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Nov 15, 2015
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Twilight Town Denizen, Female

What the hell, is a hufflepuff? May 1, 2014

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Nov 15, 2015
    1. HellKitten
      Not this early though D: and my boy is already like two feet taller than me xD
    2. HellKitten
      And I'm as tall as a 6th grader ;_; I've actually shrunk two inches apparently. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER IN THE LONG RUN. xD
    3. HellKitten
      Oh I thought it was like, you're a year older and yeah. Happened to my brother. He got put in school a year late for some stupid reason.
    4. HellKitten
      Ah, age restrictions? I'm a junior and life suddenly got hard with my new classes. Blegh.
    5. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Just like that while Xoram saves Xioimara
    6. HellKitten
      Same haha. What year are you if I may ask?
    7. HellKitten
      yay for once everyone is on at the same time ^^
    8. HellKitten
      I suppose I guess. Ventus should be back on soon then you guys can probably discuss what to do..
    9. HellKitten
      This is like the first time in YEARS that this has happened. lol
    10. HellKitten
      Sorry man haha I wanted to wait but I just like NEEDED to RP because its been so long for me -_-

      I'll recap you again though sorry xD

      Uhmmm oh yeah okay so Ling Yao(Half of Greed) introduced himself to the group, and then after a while of talking about the Midnight Eclipse they got off the train and they are now at headquarters about to see Mustang and yeah. The posting will slow down now though probably because I have school tomorrow and yeah weekdays make it hard for me to post. Again sorry about that.
    11. program
      Well I already posted, well edited my previous post, so I'm okay. thanks for the offer though!
    12. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Yeah, that's what I meant.
    13. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Do you want me to insert your characters, or will you do it?
    14. HellKitten
      I suppose it would be. No problem.
    15. HellKitten
      So far in the RP, General Armstrong has finally captured Xioimara(the military has been looking for her for months and she was too weak to fight back because she hasn't eaten in like three weeks) Armstrong, Xioimara, Edward, and Alphonse(along with Xerom but Ventus only posted once for Xerom) are on a train headed towards Central. Xioimara was going to try and escape because Armstrong left to make a phone call but he came back before she could leave. Edward and Alphonse were about to let her escape as well but covered up their mistake easily and now they're just talking about the appearances that happen on the Midnight Eclipse.
    16. Korra
      Hey, your signature .gif is way over the allowed 500kb size limit, please either remove or resize it. Thanks.
    17. Glen
    18. Daxa~
      D'aww anytime xD
      Annd thank you very much...I love Jared Leto,as you might have guessed :3
    19. Haeralis The Brave
      Haeralis The Brave
      I never thought I could do it either. I was a bit worried at first... then after I started playing I was like "this isn't so bad"

      The translation guide is awesome. I haven't even needed to use the English Patch.

      Also, if the below user is correct, happy birthday!
    20. Daxa~
      Happy happy birthday~
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