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    Hugo's smile never left his face. Too many failed to understand the magnificence that was the Dark Knight. Apparently Light was among them. He would have to be put in his place.

    Hugo stood up from his chair slowly and calmly. Clasping his hands behind his back he slowly walked past the chair, which held Light, and looked out the glass window. Before Hugo lay the gloomy looking Isle that was Arkham. Too Hugo, the sight looked magnificent.

    "Ah yes. Quite a powerless being." Hugo agreed without taking his eyes of the view of Arkham. "And yet highly regarded amongst the hero population. With all his lack of powers it's quite a wonder how he managed to defeat you that one time."

    Hugo unclasped his right hand and adjusted his glasses. "Ah yes, now I remember." Slowly Hugo turned around to face Light. Now standing behind Light and his chair, Hugo grinned down at the pitiful specimen that sat before him. "He tricked you by switching places with Superman, correct? Who would have ever thought that the oh so intelligent Dr. Light would have fallen for a simple parlor's trick such as that."

    Roy shook his head disbelievingly at the television before him. What the heck was Robin.... no, Red Robin, thinking? Superheroes work alone! That's the way it had always been and there was a good reason for it too. Lack of trust. It was the whole reason they never went by their real names. The whole reason for hiding their identities. A team of heroes would suddenly mean that all their secrets would no longer be secret. And should one of those heroes go rogue or full out villain, then what? Everybody's life would be at risk, that's what! He was going to have to talk some two sense into this Red Robin.

    The shouts from above were growing louder. Just what was going on up there?
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    Hugo grinned. It seemed he caught the good ol' Doctor Light's interest. "Me? Play? Come now, Doctor Light. I, much like yourself, am a doctor. You should know just as well as I that we doctors do not play." Hugo added extra emphasis on the 'do not' while slowly turning his gaze to the recording equipment on the desk in front of him.

    Hugo leaned forward to grab a thick folder of files off his desk. Slowly he began flipping through them. "It is my job to help people, much like those people who go around calling themselves heroes." Finally he came across the specific file he was looking for. "You're files say you've gone head to head with many of these so-called heroes on several occasions. Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman-" Hugo looked away from the files and back up at Light. There was an eager expression on his face. "-and even the Batman."

    Hugo promptly shut the thick folder of files and used his left hand to slam it on his desk with a thud. His expression became more obsessive. His brow, wrinkled with lines. "Tell me, my good Doctor!" Hugo's voice had turned excited as it began to increase in volume. "What was it like going head to head with the mighty Dark Knight?"

    Roy opened the door to his apartment before slumping down onto his family room couch. In the matter of a single day the world had fallen apart around him. What was he to do now?

    Grabbing the remote to his right, Roy switched on his television and began flipping the channels until he had gone full circle. Nothing good was on. Letting the remote drop to the floor, Roy released a long sigh as he stared up at the ceiling above him. He heard shouts coming from above. sounded like someone was having an argument. Having nothing else to do, Roy tried to listen in, but he could make nothing out other than a few loud muffles. There was something odd about the yelling coming from above.

    Suddenly a short bout of new music came from the television. Roy snapped his attention away from the argument and back turns the screen. "This just in! Bruce Wayne's adoptive son, Tim Wayne, pulled together a press conference earlier today and announced that apparently the man behind Batman's funding!"

    "Say what?!" Shouted Roy as he suddenly sat up straight. That last bit caught Roy's attention.

    The report continued, "In addition to that, the young adoptive son announced that Batman's heir, now referring to himself as Red Robin, Has plans to pull together a team of super heroes called The Justice Cadets!"

    "He can't be serious!" Roy exclaimed as he leaned in closer. "There's no way that would work out!" Roy drowned out the shouts above him as he continued to listen to the rest of the report.
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    OOC: Btw, Recently I've added in an OOC Thread. We can use that thread to discuss ideas for the story and how everything is going to unfold. From now on, all of the Characters can be found in the first post of that thread. There is a link to it at the top of this thread's first post.
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