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Oct 17, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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ITSA PIIINCH, from You know, across the universe

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Oct 17, 2011
    1. reptar
      Oh this made my day, It really did c:

      thank you lol
    2. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees
    3. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees
    4. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Eh, college essays. Not looking forward to that. But I don't think it'll be too bad with that next. But I'm probably just convincing myself that.

      And good, I didn't wanna feel like I'm the only one taking classes for fun senior year. 'Cause all everyone is saying at my school is "AP classes/ Honors classes next year RAWRAWRAWR"
    5. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Oh I can just imagine you now, the absolute best student right? x)
      But at least now it's the end of the year so it's fun now. Tough? Jeez.

      My junior is going okay. It's less stressed now that it's the end of the year. And it's actually enjoyable now.

      I really hope next year isn't tough. I only have to take three classes to graduate and the rest are electives. Did you have to take alot of classes to graduate or did you get to pick some classes just for fun?
    6. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Yeah I can only imagine. No senioritis right? :'D
      Or is it truly kicking in now?

      Jeez I can't wait til next year when I'm a senior.
    7. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      meh, it could be going better, but hey I'm smiling so it's good.

      How's it going for you?
    8. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Hey, it's you.
    9. reptar
      Thank You. :-D
    10. reptar
    11. reptar
      HEY. HEY.

      i got to show you something, When youtube starts working again, I NEED TO SHOW IT TO YOU
    12. Aura
      Lol. Yeah. It happened to me probably twice. Now the only VMs I actually get are from friends from school that joined. XD
    13. Aura
      I know. ;-; And I've barely been getting enough sleep.

      Same here. It just abruptly stopped for me. I also tend to ignore VMs if the person doesn't seem interesting, I just don't feel like talking to them, or I just have nothing to say to their VM. XD
    14. Rayku
      it is awesome, how about you?
    15. Aura
      I'm tired now, but I won't be able to fall asleep.

      Lol. No. I'm rarely called awesome. Mainly because I don't talk to many people on here.
    16. Aura
      Lucky you. I wish I had more sleep. But I can never sleep during the day so I'm usually extremely tired by the time I go to bed. XD

      I feel special now. I'm rarely told I'm awesome so thank you.
    17. Aura
      Hey there. 8D What's up?
    18. Rayku
      Oh hey there buddy
    19. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      i know. by the sound of it i thought i would hate it. but it's epicly awesome i love it xDD
    20. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      omg isn't it addicting LOL
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