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    you don't have to call out my writing like this
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    Toby Fox, the developer behind Undertale, revealed today on his twitter that a music track composed by him is in Sword and Shield. It's unknown where said track may play, but a preview of it was released by the Pokémon Secret Club, which can be heard here;

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    Normally I would dress up my profile for halloween with a new sig and avatar but I feel like any change to my avatar would be a downgrade in spooky.
    I also just really like my Girafarig.
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    Another new trailer released today, focusing on the Gigantamax mechanic of the games. These trailers showed off several new Gigantamax form Pokémon, including Pikachu and Eevee, which can be obtained by using play records from Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee respectively.

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    Yeah it got made almost five years ago. There's only three of us on it, but it's why the RP on KHV got ended. Easier to run it off-site because then the time limit for posting is what we say it is.
    I've also recently started using it as an image host because it's my site, nobody can stop me.
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    A short new trailer, a famitsu article, and a page on the official Sword and Shield website have all been released, confirming the Pokémon as Galarian Ponyta, a Shield-exclusive Psychich-type Pokémon.
    Interestingly its category has changed from Fire Horse Pokémon to Unique Horn Pokémon.
    Its Abilities are Run Away and a new one called Pastel Veil that prevents itself and allies from being Poisoned.

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    I have won once as well. Your veteran advantage is neutralized against me.
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    In the 24-hour livestream several Pokémon were confirmed to be appearing in the Galar region for the first time. In addition there was another appearance by Impidimp, the Dark/Fairy Pokémon shown in the demo previously, significant because of a lack of an official reveal as of yet.

    The big reveal of the livestream was a new Pokémon, which appears to be a Galarian form of Ponyta. The Pokémon made many small appearances over the course of the stream, only being seen unobstructed near the end. It is currently not known what typing it is, but as every other Pokémon in the stream was at least part Fairy-type, Fairy would be a reasonable assumption.

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    I was born in the fires of LPTP.
    I have always been here.
    I will always be here.
    Long after all others are gone from here, I shall remain, unperturbed by the silence.
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    Hakuna matata
    what a wonderful phrase
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    Nobody said it so I'll do it.

    On Wednesday another new Pokémon was revealed, this time being Sirfetch'd, the evolved form of Farfetch'd.

    In what is an usual case, Sirfetch'd loses both of its types and becomes a pure Fighting-type Pokémon on evolution.
    Sirfetch'd is exclusive to Pokémon Sword, but it is unknown if Farfetch'd can evolve if traded to Pokémon Shield at this time, or what its counterpart, if any, will be.
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    why didn't we let this one die in 2015 when it started
    we're only on page 12 these things used to be on page 20 or so within a week
    does anybody even live in this house anymore
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    Yet another new trailer was uploaded today. This trailer reveals the existence of Galarian forms, showing off Galarian Weezing (Poison/Fairy), and Galarian Zigzagoon's line (Normal/Dark).
    In an unexpected twist, Galarian Linoone can evolve further into Obstagoon, which serves as a return to earlier Pokémon receiving new evolutions, but with a unique take. Whether a Hoenn Obstagoon can exist or not is unclear, but so far it seems to implied that this is exclusive to the Galarian form.

    In additon, another brand new Pokémon was shown -- Morpeko, which appears to be the resident Pikachu clone for the Galar region. It's Electric/Dark type, and will change its form every turn, which changes its signature move Aura Wheel between Electric and Dark.

    The trailer also shows two new rivals; Bede and Marnie - the latter of which's fans will serve as the antagonist team of the story. Whether they're true antagonists or deflecting attention from the real villains like Team Skull has yet to be seen.
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    Another new trailer was released today.

    In an interesting turn of events, we once again have version-exclusive gym leaders - something that hasn't been done since Black and White back in Gen 5.
    We also get the first look at Gigantamax, which appears to be like a cross between Dynamax and Mega Evolution, as the Pokémon changes its appearance as well as growing huge.
    This trailer also shows a handful of new Pokémon, but interestingly doesn't officially reveal Impidimp, the Dark/Fairy Pokémon seen in the demo at E3.
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