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    So spoilers if you're not up to date to at least 3D but so far the 13 darknesses that Master Xehanort has said will make up his team are:

    Himself (Master Xehanort)
    Young Xehanort
    Ansem, Sekeer of Darkness

    From that we have six which leaves seven totally up in the air although there are a few hints towards both Vanitas and Terra being used as vessels for Xehanort, adding 2 more.

    Those asides, however, I also feel as though PAST Riku could be used, if only during that brief period that Xehanort's heartless had possessed his body, although this is a bit of a long shot.

    Finally, he has not been brought up before, but I am almost certain that Xehanort will bring back another form of himself from his original body, which would most likely be himself from when he was in his absolute prime as a keyblade master. In fact, I hope this to be the strongest of the Xehanorts, being Master Xehanort at his full potential.

    Otherwise, there's possibly the other organization XIII members (which I doubt), Maleficent (which I really doubt), or new characters. Possibly even characters from X, although I don't know enough about the game to say anything about that.

    What do you guys think?
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    Honestly when it comes to the final battle I DON'T want to have it being a combined Xehanort

    Rather I want to fight Xehanort in his prime

    Think about it, currently we have Master (Old) Xehanort [MX], Young Xehanort [YX], Xemnas, Ansem Seeker of Darkness [SoD] and then Braig and Isa for all being parts of Xehanort, and while it's said that Master Xehanort is the one pulling the strings, wouldn't he want to pull in his original body after he's already become a master and is at his absolute best? I feel he would have his ancient keyblade by then too and would just be the most powerful opponent we could face utilizing abilities that YX hadn't fully mastered, abilities that MX had become too old to use, and moves that were split up and weakened amongst Xemnas and SoD!
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    I don't have a graphics card installed actually =s

    But everything else runs very very smoothly... and even the hp itself is there for Goofy and Donald but it doesn't show how MUCH they have, like seen in the attachment....

    And yeah, I am running 1.0.0
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    Just trying to play KH2 FM on my computer, and it's going great... except....

    I can't see my HP. Anyone know what could be causing that? Problems with the video, etc?

    Have the game completely legit btw; I mean... if that's an issue >.>

    Sorry if this is the wrong section... didn't know where else to put it.. :/
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    Not going to be able to get the game, so... I'd LOVE to find a good play-through (not just the cutscenes) of someone playing it (hopefully with English subtitles too?)

    Any one know where I can find a good one?
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    Hmm... is there any chance that there'll be some codes made soon that'll alter the effects of artifacts?

    That could be quite useful... =T
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    Not really... I put 350+ hours into the first game, and so far I have no complaints about this game in regards to it being boring... and this is 60 hours in! x)
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    You feel bad for them? Then you probably feel horrible for people like me who can't get the actual game until after it ships to the caribbean a good 2 weeks or so after the initial release in America. Thank goodness that Prologus is a digital upload >.<" *wallows in self-pity*

    On another note, D. Chaos is a BEAST! [video=youtube;PgugN1026p0][/video]

    That's 5 people he took down in a row w/o losing HALF of his health. I hope they ban him in tournaments >.>"
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    Did they actually confirm that it'd be out the same day, or just the same week?

    Cuz Psn in America only updates on Tuesdays and Europe's Psn only updates on Thursdays, and as much as we'd (more than likely) say otherwise, Square Enix isn't important enough to get PSN to update when they want, even if it's just for a simultaneous release... =/
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    That's how I always imagined it'd look like, but the mere fact that kh3 hasn't even BEGUN production(and as Nomura said, they will not begin working on it for a looooong time, at least till versus xiii is over) this would definitely seem fan-made =/
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    I have NO clue whether or not if this should really be here, so mods if it's supposed to be somewhere else, then I'm sorry and please move it >.<"

    But HERE is the boss battle exclusive to BBS Final Mix, from he mission 'No Heart' featuring Xemnas' armour from the last battle in Kh2 ^.^


    Been checking EVERY day since last week for the battle to surface and now here it is! ='D
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