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    Did anyone watch the trailer? if not im doing you a favor :)

    watch it. Im watching it on midnight for sure.
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    saw them live when they came to Vancouver it was my first concert. At one point in the concert I stopped and looked all around me. It was beautiful. Just a vast ocean of people loving the same thing as I do.
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    I like them aswell. I hate that myth about how you cant be a beetles fan and like Elvis. I actually enjoy both
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    yea I felt the same way. Then I realized that they haven't been doing to well. Bad business decision. its not like anyones gonna buy the xbox one anyways right? :)
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    just realized that Disney owns marvel and starwars.... I want my darth vader in the next game. Or even the dude that's gonna be in ff15(aka ff13 versus) I know their gonna put iron man or ppl from the avengers.... but im still so dam exited. Been watching that teaser all day. and cant stop thinking about it.
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    so exited man I remember when I heard about the second game. I went and listened to simple and clean everyday. Hopfully the menu screen is still dearly beloved. I didn't really play kh 3d I know what happens but hopfully the into shows past events like in kh2. And hopfully utada makes a new song. recycling simple and clean is well.......
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    ok thanks. I didn't realize that was actually helping him think aswell.
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    Cool I like your guys thoughts and opinions. What about the idea that tony got the shards removed from his heart? I know Tony stark is going to be in avengers 2. But im not sure about RDJ is gonna play him. Im not really a fan of ironman. And im not sure about the comics but is their a point in the comics where he gets the shards removed like in the movie? and does he still play the role of ironman in the future? or does he get Jarvis to do it?
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    What are your guys thoughts? I have watched it and thought it was okay. It was well done. But nothing so great. The comedy was good. And I loved how Tony was testing the suit in this one. Like how he did in the first one. I didn't really like the little boy in the movie. I think the movie would've done better if he wasn't in it. The interaction between Tony and the boy was alright. I like the vulnerability that Tony is showing in this film. How the past events left a mark on him, and that he finds out about other worlds, dimensions, and aliens etc... More character development.
    I love the twist with the Mandarin. It caught me off guard which I like. I don't like watching movies knowing what the ending is. Like most of the movies these days. I do have a few issues with the movie. That they really didn't touch up on.
    The main ones are That I wish they would've shown more of his suits. We saw a lot of them. But they were all over the place. Like the hulk buster. We only saw that one 5 second scene and that was it. The major one was that how Jarvis could control all these ironman models. Without the need of tony stark in them. When they showed that I was questioning what was the need for stark in them all this time? He could just build them. And Jarvis could do the rest. Another one was that this movie is about iron man. The last half of the movie Tony is getting beaten up, looses his wife. Jarvis is doing everything, gets beaten by that guy(forgot his name). Then his wife comes back and beats him up like nothing. Hes supposed to be the hero of the movie...

    well that's enough. I give it a 8/10 What did u guys think lol? ( a lot to read I know/..... im sorry)
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    Ok 3....2....1.... GO!!!!

    1. Rap/hip hop. Artists like Aesop rock,Atmosphere,kid cudi. Get me going. Old stuff is great

    2. metal/ nu metal. Nirvana, slipknot, system of a down, Marilyn Manson whoooooo Boy that is some good stuff.

    3. Kpop. Big bang,GD,TOP, 2ne1. Their pretty catchy

    4. Classic rock. Van halen, Led zepllin, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, Freddy Mecury, Queen. Just to name a few. Always good no matter how im feeling..

    4. Punkish/hardcore Lol im hoping these r in the right group.... Greenday (old school/ American idiot time), Alexisonfire, The Misfits ( Cant forget about them. So good.)

    5. Country........ Johnny Cash?? I don't mind country but hes the only artist in that genre I know lol
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    well I don't know any of these songs besides the one from utada. but here are my songs

    Atmosphere - Yesturday. It will put me into a good mood no matter what im feeling. Its a song for missed fathers.

    alexisonfire - side walk when she walks. Its very sentimental to me.

    Not many of the kh songs make me happy... they have the opposite effect. I become sad and depressed....
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    hello hows it going.
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    KH 3d

    oh I c I c. ok one more question about the game. is their any replay value? I havnt played the kh2 in along time. and if I remember once you beat sephy and get ultima weapon you cant really do anything else. besides using hacks and exploring. which ive done if I remember correctly. like if I beat it and restart will their be stronger and new opponents? or is it just like the other kh games? I already decided to buy it so you don't need to win me over lol
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