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    Everything is pretty good.

    School is going well, I'm still pretty happy and in a loving relationship

    So you know, generally been keeping well since I last came here
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    It is currently almost 1 am on the east coast, and I was finishing an essay for a class

    When suddenly I thought

    "It's been a long time since I've visited KHV, I wonder how everyone is"

    And here I am.

    How is everyone?
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    Well, actually, if we're talking about manga....
    Gossip Girl did get one too.

    So, which of the lesser two evils did it?
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    I finished XIII around the time it first came out and I thought it was okay

    Played some of XIII-2 and didn't really like it, but then again Noel and Serah were the only thing I was truly invested in

    and now Lightning Returns....I played the demo and actually enjoyed it.

    [Plus I might have seen the ending.....ooops]
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    Well they do have a right to rage, and apparently the audio drama is being translated for US/EU

    Yuna and Tidus break up for mysterious reasons, the girl protagonist of the drama is apparently Auron's Daughter? And SIN COMES BACK.
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    Considering that X is a video game very close to my heart as being the first Final Fantasy I played and finished fully, I am very excited for the HD collection for many reasons. The remastered music is what I really have to get used to but it sounds soooo good!
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    Ruby, considering it will be cold + it won't be as common to see her at a con right now
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    Hi Kirgiri how's Naegi doing
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    I guess he wants to make a disappearing act with your grades
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