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    "Freedom" // Run Kid Run
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    It was very cute, I liked it.
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    - I like guys with dark hair and green or blue eyes.
    - If they are in shape, that's a plus.
    - Nice arms.
    - Medium length hair, not too long but not too short.
    - And I like baggy clothes.

    - Must be a gamer, otherwise I want nothing to do with him.
    - Have his own interests but share some of my own.
    - Thinks cats are cooler than dogs.
    - Be able to laugh at himself and be funny in general.
    - Have morals.
    - I like them to be smart, or atleast good in school.
    - Also guys who keep to themselves.

    - Guys with blonde hair ..
    - Talkative
    - Flirty.
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    I see. Well, we go to different schools so he doesn't distract me from my own grades. He was failing before I even started dating him, but I've also thought of just letting him do whatever and ignore the fact he's failing. Though I want to help him because he is also my friend and I don't want him to just give up.
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    Uh, I asked him and he said nothing.
    He doesn't want money, he doesn't want things,
    and I'm afraid to offer anything else ..
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    Okay, I usually don't ask people for advice but it seems I need some.

    I have this great boyfriend. He is nice, somewhat funny, and shares some of my interests (except a love for the internet). I've been only dating him for two months, about to be three soon, and I really like him ... But he isn't the greatest at school. He is suppose to be a junior, but sadly is still a freshmen. This week was exam week and he had taken his English I exam, unfortunately he failed it ... again. He told me the school was going to pass him anyway but he wasn't sure. While talking to me, he also mentioned dropping out but I made it clear if he dropped out I wasn't sticking around. So that motivated him somewhat to stay in school.

    He really tries but school isn't his strong point and I don't want him to quit. Since I'm doing very well in school, I have offered him help quite a few times but we never really get the chance to sit down and do schoolwork. I told him also he needs some motivation but he doesn't have anything to make him want to work hard in school.

    What should I do? I want to help him do better but I not sure how I can really help ... he never seems really confident or motivated when it comes to school and I'm afraid he is going to drop out and ruin his life.
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    Yeah, I cried while reading a few books. I know I cried while reading the book Milkweed and also Trigger. Another book was the 5th book of Warriors at the end, it was so sad D':
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    Windows XP, wtf. I also have a Windows 98 but I rarely use it (only when XP isn't working).

    Can't stand Mac though, I feel like a little kid using it.
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    *gasps and faints*
    I can't take Crepsley seriously because of the actor x'D
    I can't wait to see this movie. The books were okay but I kinda lost interest after the first one.
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    Thankyou. =)
    Yeah, I see what you mean about the torso to the legs. I tried to fix it but it didn't work out to well so I left it. And the right one is suppose to be kinda sitting down but I ran out of paper before I could draw him fully.
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    Thanks :D
    I was making Anubis/Jackal look like an Anubis/Jackal animal thing, lol.
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    Haven't posted in a while, thought I might share a drawing I've done.

    Those two are Coonie and Anubis/Jackal (don't have an official name), but yeah hope you guys like it =)
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    My bulky PS2 is eight years old and still going strong.
    The first one I had didn't last long though but then again it got stolen.
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