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    Jay just grinned cheekily at Al. "'Stuff', ey? Wow, I really feel put in my place now." he replied, widening his eyes and replacing the grin with a pout. He couldn't hold it long though and started snickering at her. As the music started to play he threw Ben an approving thrumbs up. "Good choice dude." and punctuated the sentence by grabbing Al's hand and spinning her around as if dancing to the music.
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    Jay Lavera

    Jay supressed her laughter. "Eh, maybe I'll cook. I know we have supplies from when we moved in... let's see..." She was glad he'd also changed the subject although she was now trying very hard to not meet his eyes and might have started talking just a little too fast. But despite their nervousness she was smiling genuinely while she searched the kitchen for supplies and pots and pans. "How does eggs, toast, and some fruit sound?" she asked over her shoulder, pulling out things to cook with. In all honestly she hadn't been allowed in the kitchen for a long time thanks to her "friends" and their apprent inablitly to use a stove. But she was excited at the idea of cooking for her husband; the idea was too cliche to not try.​

    OOC: heads up, I don't know how often i'll be online for the next month. But I'll try to check in every so often.
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    Jay Lavera

    Jay looked from him to the couch. He seemed lost in thought for a moment but she brushed it off; maybe he was trying to remember a dream? Ollie seemed quirky to his new wife, but she couldn't figure out what was supposed to be "wrong" with him. She smiled to herself: this whole thing was going so much better than she'd imagined. And he seemed excited to show her the comic things, which meant they'd have something to do together. Her smile sweetened further at the thought of doing something as a... couple.
    "Well, next time why don't you just sleep in bed?" she suggested, before she really thought about what she'd said. Blushing brightly she turned away to find the kitchen. "So breakfast right?" she quickly asked before letting him comment on her suggestion. She flashed him a smile, the blush on her cheeks still bright. "Can you cook?"
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    Jay Lavera

    Jay stared at Ollie while he talked. "Batman..." she repeated after him. "Um... I don't know much about comic book people, but isn't Batman a good guy super hero?" she giggled at the comparision. "Ollie, you're ridiculous, but if you don't mind them, then I'm happy." she punctuated the thought by throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Finally, she let go of her husband and stepped back. "So, this is our first morning together. I'm not really sure what we should do... but I'm hungry. Want breakfast?" Jay wanted to make a good impression after the awkward morning. She remembered, glancing at the furniture he'd fallen off of, that he'd fallen rather louldy ealier. "Oh, and are you okay? I heard you fall all the way from our... eh, the bedroom."
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    Jay Lavera

    Jay let out a shrill gasp as he nearly tackled her. "Wh,what?" she asked while his arms held her tightly. "Ollie, what are you talking about? You like my... my other... eh, 'alter-egos'?" she pushed him off lightly so she could look him in the face. Was he making fun of her? "I don't understand. What did He say?" sudden terror struck her as she realized she had no idea what He had told Ollie to make him so happy. She wasn't aware of his facination with superheros and couldn't see his perspective on the situation.​
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    Jay ran his hand over a few muggle things and noticed Ben looking at the same them as well. He smiled at the kid and flipped though some of the CD's, laughing to himself at the wide timeline the CDs showed. "Man, these things are ridiculously old. I mean check it out, there are even tapes in here. Nothing less than 100 years old, sheee--ooot. I wonder if any of them work? Or any of the muggle things really..." he tossed Ben a few of the CDs. "What to pick something to show Al what real music is?" he teased the Head of House as he peered over her shoulder to see what she was checking out.
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    "Sweet!" Jay exclaimed, "Hey don't worry about getting lost either pal." he gave Ben a light punch in the shoulder. "The stairs like to pick on first years." he joked, grabbing a couple bubble gum peices and tossing them to Ben. "Just stick with us dude, it'll be an adventure." he winked at Al, glad she invited Ben along too since he looked so freaked out. Yet another over worked Hogwarts student saved from stress; it's all in a day's work.
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    He stepped back, equally startled by Ollie's responce. "No I don't remember you. God damn that woman!" He suddenly raged, turning away from Ollie. "Where the hell did she land us this time? A god-dammned loony bin again?!" He balled His fists and shot another angry, blunt glare at Ollie. "Ah man, don't you go crying like a lil' girl. I'm just as confused as you are. Who are you? Where am I? Where's that brother of her's? I bet it's all his fault. 'Always is!" He flopped down into a chair, letting His legs and arms lay like a man on the comfy furniture in an almost comical way. Again his gaze fell on Ollie. "Well get off the floor ya moron and tell me what the hell's happening." As he finally settled down enough to watch Ollie, he felt the familar stirring in the back of his mind which told him he wouldn't have his answers just yet, and opened his mouth to swear once more.

    "Fu---..." Jay clamped her mouth shut on the word. At the same time her legs shot together in a much more lady like manner. "Oh no..." she moaned, hiding her face in her hands as if by not looking at her husband, he couldn't see her.
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    Jay Lavera

    Jay heard a loud thump and a voice causing her to bolt upright out her sleep. She looked around to find an unfamilar room: her new bed room, or rather her and Ollie's new bedroom. Glancing to her right and saw the other side of her bed was undisturbed. She bit her bottom lip and smoothed her hand over the blankets, wondering if she was happy Ollie had been a gentleman or if she wished he'd fallen asleep next to her. Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she slid out of bed and walked down stairs to see what had caused the noise.

    "Ollie?" Her voice surprised her by being small and even shaky. She didn't know the house yet and was afraid Ollie had hurt himself. "Are you okay?" she walked into the living room and flipped on a light switch, illluminating his fallen figure on the floor and his watch announcing the time. The bright light so early in the morning caused her to squint as her eyes adjusted.

    "Who the blazing hell are you?" His deeper tones boomed out of Jay's lips, a striking contrast from her previous question. His stance shifted from soft, almost tip toeing through the house, to tromping into the living room and glaring down at Ollie. Jay's body, in her night gown, didn't really suit the heavy, masculine posture He was standing in. His brain started to register that this house was not home. And the rest of the family wasn't present. What the hell had Jay gotten Him into?!​
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    Jay looked over his shoulder at the voice. "Ey! It's my little buddy from the library. What's up dude?" he asked, cheerful as always. In truth he had really been hoping no one would bug them so Al could keep her mind away from her work. Also he'd been enjoying hanging out with her when she wasn't rushing to class. But fate does what she wants. Maybe he'll even join us and help me get this ol' girl to enjoy herself.
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    Jay walked into the room after Al with his jaw dropping. "God damn it, I love Hogwarts!" he laughed. "I mean with all the weirdness this year..." he trailed off, frowning with a shrug. "This is kinda cool." he nudged Al in the ribs with his elbow. "Riiiight? Hey I didn't know you liked candy." he teased before pacing around the room to see what it thought helped people relax. "geeze this place goes on forever. I wonder if they have any muggle things." he walked back to Al, "So wanna explore?" he asked, popping a peice of blowing gum into his mouth.
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    Jay rolled his eyes. "Control, control. Don't you know how to let go?" he asked her, looking almost annoyed as he read her 'smile' and tone. He shook his head, allowing that she was at least relaxing enough to be there even if she wouldn't relax more than that. He thought for a moment, as he didn't actually have a good idea that he knew Al would appricate. But then a sweet smile passed over his face as he snapped his fingers. "Got it!" He began to pace the wall the amount of times he had researched and guessed and heard was correct while thinking "We need a place to relax." The request was simple, but hey! Maybe it would pick up on what Al needed and wasn't telling him.
    To his own surprise, a door opened in front of them both on his third trek across the corridor. "Woah! It worked..." he murmered, staring at the door.
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    I definetly think we should continue, this is such a cool thread =] i'm happy to pick up whatever i can to help
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    Jay grinned at Al, still nearly dragging her through the halls. "Ah Al, you have no confidence in me! You know the story: it's not just a legend, it's part of history. And as for what room I'd ask for... why don't you let that be a surprise?" he winked at her, thinking of some muggle things he'd like to show her. "It might not even exist, according to your 'legend', or I might have the wrong place. Either way, I think we'll have ourselves an adventure!" he swung her around a corner and then pulled her to a stop infront of a great wall. The stone was different than some of the other walls near by. There was some black marks, almost tlike char marks. "Before I request a room... is there anything you do want to ask the room to be?" he asked, letting go of her hand to swing his whole arm over her shoulders and looking down at her.
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    Jay threw his long arms around Al and hugged her tight enough to pick her up off the floor. In hindsight, picking someone up on the stairs probably wasn't safe, but as with most things Jay did, no one really got hurt. He grinned at her. "Yeah sure, inside it is. And you know me, Al, I only blow things up on accident. And no one's ever around, really... maybe in the next room..." he trailed off and rubbed the back of his head blushing. Okay, so once or twice he'd blown up something big enough to affect other rooms, and therefore people. But he was more careful now and better at what he did. "Come on, we have hooky to play!" he announced loudly, grabbing Al's hand to pull her faster down the stairs. "I've heard of this 'room of requirement'. Wanna check that out? I think I know where it is and how to get into it, but if it takes too long: never fear! i have many back up plans for getting you to relax." he laughed, practically dragging his head of house down the hall ways, that big goofy grin on his face.
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