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    Name: Nina

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Blue eyes, blue hair, and always weres white
    Planet from: xpilia

    Bio:She needs to live in the cold to use full ice power, but if she is in warmth she can only use little power. When she was young the all powerful god hit her with his icy hand, so she then had the power as a

    Powers: Ice, mind play, talk to animals, and can turn in to a wolf(shown in picture)
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    **laura in perment wolf form**It was a dark cold night, and not even a sudden move was heard as laura was hunting. *she looked puzzled* as she walked around in the all sudden quite enviorment, *SNAP* laura looked back behind herself. She heard a faint whisper-

    whisper:Laura, laura
    luara: what do you want??
    I want..

    a long pause.. As Laura kept on hunting, she saw something shiny like a diamond, over by the ocean. She walked up to it. It wasn't a diamond but she liked it and way. She hurryed and grabbed it in here muzzel, then ran to her den. She ran passed the tall mountains, and passed the greatist amazon(chibia). As she was reaching her home. The shiny object glowed as she passed the lilly river.

    What the??
    why is it glowing??**dropping it on the river bank**the object grew brighter, so to her curiousity she licked it. It got brighter and brighter, but then it burst.

    Ahh!! oww ow

    When the object bursted its shuttering glass hit laura, as she yelped the pain got worse. Time grew long laura was completely parshed. Laura had enough energy to drag herself to the rivers edge. slurp slrup, guzzle. She became to love the water. before she knew it she was really tall.

    Wow wow
    What is going on why am i so tall?? and

    AAHHH!!is, that a hand?? what im, im i.. Im human??

    CHARACTERS(not complete)

    name: Laura
    age: anything she wants
    power:change into wolf, and mind power/tricks. water power
    sex: female
    planet: Edger

    name: Neeko
    age: anything she wants
    power: turn in to wolf. ice power
    sex: female
    Apperince: human_
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    hello!! lol!! :)

    hello!! lol!! :)
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    hello ♥♥ j is HOT

    hello ♥♥ j is HOT
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