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    LOL I just told mike about this.

    Isn't it amazing, the whole trailer just makes things even more interesting. everything seemed so epic and unbelievable, I cannot wait for this game, it looks like it may be one of the better ones and one that's very story driven.
    Too excited!
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    Ok, well i'll try and see if i can hack the no voice but im sure someone like truth has probably already cracked it. We'll see, hopefully I can hack it in my spare time but who knows we'll see.
    Ask around through pm's im sure someone will have it ^_^
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    While playing the game on your computer you open emuhaste and click dump memory (or something to that effect). That will give you the dump which then you can use in ps2dis or another disassasembler to look trhough the data of the game.
    I also think people can make dump codes that dump the memory onto a usb or memory stick (i dont know about this method)
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    I know its possible to play as lingering sentiment and all the characters armor forms, you should be able to use the character mod on the first page. About voices It should be possible but I dont know the code yet

    EDIT: Character Mod
    0x20181130 0x340200YY

    YY Values
    01 = Ventus
    02 = Aqua
    03 = Terra
    04 = Ventus (Armor)
    05 = Aqua (Armor)
    06 = Terra (Armor)
    0D = Ventus (Helmetless Armor)
    0E = Aqua (Helmetless Armor)
    0F = Terra (Helmetless Armor)
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    Hey evil so i tested but only the full shop worked so far, ima bout to test the all abilities
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    thx i'd forgotten... havent played kh in almost a year

    here it is for the guy who wanted it

    R2 Joker
    E002fFDFF 0034D45C
    21C954F4 5F303031
    21C954F8 4631484B
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    Just looking at that it doesn't look like its limit form but just normal sora with limits model. But heres the code

    21C954F4 5F303031
    21C954F8 4631484B

    This should allow you to jump and attack... uu cant use limit's limits (ars, ragnarok, sonic, etc.)
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    please do... i have so many diff files on my comp with this code and others that have similar titles that i dont know which one it was. I would love if you tested it out
    Thank you
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    Hey thats my code
    here you go. I think this is it

    11c6cc2e 00000055
    21c95578 46495254
    21cd520c 00303330
    21cd5210 00000000
    21cd5214 00000000
    1032eecc 000001e1
    1032e020 0000002b
    11cd43a0 00000949
    e002fdff 0034d45c
    21c9559c 04020000
    21c95558 46544c55
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    If i remember correctly walls will not block you from infinite jumping back into the room. I think It worked for me the last time I checked. Other wise i might joker the room mod to take me back to the place before the garden of assemblage, or back into the white hallway before the garden.
    Hope this helps
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    just looked through an old code list and saw this

    never become anti-sora
    201D6388 0000102D

    and just in case
    always turn into...
    201D6220 240200xx

    replace xx with...
    01 = valor
    02 = wisdom
    03 = limit
    04 = master
    05 = final
    06 = anti
    Post by: razor234, Feb 15, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    awesome job evilman. can't wait to test this. Good Job
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    k, thank you for codes (when ever u finish)
    and thanks for the info
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