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    Ok, someone must have made a song-and-dance about an English Re:CoM while I was away, because this NA version is new to me. I exploded when I heard Zexion, because it was confirmation and I TOTALLY CALLED IT!
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    As far as I'm concerned, Mirror's Edge has descended from heaven in a silver chariot and is going to lead us all into the promised land. Actually, that is only partly a joke. Mirror's Edge will definately pave the way for a new generation of First Person games. Too long have First Person games had characters that are just arms with guns attached. Thanks to Mirror's Edge, I think we'll start having real (well, real-ish) player characters.
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    Best: Mirror's Edge

    Worst: Call of Duty 4. Whoever wants to challenge me about that, do so now. I'd love a good argument >:-)
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    Yayz, a DMC RP! May I be Nero? He's my favourite character, actually. Yes, even more than Dante.

    Ah, someone else has watched the DMC anime? To be honest, Reuban Langdon's providing Dante's voice was the only thing that made it DMC for me. I mean, DMC is about stylishly making your enemies punching-bags. All the demons in the anime die in a couple of shots, and whenever Dante uses Rebellion it just about one-hit kills. Plus, there was a lot of extravagent gore where the games had none.
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    I mean seriously. It's bad enough FOX News stirred up that 'full digitized pornography' thing. It still fills me with inconsolable rage. A one-minute love scene where you can't see a single explicit thing (except half a second of bare ass) is not that bad, especially since it's in a 30 hour plus action/RPG game with a great story and an intuitive dialogue-branching system. In short, GET THIS DAMN GAME!

    Oh, and if you DO want the romance subplot; Each Shepard gender has two romantic choices - the human of the opposite gender (i.e. Ashley for a Male Shepard) and Liara the Asari. In order to pursue a relationship with them, have a conversation with them after ever mission. Choose only the nice/Paragon answers with them to build up their respect for you. Yes, in order to make sweet love you have to FALL IN LOVE with them first. (There goes 'a man choosing how many women he has', FOX News!) By the way, if you do this with BOTH your romantic choices at once, they will eventually confront you and force you to choose between them. Not an advisable path. Oh, and if you pick a human to love, be careful. There's a bit near the end that may put that into jepordy - not spoiling anything though.
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    Guys, I'm so sorry I left for so long. I never really expected this to take off so well. I guess I can't keep this thing going. If anyone wants to, they can remake the thread. I guess I can't handle it T_T. But if it is remade, I hope I can tag along.
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    OoC; Leave me alone! I'm just one man! *breaks down in tears*
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    Here's a little tip for those playing on 360/PS3 when it comes out. For a powerful combo, use (PS3) Square (pause) Square Triangle Triangle (360) X (pause) Y Y


    Perform either a light or heavy combo, doesn't matter, and after the second-last hit press O or B. Starkiller will punch the ground and launch all the enemies around him straight into the air.
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    OoC: No, SnakexDiary is desperately emo because Kira caused the deaths of two people close to them, and JustxKoi is desperately evil because they're both using the Death Note. Plus, each team has a matching shinigami mascot XD
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    OoC: One's desperately emo and one's desperately evil, what's not to like? :D
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    Joey: Surprise buttsecks!
    Yami: With you it's never a surprise.
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    More importantly....

    How does L go to the toilet? When I wondered about this next to my friend he suggested that Watari follows him around and... ah... cleans up after him.
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    OoC: That doesn't remind me of Misa. Misa's the opposite of that. It more reminds me of Snake's backstory >_>

    IC: Sidoh didn't really know what to think about Destiny's story. He'd never really thought about consequences apart from the actual death part of using a Death Note. It was just the way he stayed alive. Thinking of it that way made him feel odd, more awkward than he usually felt. When Destiny mentioned that he could almost be a friend, the feeling changed. He felt... happy? (OoC: Oh God, I think I'm setting it up for Siddoh to kill himself by saving Diary >_<)

    Meanwhile, another listened to Diary's tell-all. When everyone had been ordered out of the room, Snake had been determined to stay. Hanging out of sight, he doubled back to the principals office. Pressed against the wall, he listened to the speech.

    Light glanced back and saw that Snake was gone. He turned back towards the office, Matsuda in tow. He turned the corner alongside Matsuda as Snake heard Diary's story.

    Snake's face fell. What he had thought was a secret meeting turned out to be a secret tell-all about Diary's past. As Diary explained about her friend's suicide, he felt like a trespassers. He wasn't supposed to be listening to something like this. Snake stepped away from the wall, feeling guilty.

    Light stepped forward to reprimand Snake for disobedience. Suddenly, he felt his shoulder grabbed by Matsuda. The detective made eye contact with Light and shook his head. Matsuda had seen the look on Snake's face. Light stepped back.

    I guess I never really thought that Kira had affected anyone else like this, Snake thought, I never would have suspected... Diary's like me. She lost someone she cared about to Kira...

    OoC: I'm not sure if I'm actually trying or not, but everything I write seems to be leaning Snake and Diary closer together... as in a relationship.
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    "I am not a thing!" Siddoh protested, "I... kinda liked Rem..."

    OoC: sorry I can't post longer >_< Of course, How To Read specifies that shinigami DO have gender, I read that on the interwebz.
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    OoC: Sure, why not? I'll add him now.

    IC: Siddoh surruptitiously slid behind Destiny, putting the smaller girl between him and Mihael.
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