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    I thought blitzball was a great mini game, it'd be pretty sweet if they made it into a game of it's own. Then you'd be able to draft and make picks like in any real sport. I think I kept the origional aurochs, other than Datto who I switched out for Wakka anyway. My team's levels are all like over 40 of something and Tidus is up at 70ish lol.
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    Yeah, it's not two bad if you just figure out his strategy. And once you level up a bit fighting the others he's a cinch. At level twenty he takes like 10 hits to kill.
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    Heh, not bad. Stayin busy, you?
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    Once you've got the airship head to the place where you fight omega and start killing. You get some pretty good stuff that you can sell, and good experience of course.
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    Pluto, simple as that.
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    Riku was supposed to be the keyblade master, not Sora. Then he "opened his heart to darkness" and he wasn't qualified so sora was chosen. Here's a vid of where sora finds out:

    Rikus states that Maleficent told him he was supposed to be the keyblade weilder so he tries to take the keyblade back.
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    Definately the one I loved. I wouldn't even stop to consider saving the doctor, much less ratoinalize it. But considering the odds that that specific doctor found the cure it's pretty unlikely, he'd probably have been lying anyway just for you to save his skin.
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    Very nice DF, the wait definately paid off. Liked the breaking the third wall as always added some humour. Good choice on the chocobo materia as well.
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    Profile Post

    Pretty good, you?

    Pretty good, you?
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    Dude, the Malboro looks freakin awesome. Not so sure about the cactaur, but I guess we'll get used to it eventually.
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    So you're having trouble actually getting in the cavern? You are playing the FM version right?
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    You have to have x-box live to open it. You also have to have bought either the limited edition fable 2 or downloaded the extra content. It has halo master chief armour in it if you do certain stuff. I think these guys explain it pretty well:
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    Another good story PEANUT. I like where it's going, and of course that it's not over yet lol.
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    Personally I agree with Friendly Heartless, it sounds like you have a crush on Dani for good reasons. Not so much the senior girl, it's probably just the fact that you don't know anything about her that's making you interested in her. But it still may be a good idea to get to know her just in case, you never know what you'll find out. I understan what you mean by her being out of your league, but that's pretty much something that only the preppy kind of people that it sounds like you hate think of anyway worry about. But yeah, I'd say Dani but it's obviously up to you to figure out which is better.
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