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    Not in the mood to reply to everything, so I will just to that:

    I think that's actually what would've gotten him to do it even more - because it'd remind him even more of what Roxas and Xion being in existence was keeping him from.
    Like Xion said -
    Do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?
    Hate? No. But he IS sad and wants Sora back.
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    I think you're being hypocritical in this sense. You like Roxas, Axel and Xion who each did everything they could in their own way regardless of the reason but blame Riku for doing the same?
    And think about it this way - he had not came into contact with Xion, what would've happened? A Happy forever and a day? Hell no. The same tragedy still would've happened if not even worse. Roxas and Xion would've ended up killing each other, and then whoever it was that was left standing still would've gone to look for Sora because that's what they were both looking for - their origin, and answers.
    And I'll be cold and evil and quote Saix - what would you rather the suffer the loss of, a make belief friendship - or a real one?
    They're Nobodies. And until they bother to clear up what was really going on with them and who had whose Heart, their friendship was fake, basing on Axel's nostalgic Memories of his childhood and Roxas and Xion's Memories of Sora's.
    Think about it this way - if Sora and Riku weren't such good friends, Roxas probably never would've been able to be such "good friends" (arguable, Days is what made me hate him and forever more not believe in AkuRoku, even as a friendship) with anyone, let alone someone who at first was a cynical ******* just like the rest of them.
    I don't think Nomura really intended for anyone to hate Riku, it's just a story where everyone maybe other than Kairi who was left on the islands have their own circumstances and their own motives.
    Riku might seem selfish to you but he could've pulled Xion back by the hair when he met her on the Islands - he didn't, but gave her the time she needed to come into terms with things. Would he have brought her in by force if he had to? Probably, but he didn't, since Xion is the girl you and I love so much. And the Deep Dive battle amounted to him saving Roxas's life.
    It's alright to hate him if you're that attached to RAX, I suppose, but by going that way you're actually disregarding Riku's own circumstances. :\ Which sadly enough YES go beyond "I want to save Sora" - it's "I want to save Sora and thus keep the Organization from destroying everything as we know it."

    Re-read that post and you'll see that post was made before I played Days xD;
    I still think though that Namine's tragedy was bigger than Roxas's if only because she was always aware of what was going on with her. Roxas was kept in his own bubble, one he himself insisted on breaking by being a horrible friend to Axel who did EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING he could for Roxas and Xion, and Roxas spat in his face.

    And yet that's how Namine tried to reassure him at the end and how he managed to accept it at the end - becoming whole. And he did so after he watched Axel disappear and was well on his way until they met Axel again before his death, too. So KH2 actually goes against what you said. Like Riku said - it might've been different had Roxas actually managed to meet Sora.
    He wouldn't be losing more than he'd be getting back, never forget that.

    Namine wanted Roxas to get the hell out of the way so that Sora can wake up. This is confirmed by both Days and KH2 and anything else she said in the Prologue can be seen as her coating Roxas into it. Which is something that changed in my views of her since I made that post - she's a selfish witch when she needs to be but I can't hold it against her regardless, if only because she too shares Roxas's circumstances of being no more than a year old at the time.
    Roxas to her, however, was a means to an end, even at the very end - she needs him to remain inside Sora so that she won't disappear inside Kairi.

    And Roxas didn't really want to stay in other's Hearts. He was incapable of thinking on this level, to me, unlike Namine who was forced to do so if only through the nature of her powers.
    Roxas wanted to keep on eating ice cream with Xion and Axel on the clock tower. That's not something I can take in any meaning either way.
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    Ok, since this was bumped, I'd like to add Axel and Xion to the list. Days made me like Axel a lot and showed us how CoM Axel became KH2 Axel which is what I was hoping it'd do.
    And Xion, well, she's one of my two fav girls now. Love her to bits.
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    Profile Post

    Sore loser :P

    Sore loser :P
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    It was stated by Saix at one point in the game that something in Castle Oblivion changed Axel, and Roxas himself attested to how much Axel changed ever since he came back from Castle Oblivion, indicating the change took place there.
    Whether it was Sora himself or something else in the Castle isn't all that important for now. What is important is that it's not Roxas himself that changed him.

    If he did, it's because of Roxas's relations to Sora, with Sora being the one doing the changing.

    It can go either way. There's nothing stopping Sora and Roxas from making Axel feel the same way because Roxas gave off a 'vibe' similar to what Sora gives off, and not the other way around.
    Ties in with Axel changing the most during CoM and what happened with Sora and not with Roxas.
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    ...Axel, and he was said to have changed in Castle Oblivion, and because of Sora. So not really, no.

    I'd sooner say it's Sora's "fault".
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    "No. i" + X.
    The meaning behind it that Nomura admitted to was the "Number i", being the root of -1. It is an imaginary number, one that doesn't really exist but was still defined - just like Xion.
    In-game it can mean No. I as in #1, indicating she's the first experiment in the Replica Project which is probably the logic the Organization used, and it also gets the bonus meaning of "No I", as in lack of Identity as she changes depending on who looks at her, and originally lacked a face.

    Truly, a magnificent choice of a name all around on Nomura's part.
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    There isn't one. The two terms mean exactly the same thing. Sora was called both Master, Wielder and Bearer, indicating that if we're not dealing with a grave mistranslation, they let themselves call the same thing by different names.

    And why the hell not? Marluxia'd have used Sora against Xemnas, not to collect more Hearts for Kingdom Hearts. I doubt that's something they wanted to happen.

    Their predictions were kind of meaningless as the event itself was unpredictable. Also, again - they said in-game they didn't care who won, so long as only one was left standing.
    "She should take the rest of what Roxas has to give, or he should destroy her and get it all back." It didn't matter much to them.
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    Look at the part in Bold and tell me when did holding and even swinging a Keyblade instantly became "wielding".
    Wielding, so far, seems to mean having a Keyblade of your own, not come into contact with one.

    Uh, no. They wanted to have both Sora and Roxas. Roxas was born and recruited before Sora went to sleep, and at least part of what was going on in Castle Oblivion was to yes get Sora as a pawn as well.
    Mind-wiped Sora, Roxas, and Xion who'd by then have gotten Sora's Memories. A tiny army of keyblade wielders.

    You need to be paying attention. Roxas was obediant until the bitter end and he even commented on how foolish he was for doing so. The reason they wanted to have Xion and her Keyblade replace Roxas was because
    She was absorbing more than she should've from him, thus rendering him useless
    For that effect however they didn't care who ended up standing last - Xion or Roxas, so long as they had one of them left at full strength instead of two of them when one was as good as useless.

    They decided to go along with it even then though because of the side effect.
    Xion having a persona was because of Sora's memories. And that meant Sora'd never wake up and ruin everything.
    You really haven't been paying attention. All of this was said in-game.
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    Seeing how Leon and/or Yuffie had to transport Sora's Keyblade from the 1st district to the 2nd district in KH1, I'd hardly give that much importance to Kairi holding the Keyblade. If you think an explanation beyond "Riku wanted her to hold it" is needed, she's a PoH. Plot Deus Ex Machina explanation and there's no further need to think about it, let alone go places with it.
    As for Xion, she's as much a Keyblade Wielder as Sora and Roxas are as it's their abilities she was using.

    She all but became Sora. And Sora is a hindrance to the Organization
    So I fail to see how that is a failure. If anything, the Organization were aiming towards self destruction xD
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    Actually, she was a success no one expected would happen. But she got her own sense of self and decided to do what she did.
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    The only thing about Xion I DIDN'T Get right was
    What kind of experiment she was, being a replica XD I got down right that Xemnas probably snatched Memories during the FM Unknown fight; that Vexen made her, and that her name can mean #1 as she's the first experiment in the series; that she had the hood first and only later became a Kairi because of Sora's Memories; that she ended up looking like Sora due to the Memories; and that she was forgotten because she was made up of Memories, so once she gave them back, it all broke apart
    I can link to posts showing I thought about it if people don't believe me XD; albeit no on these forums.

    So I'm kind of confident about stuff I come up with xD;

    Not quite like that but you got the general gist of it. The room we saw in FM+ would be a means to bring the CoR into "our reality", or something along those lines, something that would be needed especially if the CoW is where the Destatis took place and the CoR is like that too.
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    You're forgetting one very important fact, however - Xemnas built the CoR. I think that had he truly been capable of performing such a wondrous feat, that he wouldn't have been that hell bent on finding the CoW.
    1) Either the CoR and CoW are different, so what applies to one doesn't apply to the other
    2) The CoR was like the CoW, only Xemnas managed to find it before turning it into the physical room we see in the FM+.
    So I really don't see any issue here at least until we get more info.

    How is that technical? XD

    Eh. I think he's done worse.
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    It's not that Riku and Mickey didn't go through Destatis, it's that if they did - we didn't get to see it. Riku's wielding to duel wielding seems to hold a lot of meaning behind it - hence why we don't know anything about it XD;
    I do believe the Awakening has to do with wielding in general though.

    2 cents on the matter:
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    No, think about it. And I don't care if this was brought up.

    The "other friend" is in the CoW. Explains Sora-Ven relations assuming he is the "other friend".
    Explains why Axel changed so much in CO - he met Sora (also arguably why Sora didn't go around changing the multiverse - he needed CO?).
    Explains why they can never find it - they're looking for a room, not a person.
    Explains why Namine was born in CO if you wanna go CoW-CO relations - Sora sent her there at birth.
    And this could yet tie in with Terra giving Riku the Keyblade - either to protect or break Sora should the need arise.
    And wouldn't it be utterly fun if Sora and Roxas's Destatis actually took place inside the Chamber? :D

    Some more bits and pieces of logic:
    Seeing how the CoW being inside Sora would explain his Ven-relations, this leads to the logical conclusion that however the CoW ended up inside Sora, it happened during/after BBS, otherwise Ven couldn't have been "inside" it.
    Let's assume for a minute Roxas and Sora aren't the only ones to go through a Destati - then what if that's the reason why aside from Sora, Riku and Mickey, there aren't any more wielders?
    You become a Wielder by going through a Destati in the CoW. Only post BBS, that Chamber was sealed up or otherwise unreachable inside Sora!
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