.
    The scroll magically changed to another day, on top of a high tower stood a girl with long curly hair slaying a gigantic dragon. “Yeah Frabjous Day being the day you slay the Jaberwocky” smiled Tweedledee.
    “The Jaber-What?” replied Alice.
    “Jaberwocky” advised Absolem
    “And you all think I’m the prophecy?”
    “Well, Yes” said McTwisp
    “It can’t be me!” she protested
    “I know” Pointed out Mally
    “Resolve this for us Absolem, Is she the right Alice?” asked McTwisp
    “Not hardly” he said smoking in his hookah and disappearing in the blue smoke.
    “I told you” responded Mally
    “Little imposter. Pretending to be Alice, she should be ashamed” scoffed the flowers
    “I was so certain of you” sympathized McTwisp
    ‘But her heart?’ thought Riku
    “I’m sorry”, apologized Alice, “I don’t mean to be the wrong Alice”
    “Wait, this is my dream. I’m going to wake up now and you’ll all disappear” she closed her eyes and pinched herself. When she opened them, everyone looked at her wondering what she is talking about.
    “What does she mean dream?” whispered Jiminy. Riku only shrugged.
    “Odd. Pinching usually does the trick” being confused she thought of how she was going to wake up.
    Everyone immediately looked back “Bandersnatch!!!” cried the Tweedles.
    “Run!!” cried Riku as he snatched the Oraculum just before some strange red cards grabbed it. He pulled his Way to the Dawn out and tried to distract the creature known as the Bandersnatch long enough for the others to escape. It was white with black poke-a-dots with the face of a bear and the stealth of a leopard. The keyblade wielder charged at the creature as it roared in the air. It lifted its paw and made a move to slash him. Luckily, he dodged before getting seriously hurt.

    Meanwhile, everyone else was being chased by red card soldiers with nets. One by one they captured by standing flamingos, the dodo, and even McTwisp. The Tweedles took cover and Mally kept up with not Alice.

    “Riku!!” shouted Jiminy. The teen turned his head to see that the cards were about to capture Alice. He ignored the Bandersnatch and took off towards the not Alice.
    Alice and Mally got surrounded by the cards. One lifted its net and made an attempt to snag them. Alice put her arms up to defend herself, but nothing happened she looked and the card was split in two. Riku had gotten their in time and sliced all the cards.

    They felt safe, but forgot about the Bandersnatch. It roared again and charged at them. Riku knew it be better to stay with her and protect her. So he motioned everyone to run. The Bandersnatch was nearing closer and closer. Mally jumped into a wooden log, as Riku and Alice continued to run.

    ‘Wait’, thought Alice, she stopped and turned around, ‘It’s only a dream nothing can hurt me’

    Riku was a good distance away stopped as well and turned around. Mally popped his head out of the log. The two saw the blonde girl standing still facing the creature.
    “What she doing?” the two said in unison. Riku and Mally sprinted towards her before the Bandersnatch did.

    “Can’t hurt me. Can’t hurt me” Alice repeated to herself

    The Bandersnatch crashed infront of her lifting up dirt and rocks in the air. It lifted its head up and roared in Alice face making her hair and everything around her be pushed away by the wind. She looked up thinking that it won’t hurt her.

    “Run you big lug” cried Mally in front of her

    “Alice Get out of there!!” shouted Riku from behind

    The Bandersnatch took one step, but Mally jumped on its back took out his pin sword and stabbed it into the Bandersnatch’s eye. Riku caught up to Alice, “Come on!” he ordered

    She was frozen, but as Mally took the eye out the Bandersnatch swung its arm and scratched Alice’s arm. Making both wince in pain. Alice reacted in fear and ran with Riku for safety. Mally disappeared with the eye and the Tweedles reunited with Alice and Riku and escaped the scene.

    They reached a tree that pointed in two different directions. Everyone rested to catch their breath
    “What was that?” questioned Riku
    “A Bandersnatch” replied Tweedledee
    “It’s the Red Queen’s pet” added Tweedledum
    “No. It’s her monster” argued Tweedledee
    “Pet she wouldn’t make goo goo to a monster”
    “Anyway which way should we go?” asked Riku
    They looked at the sign that led to Quest and Snud. The Tweedles took a hold of Alice’s hand. “This way East to Quest” said Tweedledee pulling to the left.
    “No. South to Snud” argued Tweedledum
    “No no no. This way”
    “These two cannot agree can they?” Jiminy noticed as the two fought over which way to take Alice to safety. They suddenly stopped, for there was a loud screeching sound high in the sky. They all looked up seeing a bird like creature aiming towards them. Alice and Riku immediately ducked and the Tweedles were gone.
    Alice gasped as they disappeared. Riku hit the ground being very irritated that everyone keeps getting kidnapped. No more he was going to protect Alice no matter what. Even if she isn’t Alice.
    “Come on” Riku helped Miss Kingsleigh up as they continued to find more answers. Alice was trying to let everything sink in. Riku needed to know why this Queen is causing them trouble. They entered a forest and were completely lost.
    Alice let out a sigh, but winced at the pain. Riku checked her arm and the Bandersnatch left a pretty bad cut. “Here let me” he offered
    “No it’s alright”, she replied
    “Trust me” he pointed his keyblade at her and shouted, “Curagra!!” there was a bell ring and green light forming around her arm and to no avail it was still there.
    Riku looked at the cut and wondered why it wasn’t working. “Thanks for trying” said Alice. So he tried bandaging it so it would heal on its own.
    “What are you two doing here?” spoke a creature in the trees. They looked up in the direction it was coming from, but nothing was there. Slowly a figure began to appear. It was a smiling cat.
    “W-who are you?” asked Alice a bit frightened
    “I’m the Cheshire Cat” he said “What do you call yourselves?”
    “Thee Alice?” he questioned
    “There’s been quite a debate about that”
    “I was never involved in politics”
    “Can you help us find our way?” asked Jiminy
    “Depends on which way you want to go” said the cat
    “Please, All I want is to wake up from this dream” boasted Alice
    “Fine. I’ll take you to the Hare and the Hatter then”
    He disappeared, “I’m not so sure we can trust him he seems very shifty” whispered Riku
    “Coming” the cat appeared again at the end of a nearby path. No one had very many options so they took off following the Cheshire Cat.

    It was the rise of morning and Riku and Alice stumbled upon a destroyed windmill. They were curious of what had happened, but noticed three characters napping at a table in front of the enormous windmill.
    Riku stepped on a branch, which awoke a man sitting at the head of the table. The man looked up and saw the familiar girl. The other two at the table were Mally with the Bandersnatch eye and a brown rabbit who began to stammer at the sight of Miss Kingsleigh. The man rose from his chair with a smile and stepped on the table walking across it knocking things down on the floor and stepping on scones and biscuits.
    Alice and Riku stopped and saw as the man knocked over teapots and teacups. Mally and the Hare complained as he did this, but once he stepped down he kneeled in front of them. The man was tall seeing that Riku and Alice had shrunk. The man smiled and said, “It’s you”
    “No. It’s not McTwisp brought us the wrong Alice” Mally complained
    “The wrong Alice!!!” the Hare cried.
    “It’s absolutely Alice” Hatter assured them, “You’re absolutely Alice. I know you anywhere” he turned back to his friends, “I know him anywhere”
    As Mally and the Hare giggled, Hatter grabbed Alice’s hand and hulled her up on the table with him as they walked back to his chair over the table. Riku being forgotten followed right behind them.
    “Well as you can see we are still having tea”, said the Hatter, “And all because I was obliged to kill time waiting for your return…”
    It was hard for Alice to keep up she was practically being dragged over the table. “…You’re terribly late you know. Naughty” he scolded putting her on his left side. “Well anyway Time became quite offended and stopped all together”
    Riku stood by Alice and noticed the Hare pouring tea into a broken cup that spilled into another. ‘Oookay’ he thought. Then, the Cheshire cat appeared. Alice walked off to the right side of the Hatter and sat in a stool. Riku did the same, but on his left side.
    “Time can be funny in dreams” replied Alice
    “Yes, and now we must get on to the Frabjous Day” said the Hatter
    “Frabjous day!!” cheered Mally and the Hare
    “I’m investing in things that begin with the letter “M”, the Hatter changed the subject. He leaned forward to Alice and whispered, “Do you have any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?”
    Alice thought for a moment, but abruptly, “Downal Wyth Bluddy Behg Hid” Everyone cried in unison.
    Riku and Alice where confused, “What?” asked Alice looking around at the table
    “Down with the Bloody Big Head” informed Cheshire, “the Bloody Big Head being the Red Queen”
    “Come come we mustn’t commence with slaying and such” said the Hatter
    “All this talk of blood and slaying has put me off my tea” whined Cheshire.
    “Ah, our whole world is falling apart and poor Cheshire’s off his tea” the Hatter spoke sarcastically.
    “What happened that day was not my fault” Cheshire cleared
    The Hatter’s green eyes turned red with anger he stood up and walked over to the cat. “Oh, Dear” sputtered the Hare
    The Hatter approached Cheshire, “You ran out on them to save your own skin” scolded the Hatter as the cat sank in his chair, “You guddler’s scuttish pilgar lickering shukm juggling sluking urpal. Bar lom muck egg brim-”
    “Hatter” shouted Mally
    The Hatter paused looking at Mally back with his green eyes, “Thank you. I’m fine” he said hoarsely.
    “What’s wrong with you, Tarrant? You used to be the life of the party”, said Cheshire stirring his teacup, “You used to do the best Futterwacken in all of Witzend”
    “Futter what?” questioned Riku
    “Futterwacken!” exclaimed the Hare banging on the table
    “It’s a dance” explained Mally
    “On the Frabjous Day, when the White Queen once again wears the crown, on that day, I shall Futterwacken vigorously” said the Hatter as he returned to his seat and sat down.
    The Hare suddenly heard something, “Oh, No” he cried, everyone turned to see him hide behind Cheshire. They then, looked to see what he was looking at. Red cards and a man riding a horse were approaching them.
    “Uh, oh,” said Cheshire, “Good-bye” and vanished.
    Mally gasped and recognized the rider, “The knave”
    “Quick hide them!!” ordered the Hare
    Immediately the Hatter handed both Alice and Riku a bottle and forced them to drink. The two shrank to a smaller size of what they already were and were picked up by the Hatter and tossed into a teapot. The Hare and Mally were sitting acting like nothing was happening and looking over at the Hatter struggling with the teapot.
    Alice’s undergarment dress out grew her leaving her somewhat naked in the teapot. Riku was fortunate that his clothes shrank with him. Though they were in the tea pot Alice’s undergarment was quickly being folded into it as well. When the Hatter was done, he set the teapot down on his lap.
    “Well, if it’s not my favorite trio of lunatics” spoke the knave sarcastically. He jumped off his horse and walked up to the table. They were quite nervous and tried hard to keep a straight face. For Alice’s sake. Alice and Riku heard the voice and remained silent to listen to the conversation.
    “Would you like to join us?” offered Mally
    “Because you’re all late for tea!” cried the Hare and threw a cup at the knave. The cup missed and hit a red card soldier breaking into tiny pieces. The knave was not amused, but the trio clutched their sides for laughter.
    The knave ignored them and walked towards the Hatter, “We’re looking for a girl called Alice”
    To avoid the conversation, “Speaking of the Queen, here is a little song we used to sing in her honor” the Hatter rose his hand as he and his friends sang.
    Twinkle Twinkle little bat
    How I wonder where you’re at
    Up a-
    The song was cut short when the knave got the Hatter in a choke hold, “If your hiding her. You’ll lose your heads” he threatened
    “Already lost them” the Hatter replied hoarsely
    Everyone laughed at his answer. The knave was fed up and let go and continued walking around the table. The blood hound that was with the knave and soldier cards was sniffing around for Alice. The Mad trio didn’t notice him and continued with the song:
    Up above the world you fly
    Like a tea tray in the sky
    The dog went under the table banging against it and shaking everything on top. That’s when everyone was getting nervous and the song began to repeat.
    Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle
    Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle
    Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle
    Twinkle Twinkle
    The dog ran into the Hatter underneath the table and growled at the teapot. The Hatter looked at the dog, “Downal wyth bluddy behg hid” he whispered. The dog looked up and ran off barking in another direction leading the cards in a different direction.
    “Follow the blood hound” ordered the knave
    “Pass the sugar” said the Hare. Mally tossed 2 lumps and landed perfectly in the cup
    “You’re all mad” the knave replied
    “Thank you very much Bah!” the Hare replied
    As the knave climbed his horse and followed the bloodhound as well the Hatter took out the teapot and set it on the table. He opened it up and immediately closed it.
    “Opps Sorry” he apologized. Alice wasn’t wearing much and Riku had to keep his eyes shut to respect his friend. Didn’t hurt much that he gave a couple peeks. The Hatter lifted the cap just a bit and pulled a piece of her undergarment. He folded and sowed another dress for her. He tossed it in the teapot and closed the cap again.
    Riku, till she was done getting dressed, turned around, when she was finished she banged on the teapot which gave the Hatter the sign to take them out. As he set Alice on the table he glanced at her dress.
    “I like it” he complimented
    “Good thing the bloodhounds with us, or you’d be-“ Mally made a motion of cutting his head off.
    “What do they want with me?” she asked
    “Wait a minute; best take her to the White Queen. She’ll be safe there” the Hare glanced at his utensil after finishing his suggestion, “Spoon..” he trailed off.
    The hatter pulled his hat off and placed it on the table near Riku and Alice. Looking at Alice smiled, “Your carriage. Milady”
    “The Hat?”
    “Of course” the Hatter replied sure of himself, “Anyone can travel by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat. Have I made a rhyme?” he reflected in his statement.
    Everyone laughed even Riku. Carefully they climbed onto the hat. Mally clapped his hands walking up to the Hatter.
    “Oh, I love traveling by hat” he said
    “Mally, Just Alice and…. What was your name again?”
    “Riku” he grunted as he tried getting a good grip of the hat.
    “Ah well, then fairfarren all” the Hatter stood up leaving the table knowing he will see his friends soon.
    The Hare was still a bit crazy. He always was. “What you mean? Wait Gae!” he shouted throwing a cup at the Hatter. He was smart enough as to duck and watch the cup fly over his head and crash into many tiny pieces on the ground. Behind him he left Mally and the Hare laughing their brains out.

    “Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe…” The Hatter was stating a saying in the prophecy. He was walking down a long familiar path near the woodlands. Riku and Alice just sat on the hat, but as the Hatter continued they tried to understand what he was saying….
    “…All mimsy were the borogovves And the mome raths outgrabe”
    “Sorry, what was that?” asked the curious Princess of Heart.
    “What was what?” the Hatter replied staring at Alice and then returning to his saying.
    “The Hatter seems to be angry about something” the keyblade wielder whispered to Jiminy who was even smaller and still on his shoulder.
    “I’m absolutely sure it has something to do with the Red Queen” Jiminy replied
    “The Jabberwock”, the Hatter continued, “with eyes of flame and Jaws that bite and claws that catch! Beware the Jabberwock, my son! And the frumious Bandersnatch! He took his Vorpal sword in hand The Vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back”
    A chill went down Jiminy’s back. Riku felt the cricket shake from all this ominous talk and frightful tale the Hatter had just described. The Hatter then turned to Alice looking into her eyes.
    “It’s all about you, you know” in the creepiest tone. Alice wasn’t much afraid she stood up for herself talking back to the Hatter.
    “I’m not slaying anything. I don’t slay, so put it out of your mind” she protested. The Hatter stopped and was insulted by the word ‘MIND’.
    He grabbed the Princess of Heart and keyblade wielder and set them down on a rock and began to walk away.
    “Wait!” cried Riku, “You can’t just leave us here!”
    The Hatter ignored him, “Hatter! Come back!” shouted Alice.
    The Hatter turned, “You don’t slay” he said, “Do you have any idea what the Red Queen has done? You don’t slay”
    “I couldn’t if I wanted to” she defended herself.
    “You’re not the same as you were before” he returned to them, “You were much more muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.”
    ‘Her what?’ Riku thought
    “My Muchness?” Alice questioned. The Hatter poked her chest just slightly
    “In there. Something’s missing”
    “Tell me what the Red Queen has done”
    “It’s not a good story”
    “Tell me anyway”
    “Did you hear that?”
    “Hear what?” Riku asked. Suddenly, there was a loud dog barking.
    “Oh, Red Knights” The Hatter quickly grabbed Riku and Alice and stuffed them in his front coat pocket. As the Hatter ran Riku and Alice kept bumping heads into each other being that the Hatter’s pocket was crowded.
    The Hatter could see the knights were closing in on him. That’s when he saw a tree across a small lake. He took his hat and placed both Riku and Alice whispering, “Go south to Trotter’s Bottom. The White Queen’s castle is just beyond. Hold on tightly”
    The two nodded as the Hatter flung his hat like a Frisbee over the lake. It crashed standing up sending Alice and Riku tumbling off in the landing. They stood up knowing they were alright and looked back to find that the Hatter has been taken captive as well. The two frowned at the site. They were abandoned and alone and unsure of what to do now. So they hid under the Hatter’s hat and rested for tomorrow. They laid under the hat thinking about the Hatter’s last words before being captured...
    “Down with the bloody Red Queen!”

    Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton (2010) story is credit to him, his loyal workers for the movie, and Disney :type:
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    Chapter 10 Earth


    The James High School Marching band was ready for their first trip to Anaheim, California. They had raised just enough money for everyone and eight chaperones to go. Since, they traveled by charter bus it took them 10 hours and everyone was excited.
    There was one student that was more excited than the rest. Not only was it his first trip to Disneyland, but also, a trip away from his town. Just like the rest of the students he wore a black shirt with a bulldog and musical notes encircling it. He had his twilight blue tennis and black wrist watch.

    The young brunette teen had very intense gray eyes, but he was slightly asleep from the long travel. Slowly he was waking up to some random song:

    La banda norteña los carros del año
    Las mejores plebes las traigo a mi lado
    Pura buchanita del cellito rojo
    me gusta cumplirme todos mis antojos
    las playas las discos y los malecones
    palenques y en tastes apuesto millones
    me sobran amigos portoditos lados
    son gente muy buena de muy alto rango
    y les digo a mi gente
    Soy Enamorado

    He leaned forward from his seat to find his friend Rodrigo singing. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked

    “Oh, hey what’s up man?” Rodrigo replied.

    “I’m trying to sleep what do you think?”

    Rodrigo laughed and apologized, “Soo Jose, you excited for the Tower Terror!!!”

    “Sure if you stopped saying that” Rodrigo was a nice guy annoying at times, but was a true friend. He too was wearing the black bulldog shirt and had his glasses. He had been to Disneyland, but was excited to be going with his good friends.

    “Alright then” He turned to the adorable couple sitting next to him “What about you Joanna?”

    “Of course” she said. It was her first trip too and she was going with her boyfriend Frankie. They were just the cute couple of Jose’s friends and ultimately inseparable when together. She treasured her friendship and was never going to abandon them.


    “Yeah” Frankie was enjoying sitting next to Joanna he gave very few answers, but he was still very smart and knew enough about everything. He always over explains things, but he always gets his point across.

    “And you Jacob?” Jose nudged his best friend who was asleep.

    “F*** off!!” he growled before sleeping again, Jacob was obnoxious, but he would back you up in a fight which was all Jose really needed in a good friend.

    “Hey watch your mouth Mr.” scolded Joanna.

    Jacob waved his hand as a sign of ‘Shut up’; everyone else began to laugh at his behavior as always. Jose smiled for a while until he looked a bit upset. He looked down at the floor of the bus.

    ‘Who was that kid?’ he thought

    “Hey are you okay?” Joanna noticed her friends change in mood.

    “Oh, nothing I’m alright just tired” he stood up a bit to find the band teacher, “Mr. are we there yet?!” The teacher shook his head and Jose sank back down into his seat

    “Frankie do you have your DS?” Rodrigo asked. He was already bored and it was still a 3 hour ride.

    “Sure. Which game do you want to play?” he replied

    “Umm.. Do you have 358/2 days?” He handed the game console to him and watched as he lost himself instantly.

    “Did you ever finish?” asked Joanna

    “Yeah it took forever. The game was really long and it was hard to kill that girl… uh… Ugh!! What’s her name?”

    “Xion” Rodrigo spoke up “I saw the cutscenes didn’t seem so hard”

    “What are you guys talking about?” Jose questioned

    “Kingdom Hearts It’s about this boy and gir-”

    “Stop!” Jacob interrupted, “I don’t care so shut up and me sleep now”. Jose was a bit interested. He’s never heard of the game before and the blonde on the screen seemed vaguely familiar.

    ‘Kind of looks like that kid in my dream’ he thought.


    At Disneyland for 13 hours and they have already gone on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Tower Terror, Indiana Jones, It’s a small world, Thunder Railroad and California Screaming. The five friends and Frankie’s mom (chaperone) were having the best time and the parade was about to begin in the Disneyland park so they rushed on over.

    Joanna was looking over the pictures she bought from a previous ride. “Rodrigo you’re always smiling!!” she noticed.

    Rodrigo looked at the pictures and began to laugh as well. “What’s up with you Frankie?” he pointed at his portrait in the Tower of Terror he had some lemon face with a bit of rage look.

    “I was looking over at Joanna and I was screaming” he made the face, “I hate you! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!”

    Frankie’s mom was laughing, but Rodrigo had another opinion, “Awe” he laughed, “That’s mean”

    “Well yeah she begged me to get on” was Frankie’s excuse

    “But you had fun?” said Jose


    “Hey kids stay here we’re going into this store for a sec” said the chaperone. Just a little gift shop and not too far from the side walk where Jose, Jacob, and Rodrigo sat. Joanna and Frankie entered the ‘Crystal Arts’ shop. It was where you can get very well crafted pieces of glass.

    “Yeah no worries we’ll be here” assured Rodrigo, “We’ll save you some seats”

    “Cool” thumbs upped Joanna as she entered the store. The boys waited on the sidewalk watching as huge crowds began to gather for the parade.

    “I remember when I was little I actually judged the parade as it went by”, Rodrigo was telling another one of his stories again. Jacob sat next to him on the curb as he listened to his story. Jose on the other hand stayed standing next to a light post.

    “I’m sorry dude I was looking at that” said Jacob. Rodrigo followed his finger to a girl in a short mini skirt.

    “Well, I’ll just leave you to your staring” Rodrigo turned his head towards Jose, “What are you thinking about?”

    Jose wasn’t paying attention “Huh? What? Sorry just got a lot on my mind”

    “Alright then” He returned to Jacob “Dude your drooling!”

    “Shut up” he replied

    Jose gave a weak laugh, but suddenly was pushed to the floor by some random stranger in a long black over coat. Immediately Jacob and Rodrigo looked back to find their friend flat on the floor. Jose tried getting up and rubbed his hand on his lip to see if he had bitten it. The stranger however, grabbed him by the arm and hulled him up, placing something in his hand. He pulled him close so Jose could hear and turned away disappearing into the crowd.

    “Jose you okay?” Rodrigo and Jacob were immediately at his side and the whole incident took only seconds.

    “Does he look okay?” Jacob replied sarcastically

    “No te metas o te matamos” Jose suddenly replied

    “What?” Jacob asked

    “Don’t get involved or we’ll kill you” Rodrigo translated

    “Dude what the f*** just happened?”

    “I don’t know. Jose what did that guy give you?”

    Jose began unfolding the paper that said the same thing and the consequences would be his family. Rodrigo turned into the direction of the stranger thinking about what he looked like.

    “Dude that guy was a pedophile. Why would he just pick on you?” Jacob tried lightening up everyone’s spirits by cracking jokes. Jose smiled and turned to see his other friends and chaperone coming out of the store.

    “Were back did anything happen while we were gone?” asked Joanna

    “Jose was attacked by a pedophile” replied Jacob


    “Did not” Jose explained, “Just some random guy knocked me on the floor and threatened to kill me”


    Frankie’s mother touched Jose’s chest, “Are you okay mihijto?”

    As she dusted him off with her other hand from some dirt Jose replied saying “I’m fine no worries”

    “Why was the guy a pedophile?” asked Frankie

    “Dude he was an inch away from sucking Jose’s face off” Jose rolled his eyes and socked Jacob’s shoulder, “Ow!”

    “Stop exaggerating it then!”

    “Wait!” Joanna protested “Threatened to kill you?”

    “Don’t worry about it” Jose tried to calm her down. Didn’t work she only stared back at him shaking her head with a disappointed look.

    Everyone sat down to watch the parade begin. Rodrigo on the other hand was too busy thinking about the guy who had pushed Jose ‘That was really weird. Jacob’s right why would some random guy in an Organization 13 coat just randomly pick on Jose? He’s probably a cosplayer, but still it makes no sense!’ he thought, but quickly got over it and returned to his friends to watch the parade.

    “Hi” a high pitched voice rang out.

    “Jasmine” Joanna stood up hugging her best friend

    “I lost my group” she replied

    “Oh it’s okay mihijta” reassured Frankie’s mom, “Who was your chaperone?”

    “Mr. Gonzalez” Like that Frankie’s mom sent the teacher a text informing him one of his kids are with her.

    “Sit” said Joanna

    “Okay” Jasmine took a seat on Rodrigo’s lap

    “Jasmine” he laughed “Get off”

    “You’re mean”

    “No you’re sitting on my phone”

    “Jasmine” Joanna called, “Bajate”

    Jasmine was a party girl, always doing silly stuff, but her friends never got annoyed by it because they’re so use to it. As the parade began Jose still couldn't shake the feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was wrong. As the crowd cheered Jose looked up into the sky noticing a bright star. Making a wish, “Esme… I hope you’re okay”.

    So this is the introduction to the strange Mexican kid in Sora's dream. Song is called "El Enamorado" by Los Titanes de Durango. This is half and half true story. Me and my friends did go to Disneyland from our high school. But I'm going to leave it up to all of you to guess who I am. Of this entire story 3 are not real people. Everyone else is based on real friends, parents, and teacher's. Only in Earth chapters. Anyway thanks for reading :) and more on these new characters to come.
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    Chapter 9 Destiny Island High School


    Early in the morning, a pale blonde was running through the streets of Destiny Island. As she went up the steps of the high school she could hear the tardy bell. She knew that this is going to be close. She ran through the doors, down the green painted hallway and reached room 621.

    Knock Knock

    “Come in”, said the teacher, “Can I help you?”

    Ms. Catina was very kind and greeted the girl without much concern “I need to see Kairi” spoke the young teen. She was a bit red from all the running and she held a very heavy math book in one hand. As the teacher motioned for the young crimson haired teen to come forward, the two girls left the room. Ms. Catina watched the door close behind the girls and turned back to her class.

    “Alright class, take out your math book and start reading page 135 on Quadratic Expressions”


    “Thanks Namine. Where did you find it?” asked the Princess of Heart

    “Riku left it in the secret place on the island. I had to paddle all the way out there to find it”, she explained.

    “Alright thanks I’ll see you at lunch?” Namine nodded and waved good-bye to her somebody as she went back into the classroom.

    Namine began walking down the hallway thinking about a certain blonde and how she is going to show off her new magic. She smiled at the thought of him being amazed. She suddenly had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was hard to describe it. The whole hallway began to glow white until everything was consumed and she was blinded.


    As the light dimmed she could see the old mansion from Twilight Town right in front of her. Memories of that horrible building rushed through her mind as she was abused by Organization 13 and Diz. Nonetheless, she was confused, but she couldn't move her arms or legs. Neither could she speak or hear anything all she could do was watch.

    She felt a very firm hand grip on her left hand and a delicate soft grip in her right. As she turned her head she saw a tall man with brown hair and lovely sky blue eyes. On her right she saw a blonde green eyed woman they both looked at her and smiled.

    The tall man picked her up and put her on his shoulders. It seemed that Namine was looking into the eyes of a young girl and her parents who owned the mansion. They entered the house and it was clean as it ever had been. The chandler was dazzling and the Egyptian cotton rugs extended down the stairs. The furniture was all new and the paint smelled fresh.

    The man took the girl up the stairs and to the room where Namine drew all her drawings. She could already see the large table and window. As she entered the room she saw the familiar paint and curtain that blew even with the window closed. There was also, a bed with a crown sitting upon the pillow.

    No table no drawings just more little girl furniture and a full length mirror. The man whom had brought her here left closing the door behind. The memory witch was unable to do anything but watch some pale arms grab the crown and jump on the bed.

    After a while the jumping stopped and the young girl climbed off her bed to see her reflection in the mirror. Namine was stunned and without words as she saw the little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and a short white skirt. Was this her? No. Couldn’t be.

    %%%%Flashback Ends%%%%%%%%

    The Memory Witch stood in the hallway of the high school slowly coming back to reality. As she snapped the shock out of herself was she able to think about what had happened. She only denied it. It couldn’t have been her. She never had memories like this before, but that didn’t stop her from wondering if she was really a nobody or something more.

    After lunch with Selphie and the guys, Kairi headed towards her history class. She bit her lip looking over her book page by page as she studied. It was the midterm exams and she wasn’t sure how Destiny Island got its name.

    Hey Namine ca-‘

    ‘I can’t help you cheat Kairi’

    ‘Ugh! Well could you at least tell me how Destiny Island got its name?’

    ‘Hiroyuki sailed on a pirate ship. It was his job to guard the treasure. After his crewmates and captain died he found the island. He then, married his girlfriend or “slave” and later had a daughter named Destin. The whole island was named after his daughter’

    Kairi took her seat in class and put her book back into her bag as she waited for the tardy bell to ring. The teacher Mr. Xine was reading his Destiny Isle Daily Dispatch paper ignoring the flood of students that entered his class. The Princess of Heart took in some deep breaths and went over what she could remember.

    “Oh look guys, it’s the island whore”, shouted Jannette, her friends laughed of course and Kairi clutched her fists ready to hit her. The blonde and her groupies walked off and sat in the far corner near the window. Kairi watched as they laughed, as they walked, and how much she despised them.

    “Hey?” a stranger called. Kairi turned around and looked at this silver haired girl. She too had sky blue eyes and held a greenish backpack on one side of her shoulders. She took the desk next to the Princess.

    “I’m sorry who are you?” she asked

    “My names Hamako” she replied, “Do you mind if I sit here? Um….”


    “Nice to meet you” she smiled.

    “Hamako?... Don’t you usually hang out with Jannette?”

    “Yeah, but I’m tired of her and how mean she’s been”

    “Tell me about it?” Kairi added sarcastically.

    “So where’s Sora haven’t seen him or his silver haired friend around lately?”

    “Riku? Well they’re probably on vacation”

    “Midterms are TODAY!!! Aren’t they worried about failing?”

    “You’re right!” the princess pondered, “Well they told me they finished it early so they could get going”

    “Oh! So where did they go?”


    “Shhh!” Mr. Xine was out of his desk handing out the midterm papers. Kairi was saved… for the moment. And who was this girl Hamako? Why is she so curious about Sora and Riku? Why isn’t she with Jannette?

    After class Kairi made a sneaky escape from Hamako. She seemed nice, but the princess sensed a devious plot. Suddenly, an arrogant blonde caught up to Kairi, “Soo I hear your boyfriend left again”

    ‘Oh Great what does she want now?’ She thought, “Yeah Sora left yesterday. So?”

    “So the idiot’s come to get some form his **** and took off” Jannette spoke almost sympathetically, Kairi’s fist clinched at her words, “You might as well walk around with an “A” on your shirt hun”

    “Hey leave her alone Jannette” cried out Hamako.

    “Who do you think you are?”

    “I’m the one who’s telling you to back off or else!”

    As a final attempt Jannette slapped the books out of Kairi’s hands and spit on her Algebra book as she flipped her hair and walked off, “Next time little miss newbie won’t be around to help you out tramp”

    Kairi stared off glaring at her as she knelt down to pick up her books. “Hey are you okay?” Hamako asked as she helped her with the princess with her stuff.

    “What’s your motive?”


    “Why are you helping me?”

    “Isn’t it the right thing to do?”

    “Yeah, but you have been here for almost a year and not once did you ever stand up for me”

    Hamako took a deep breath, “You’re right… I’m sorry, but I really am trying to help you against Jannette”

    “What do you want in return? Huh? Money? The Newspaper?” Kairi was fed up with her and wondered what she truly wanted.


    “Excuse me?”

    “Your friend Riku” she said again, “I think he’s kinda hot and well…”

    “You want to go out with Riku?”

    The silver haired girl nervously pulled her hair behind her ear, “Yeah~”

    “KAIRI!!!” down the hall a brunette girl was rushing over to the two.

    “Selphie, what is it?” Kairi asked

    “It’s bad”


    “It’s really really bad”

    “Selphie what is it?”

    “Jason’s back”

    The Princess of Heart was silent and in utter shock. “Who’s Jason?” asked Hamako.

    “I’m sorry and you are?” asked Selphie


    “Selphie… aren’t you one of the plastics that hangs around Jannette?” she noticed, “Why don’t you follow your tyrant b&^%& and be gone”. With a disgusted look Hamako turned away and disappeared in the crowd of students. Immediately Selphie returned to her friend, “Kairi?... How are you going to deal with Jason now that he’s come back?”

    “Ugh! I don’t know! That idiot never loved me. He only cared about himself and was never around when I needed him. Now he’s back! Ugh! As if I didn’t have enough to deal with… I really hoped I’d never see him again.”

    “Kairi I think you should tell someone about what happened?”

    “I already told you it’s embarrassing enough”

    “Yeah I know, but if you keep this within you, I’m just worried about you okay”

    “Thanks” she smiled, “But I’ll see how this will be handled.

    “Well okay… Hey! Movie night at the Megaplex?”

    “Yeah sure”

    “Yay we can see the Diary of Godlub”

    “How about Vampire Night? I don’t think the guys will appreciate seeing a diary of a poodle”

    Selphie frowned at her silly idea, “Okay~”

    “See you at my place?”


    As they hugged their good-byes Selphie went downstairs to her next class. Meanwhile Kairi looked out the window in the hallway and watched as the greenish birds chirped outside. Suddenly she felt sick in her stomach and began hearing things.

    “One day when you’re in trouble the light within you will lead you to the light of another. Someone to keep you safe.”

    I think this is an improvement, but depends on what you guys think in my editing skills. Lets' see who can figure it out. What movie is Jannette refering to when she says "You might as well walk around with an 'A' on your shirt hun" ?
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    Chapter 8

    Years ago there was a brilliant scientist who discovered a way to create life on a planet. Though he never proved it he and a group of colleagues joined together to make at least twenty. Twenty planets with life is an interesting idea. What was more interesting he planned to use a strange element now known as Oxygen and Hydrogen to sustain life.

    For five years they searched for an ideal star. Until one day they found one. It was a G-type main sequence star the perfect specimen. They were unsure of how far the planets needed to be, but immediately sent out the two elements that morphed with the surrounding compounds.

    Centuries passed and the scientists returned to discover that 9 planets had been created which was a success. Unfortunately, neither had life or was stable enough. They thought it was an utter failure. But a silver lining was shining through and a tenth planet had circled out from the opposite side of the star.

    They named it Fantasy for it was a miracle and a fantasy for any planet to actually be created and have life walk amongst the giant mass. One important aspect they also discovered the third planet was in the same rotation and had the same exact elements. With that said Planet #3 was going to have life and the scientists named it Earth.

    For a while the two planets circled around the Sun at the same speed and rotation almost like twins. Earth was home to lizard like giants at the time and Fantasy was home to powerful warriors who wielded a key like blade.

    Wasn't long afterwards planet Fantasy collapsed on its self and was destroyed. Apparently the warriors were given a light that they loved and began to fight over. With their strange mutation darkness entered their hearts and began to consume everything on the planet.

    The one thing Fantasy did not have that Earth did was a spirit. The Spirit of the Earth. Her and her daughter, Jade, devised a way to bring back the planet. They captured the light that was given to the warriors and gave it to the hearts of children. The children of Earth who were nomadic at the time with the great Ice Age re-built small worlds with the light that they had in their hearts.

    Many worlds were being created the light began to disappear within each generation of children ultimately disappearing. Although, with every child that is born on Earth their imagination of a new world comes true. No matter how sinister they may be a destiny is created giving Fantasy the new birth. To this day the small worlds of Fantasy have not been discovered by Earth and may never will.

    When Fantasy was destroyed the scientists were completely disappointed that they sent out a search as to what happened? No matter how good anything is there is always evil. One of the scientists tampered with both planets. Fantasy was given light to bring about darkness. Earth was inconclusive. As punishment they sent him to the core of the sun and allowed him to burn to death.

    As for Earth the scientists feared of what trickery had been placed on it that they sent 10 mediators. Each mediator had a special power. 1st mediator had bonding capabilities almost like love. 2nd mediator had control of the moon. 3rd mediator controlled night. 4th mediator controlled light. 5th mediator controlled the sea. 6th mediator established war. 7th mediator had pure wisdom. 8th mediator controlled the sky. 9th mediator controlled the rays of the sun.

    The tenth mediator was a time traveler and kept a well recorded history of births and deaths of everything on Earth and used it to control life and balance on the planet. His knowledge was passed down to his daughter Jade.

    Now a mediator was an inspector of planets, but as humans were humans they gave them strange names like. Lakshmi Goddess of Love. Mama Quilla Goddess of the Moon. Nyx Goddess of the night. Yhi Goddess of the Light. Enki God of the Sea. Enurta God of War. Thoth God of Wisdom. Ehecatl God of the Sky. Chu Jung God of the Sun. And Ah Pukuh now known as the Grim Reaper.

    After a few years with the Earthlings the mediators returned to the scientists to discuss what they have learned. “What did you find?” they asked

    “The Sumerians knew nothing” said Enki

    “The Babylonians knew nothing” repeated Enurta

    “The Aborigines mentioned Uluru again. I mean it’s just a big rock!” replied Yhi, “But I couldn’t find anything else than that”

    “The Chinese formed a calendar of animals” informed Chu Jung, “But didn’t mean much”

    “The Aztecs where clueless” said Ehecatl

    “The Incans are very protective of their land” motioned Mama Quilla, “But I found nothing”

    “The Egyptians thought I was an actual bird with this mask”, boasted Thoth, “So they wouldn’t know anything”

    “The Indians near Kanauji spoke of a demon flying” spoke Lakshmi, “But it was only Ehecatl flying by”

    “The Greeks spoke of ash and fire raining down” acknowledged Nyx, “But it was only a volcano eruption”

    The scientists were about to conclude of no problems on Earth. Until Ah Pukuh entered screaming “The Mayans found something! They say there’s a red demon in the center of the Earth. In future time they will call him the Devil”

    “Devil?” asked one of the scientists, “What does he do?”

    “He’s a Soul Eater” replied Ah Pukuh, “Once a person dies on Earth this monster eats the souls. But he is very cunning and has appeared on Earth more than once. He’s a creation of the scientist that died”

    “What about my son?” the head scientist asked.

    “Sadly, he can only save a handful of souls of the millions it consumes”

    “Is he capable of destroying the Planet?” questioned another scientist.

    “No. Unless he is helped by the darkness that surrounds the worlds of Fantasy”

    “What do you purpose we do?” asked the scientist with the Planet idea.

    “By 2000 A.D.’s my daughter will travel to Fantasy and speak to the residence to see if anything can prevent such a disaster”

    “2000 A.D!!!!!” They screamed

    “Why not sooner?” one asked

    “The time is not right”


    “And that is how the planets were created” Jade had told the young Keyblade Masters everything she knew. So far.

    “So you’re from Earth?” asked Sora

    ‘No she’s from Hollow Bastion’ retorted Roxas


    Roxas face palmed from Sora’s lack of attention. “So what is the problem?” asked Riku

    “You see someone has been contacting the Soul Eater”, Jade replied, “If he gets a hold of the darkness Earth will also, collapse on itself”
    Sora stood up, “No worries will handle this”, reassuring her that they would take care of it.

    Jade nods, “Yes, but...There is more”

    The boys stayed quiet. Yen Sid rose from his chair, “It would seem Xehanort is up to no good again”, said Yen Sid.

    “WHAT!?!?” the boys replied in unison. Even Roxas rematerialized screaming.

    “It would seem Xehanort has been planning to go to war with Earth”, Yen Sid continued, “For what I don’t know, but he shouldn’t be under estimated”

    “That’s why we need you two to gather your friends”, Jade added, “We are short on time so you two will have to split the missions”

    “Wait!” Sora interrupted, “Where’s Hayner, Pence, and Olette? And Donald and Goofy?”

    “The King sent them back to the castle” Jade replied, “They won’t be accompanying you on the trip”

    “As for the Twilight Trio” Yen Sid advised, “I have already sent them to begin their training”

    “Are you crazy we can’t risk their lives”, Riku argued

    “I thought I was clear when I said ‘Your Friends’” Jade emphasized

    “Does that mean everyone?” Sora questioned

    “Yes”, Yen Sid nodded, “Including new friends and the Princess of Heart”

    “Yen Sid!” a voice called out, “Don’t forget”

    The Master looked down on his table, “Ah, yes” he said, “Jiminy, will accompany Riku. With his knowledge of the worlds he will be a great ally”

    “And we go with Sora!” two small chipmunks cry from the floor.

    “That’s right” Jade nodded, “Chip and Dale have come up with some GPS device they planted on the Gummi Ships”

    “We will be able to keep in touch as we go on our adventures”, added Dale.

    “With that said you boys should get go-” Yen Sid was cut short when a man in a long black trench coat and biker gloves crashed into the room screaming


    Shocked from the fellows entrance he replied, “What is it Balthazar?”

    “Horvath has escaped. He has the Grimhold”

    “That only means”

    “Morgana will soon be freed” Everyone looked at the Immortal Earthling.

    “You know about Morgana?” Balthazar asked removing his black hat.

    “No”, she replied, “Not here, but on Earth people have created stories of this. All of this. Who Sora is? The Princess, Morgana, everything has been created by Earth.
    This is why I know so much”

    “So you know where we can find Xehanort and this Horvath?” asked Riku

    “No I only know from Earth’s Past, Present, and Future. If it involves the worlds of Fantasy I have no clue. Not until a child creates this world, everything is confusing to me here.”

    Everyone was a bit disappointed. The new keyblade master looked at his silver haired friend, “Come on Riku let’s go”

    “Wait. Horvath, Morgana and the Morganians are very dangerous. Never let your guard down” informed Balthazar

    “How do we stop Morgana?” asked Roxas who was still in the room.

    “Take the Grimhold”

    With that share of advice Roxas vanished and the young keyblade masters, a cricket, and 2 chipmunks departed ways as they went to gather their friends.


    Balthazar had gone in search of Jade’s Father. Which left Jade and Yen Sid in the chamber alone. Jade let out a huge sigh. “Is something troubling you?” Yen Sid asked

    “Oh, no” she replied, “I saw the boys’ future on Earth and that makes 8 more for my father”

    I believe in God. So much of the story will have religion playing in, but not really as preachy as many church's make it. I would talk more about it, but I would just be going off topic. This isn't really all true it just created to seem believable and I'm really proud of it. All the pieces just fit. If you have any questions seriously ask because religion and non-religion is really hated often for just being mentioned. Thanks for reading :)

    This is a better visualization of the mediators that I search and researched hard to find xp
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    Chapter 7

    “Sora Riku stay here” said Donald

    “Well, go talk to Yen Sid and the King. A-hyuck” chuckled Goofy

    “Well wait here” Sora replied

    Donald and Goofy both entered Yen Sid’s Chamber. They expected to see the all-powerful sorcerer, but found the King instead. “Your Majesty” bowed Donald and Goofy.

    “Hey a fellas”, boasted Mickey

    “Uh... Where’s Master Yen Sid?” asked Goofy

    “He’s busy going over important matters with our new guest. Donald Goofy” the two stood in attention, “I need you two to head back to the castle and protect everyone”

    “How come your majesty?” asked Donald

    “Yen Sid says that this time it’s serious and I need you guys to be on your guard”

    “Ay ay your majesty” the two said in unison as they ran out the door.

    “Please let Sora and Riku in now before you go!!” he shouted.

    Wasn’t long that Sora and Riku entered the Chamber this time they saw Yen Sid sitting in his chair. He must have finished quickly to have sat back down. “Welcome chosen wielders of the keyblade” he greeted.

    The boys showed their courtesy as they bowed. “What’s the problem?” Riku asked

    “You two are old enough to know that neither of you are true Keyblade Masters”, the boys were a bit disappointed, but had their direct attention to Master Yen Sid, “So today we will be having a Mark of Mastery Test”

    “What’s a Mark of Mastery Test?” questioned Sora as usual

    Yen Sid motioned his hand across the desk and in an instant Sora, Riku, Yen Sid, and the King were outside of the Tower again. “A Mark of Mastery Test is to see who is worthy of a title of Master. Today, Not one but two of the keyblades chosen stand here as candidates. Both of you may prevail or neither”

    They nod understanding what lies ahead, “Are you ready?” Yen Sid asks

    “Yes” they replied in unison

    “Then, let the examination begin” Yen Sid motioned his hand again and five light orbs appeared in a straight line in front of the keybladers. Luckily, there was no Xehanort to tamper with the test this time. On command Sora and Riku charged at the orbs and destroyed them in record breaking time. Sora used his ordinary Kingdom Key while Riku used Way to the Dawn.

    When they were done Yen Sid looked upon them and nodded, “Now for the final test Sora Riku the two of you will face each other in combat.” The friends stand in front of each other with keyblade in hand as they wait for Yen Sid to call, “Begin!!”

    Instantly they charged and Yen Sid’s Tower has the first clash of keyblades clang in years. Sora and Riku continue to clash when Riku makes a risky thrust towards Sora’s chest. Sora sees the incoming blow and backflips to dodge.

    Sora runs back and tries to hit Riku’s defenseless leg in an attempt to trip him backwards. Riku stabs his keyblade down and the keyblades clang again. Riku gets his Way to the Dawn and swings vigorously at Sora who dodges each one. When Sora noticed an opportunity he regained himself and did the same to Riku. Sora lunged and came up with an upper cut that narrowly missed Riku if he had not backed up.

    They continued with backflips, front flips, side flips, every dodge and attack when finally, Sora found another opportunity. Riku was slow in turning around so as Riku charged with another thrust to Sora’s chest. Sora leaped in the air front flipped behind Riku and got him on his back. He then moved his keyblade forward to disarm Riku of his keyblade.

    Just like that the test was over and Sora was the champion. Riku got up after dusting himself off. He called his keyblade back and made it disappear. He then walked up to his best friend and gave him a hug, “Your ganna make a great Master” he said.

    Sora smiled at him and nodded. Again Yen Sid motioned his hand and everyone was back in his chamber again. “That was really good” said Yen Sid at last, “You both had battled trimendably” the next words he spoke brought smiles on both Riku and Sora’s face. “I have reached a decision for your great use of the keyblade the two of you have passed”

    “Alright!!” they cheered in unison giving each other a high five.

    “So this means were both Official Keyblade Masters?” Sora asked

    Yen Sid nodded, “As our newest Keyblade Masters you both are entitled to certain knowledge please wait here till I have finished speaking to our guest”

    Yen Sid exited and left the boys in his Chamber with the King. “Nice job fellas” the King congratulated them.

    “Thanks” they replied

    “Welp I’ll see you soon”

    “Where are you going?” asked Riku

    “I’m off to search for a lion named Aslan”

    “Be careful” Sora warned him

    “I will good luck”

    With that the king was gone as well. They sat in that chamber for nearly an hour “How do you think Kairi’s doing Riku?” Sora finally broke the long silence they have been sitting in.

    Riku came out of his long concentration, “I don’t know. But with Namine I’m sure she’s doing fine”

    Sora nodded “If only I could see her at least”

    “Why don’t you use that crystal ball” Roxas had rematerialized in front of the now Keyblade Masters.

    “What crystal ball?” questioned Sora

    “The one sitting on the table” He pointed a finger that Sora a Riku both followed to see he was right there was a crystal ball sitting on the table. Sora got up and walked over to it. He lifted it up.

    “Don’t break it Sora” Riku warned

    Sora tilted it shook it around, but nothing. He tried banging it on the table to see if it would work. Both Roxas and Riku face palmed, “YOUR GANNA BREAK IT!!!” Riku shouted.

    Which was a bad idea cause Sora nearly dropped it, “Okay… Geez.Umm… Show me Kairi” He finally said and viola the crystal ball listened and Sora could see Kairi. So that Sora doesn't break it Riku placed it on the table.

    It was hard to make out what was going on or what Kairi was saying, but that didn’t bother Sora. She seemed to be arguing with someone when finally her voice rang out and Sora was in disbelief.

    “That idiot never loved me. He only cared about himself and was never around when I needed him. Ugh! As if I didn't have enough to deal with… I hope I never see him again.”

    The image was lost and Sora couldn't believe what he saw more importantly heard. Riku put a shoulder on him “Sora…” He tried comforting him.

    “Sora you can’t believe that she really feels that way about you?” Roxas was trying to remind Sora of Kairi’s love, but he remained silent, “Sora. Kairi loves you she couldn't have meant all of that. Look at the charm she gave you.”

    Sora pulled out the shelled charm Kairi had given him before he left again. He smiled weakly “You’re right I’m probably blowing all of this out of proportion.”

    Suddenly, the door slammed so loud Roxas vanished and Riku and Sora immediately turned around. It was Yen Sid and behind him was a girl. Her gray eyes hung low and black clothes and cape made her more ominous. “Sora Riku this is Jade “

    “Yeah we meet her outside” Sora replied

    Yen Sid nodded “She has some very important matters to discuss” The boys cocked their heads, “Sit her tale may take a while”

    Jade looked at Yen Sid nodded and looked back at the boys. “What are you going to tell us” Riku asked

    “How Fantasy and Earth were created”

    Well I'm proud about the fight scene I'm pretty lame on description and I'm sure you all have noticed this by now. And yeah this is one of those big build ups to the next chapter which I'm really proud of because I was actually able to just say rarely anyone has dialogue, but yeah this chapter is okay not my best and I'm sure some edits will come in the future, but no guarantee because I feel like moving on or I'll stay stuck on this editing forever.
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  11. rigo1315
    Chapter 6 Mysterious Tower

    The next 3 chapters is about Yen Sid and a new character and a bit of history of our Earth.


    The train arrived as mysterious as it always did. Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy were just about to board the train. “Hey Wait up!” a voice called out.

    Sora was quickly able to recognize them, “Hayner, Pence, Olette! What are you guys doing here?”

    “Where coming with you” boasted Olette

    “No it’s too dangerous” replied Donald

    “Actually” Pence pulled out a message with the King’s seal, “Your King, Mickey, asked us to join you on your trip when you arrived”

    “We would have been here sooner if somebody didn’t have to go shopping last minute” Hayner exclaimed

    “Well we would have been done earlier if somebody didn’t start a fight with Seifer’s gang” Olette snapped

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Hayner demanded

    “Would you guys stop bickering and get on the train!” Pence wailed. Hayner and Olette didn't realize during their little bickering everyone had ignored them and boarded the train.

    “Hey Wait Up!!” they shouted

    As the seven sat in the only train leaving Twilight Town they talked about, what else sports. Hayner and Pence bragged about Struggle Battles, Sora and Riku mentioned Bliztball games. New to the sports fanatics Donald and Goofy mentioned Rumble Racing and Fruitball. Of course Olette found the conversations boring seeing that she didn’t find them all as interesting as her friends. ‘I wish they would talk about something else!’ she thought.

    “Yeah those sound cool, but Struggle Battles are where it’s at” promoted Hayner

    “No way!” Sora cried, “Bliztball is way better”

    “Hey Bliztball is just another rounded sport. Struggle Battles take concentration and skill and using quick maneuvers to get your opponent” spoke up the rematerialized nobody.

    “And who are you?” asked Pence. After a long awkward pause of blank stares Roxas mood shifted.

    “You guys don’t remember me?” sadly Roxas questioned. They only stared at him even more trying to recount where or if even they remember meeting him.

    “Oh yeah!” cried Olette, “I remember you”

    Roxas smiled thinking friendship was strong; everyone else looked at the orange shirt girl to hear an answer.

    “Aren’t you that boy that went out with the girl from the mansion?”

    “What?” Sora looked at her, “No this is Roxas. He’s my Nobody, he was friends with the other Twilight Town versions of you”

    “Wait he’s one of those white guys that attacked us at the mansion?” Hayner questioned.


    “Well It’s nice to meet you Roxas” Olette smiled, “I’m sorry that we know nothing about you”

    “But this is amazing” Pence commented enthusiastically, “Were our copies exactly the same as our persona?”

    “Well…” the Nobody pondered, “Yeah, Olette was the mother-one of the group she always kept us on top in homework and that we didn’t miss a day, and Hayner was great in the Struggle Battles”

    “What do you mean WAS great?” Hayner commented a bit ticked off. As Pence went on asking questions of the other Twilight Town, Olette couldn't help but recall a boy ten years ago in Twilight Town just like Roxas. Everyone else sat quietly listening to Roxas regain friendship with his old friends again. Riku on the other hand stared out the window and saw the castle appear in the distance.

    The train arrived at Yen Sid’s tower the door opened up on the side of the train. Hayner Pence and Olette looked in awe at the castle. Sora and Riku sensed something wrong with the setting. They were right something was wrong because heartless jumped out in an ambush! One was heading straight for Olette.

    Hayner jumped in front of her to block the attack. He was knocked down and surrounded; his only weapon was his struggle bat. They inched closer and closer ready to pounce, luckily Donald used Thunder and they all disappeared in a poof of smoke. “Hayner, Pence, Olette! Head to the tower!” Riku yelled, “Well, handle this”

    “No way!” Hayner protested, “Were not leaving you guys here”

    “Thanks but this is too dangerous. Head to the Tower and find Yen Sid” Sora assured them.

    As the trio ran into the Tower, Sora and his friends took care of the Heartless. Out of nowhere a hooded figure jumped out and slashed the remaining heartless with a strange bronze sword. The figure was very agile and finished the heartless as quickly as he appeared. It stood up and removed its hood. It was a girl! Her clothes where as dark as death itself, her eyes were gray and her hair black as coal. Her blade was copper smaller compared to the swords Sora has seen and her stare was as dead as a rotting corpse. Sora was about to speak when the girl hushed him, “My name is Jade Earth” she announced.

    “Are you from another world?” Goofy questioned

    “No”, she admitted, “I’m from another planet”

    “Other planet isn't that the same thing” Sora pointed out.

    “Come inside I’ll explain things soon” She put her blade away and walked into the Tower. Sora and Riku looked at each other then back at Jade as she was opening the door.


    Yen Sid and King Mickey have been discussing very important matters when three youths interrupted them, “Help Sora and Riku are in trouble” cried Olette.

    Yen Sid stunned from their rude entrance stood and headed to the moon crest window. He looked down and saw Jade helping them out. He turned around and assured the trio they were fine, which called for a sign of relief. As they showed their respects to Yen Sid and the King, something was bothering them “Your Majesty why did you ask us to come?” asked Pence

    Mickey was about to answer when Yen Sid extended his arm out, “I requested your presence. You see I have been informed that we are in grave danger” the trio looked at Yen Sid in concern of his announcement, “Follow me”.

    The group walked into a circular room with mirrors of all sorts covered up. Yen Sid approached the largest one and pulled the sheet off. It was a door. “I need you to join Sora and his friends for a war”

    “A war?” Hayner questioned
    Yen Sid nodded as he continued explaining, “When you enter you will experience time go slower. Being in here will seem like 10 years, but out here it would only have been 5 days”

    “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You’re telling us you want us to basically live out 10 years of our lives in there” Hayner pointed at the door

    “Won’t we be older?” Pence questioned

    “What if we die inside? Would it even count out here?” Olette asked with great concern

    Yen Sid raised his hand to silence the parade of questions, “You won’t grow and you won’t die. It will seem like a training camp” He then opened the door and a bright light shimmered nearly blinding the trio. “So what do you say?”

    “Alright” Hayner responded as he and his friends headed into the Chamber of Time. After they had disappeared into the chamber Yen Sid closed the door making sure it was ready for the other recruits.

    I know this is pretty weird chapter with a strange character like Jade, but all will be explained soon. Chamber of Time is based on Dragonball Z the episode when they spend a few years in this time capsule. And yes their is something about Olette's memory of Roxas but again soon.
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    Chapter 5 Twilight Town

    Yen Sid’s Tower was inaccessible. So Sora and his friends had to take the train. They landed in the station plaza and were heading into the train station of Twilight Town. As they were entering Sora noticed some blue spots on the floor. When he looked up a blue drop splatted on his face, he wiped the sticky substance off. Riku who had witnessed Sora’s luck laughed. Sora turned and glared at his friend. “I’ll meet you guys inside” he said

    “Alright, but don’t take long the train will be here any minute” Riku advised.

    Sora nodded and headed up the stairs and found his way up onto the terrace. Thanks to Roxas. Sora looked in awe at the view. ‘You could see the whole town’ he thought.

    ‘You can see sunset hill’ replied Roxas.


    ‘What’s the matter the view not grand enough for you?’ Roxas replied jokingly

    Not that. I was wondering where that blue drop came from’

    ‘I don’t know but from the stairs in the main entrance I’d say they were Sea Salt Ice-Cream’ It was then, Sora noticed a purple object moving on the tracks.

    ‘Hey, look the trains here!’

    ‘We should head back down mysterious ice-cream or not we shouldn't be late to see Yen Sid’


    As Sora turned around he ran into an unsuspected guest. She wore a black Organizations cloak her hair was raven black with sky blue eyes. They only looked at each other for a second until they both screamed. Sora jumped to far back, he was literally on the edge of the terrace and was stumbling back and forth to regain balance when…



    Our hero laid there in shock looking up at the clock. His spine was crooked and he was slowly losing his vision from landing on his head. Roxas was too much in shock from the girl he couldn't wake himself up to heal Sora. Luckily a silver haired teen came out to find him.

    “Sora!” he cried as he sprinted towards him. He looked at the pool of blood that was surrounding him.

    “Hey Riku” Sora replied with a happy smile. As if he couldn't recall the fall or the predicament he was in.

    Riku glared at him for that stupid reply, “Heal!”

    A green light and the jingle of bells surrounded the brunette. The blood vanished and all of Sora’s internal injuries disappeared. “Thanks”

    “Are you trying to kill yourself or what!?” Riku glared at him.

    “Sorry… I thought… I thought I saw something and scared me off the terrace”

    “Sora, just be more careful. Where’s Roxas?”

    The blonde stood near the entrance his face completely spaced out looking at the top of the tower. “Xion?” he questioned.

    Sora waved his hand in front of his Nobody and brought his friend back to reality “Roxas… Are you okay?”

    “Yeah” he replied weakly, “I’m fine”

    “Good” Riku boasted, “Next time stay a little more focused, Sora almost bleed to death and I need you to be alert if you two are going on a mission together!”

    “Okay Superior Jeez” Roxas snapped.

    “There you are the trains here hurry up!!” Donald shouted standing at the door. Sora and Riku ran back into the building ready to face the task at hand. Roxas took one last look at the top of the tower before disappearing back into Sora’s heart.

    Sorry for such a short chapter of Twilight Town I really wanted to be brief and I have thought about Seifer's gang approaching them and the Mansion as well, but all that adventure in a further chapter :)
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