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    Blue shrugged at whatever Diary meant on something off about him, but just let it slip for now. She was now paying too much attention to her book that she didn't want to disturbed anymore, although she knows that she'll probably end up needing to put it down at any moment. The girl's eyes moved with each word she read, almost wanting to mouth the words so she knows that she won't forget.
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    Blue looked at the teacher again to see if something was strange about him, but she saw nothing wrong with him. "He seems... normal, if you mean that." She answered her quietly, making sure it looks like she was paying attention to whatever she needed to pay attention to. Although she said that, her shorter friend was correct about something off of him like every other teacher in the area. Her blue eyes went to a book she brought and just started to read it, needing to think and concentrate on something.
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    Blue smiled slightly and nodded, looking at the teacher's features to remember who he was. As she walked to the seats that Diary were pointing at, she never let her eyes stop looking at the brunnette teacher until she was completely distracted by his looks. He seemed a bit younger than L was, or maybe it was because he actually looked normal compared to most teachers. She snapped out of it quickly and sat down in her seat, letting herself try to stop her daze to continue. The girl sighed and smiled at Diary again, motioning her to sit next to her, seeing how her friend was the one who chose them.
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    "Oh, right!" Blue agreed and began to walk the way the room should be. The girl might get distract very easily, but she didn't get lost too often... unless it was on purpose. "We should be going to room... 134." She stated, more to herself than to Diary. The brunnette paused and turned back to her room mate, waiting for her to join her to go to their classroom.
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    "Ah. That's true..." Blue answered with a nod, sighing when she came out of her daze. She had to thank Diary later for doing that, knowing that she would probably end up staring at that annoying schedule until she was in need of glasses. "Anyways, what about you? You never told me your class."
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    Blue smiled back at the smaller of the two and started to think of her next class. "Hm... let me see..." She answered vaguely, going into her bag in search of her schedule. "Um... Japanese. What a strange language to teach at a school..." She stated to herself, looking at the print of the piece of paper. The girl's blue eyes hazed over again, her mind now on how the letters on the page seemed so strange when they were taken apart or inverted.
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    Once again, Blue is found distracted by something. She was inside her room still, just staring at her new room mate's forgotten map. "Hm... I should bring that back to her..." She suddenly said to herself as she picked up the paper and placed it in her bag. She went to her door calmly and left her room.

    Somehow, she skipped a whole period of class because she ended up staring at her door knob. As she walks down the hallway now, she wonders how she could've spent such a long time staring at something so simple. After walking around aimlessly through the school for a bit, she finally saw the features of the person she was looking for. "Diary...!" Blue called out for her as she walked up to her, keeping her concentration on that person so she didn't get off track. She stopped right by her and began looking in her bag for the map she needed to give her room mate. "Hey, Diary, I brought you your map! I think you've forgotten it..."
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    Blue snapped back into reality from the sound of Dairy's voice, a blush coming across her face again. "Oh, I'm sorry, I got distracted..." She apologized with a slightly air-headed smile. "It happens often." She continued and began to finally unpack.

    'I really should work on that...' Blue thought to herself as she continued to fold or hang clothes.
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    "Yeah, I noticed the color of your eyes matched that ribbon." Blue simply informed with a perky smile. The taller of the two looked at the shorter one blankly, "Eh? My side? Yeah, it's fine..."

    She looked at her side of the room to see which side she ended up with. 'I can't believe I forgot to see where I was sleeping...' She thought to herself with an amused look. 'Hm... window side. The sun'll wake me up in the morning.' She continued to think to herself and just stared at the window, transitioning into a daze almost instantly.
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    Blue, finally out of her distracted state, walked to her dorm room and opened the door to find another resident in it as well. "Ah... a room mate!" She simply said somewhat stupidly as she walked over to her bed and placed her stuff down next to it. She looked over to the other girl to remember her physical traits.

    Long black hair, blue eyes, pretty lanky, probably paler to me... surprisingly...' She began thinking to herself, beginning to daze off as she continued to stare. 'She's pretty short too...' Blue continued to think to herself, already distracted by the way the girl looks. She snapped back into reality a while later, a light blush finding itself on her cheeks again, and sat on her bed.

    "Um... I'm Blue." She introduced herself and pulled off a sapphire colored ribbon out of her hair, out stretching her hand to be a 'greeting gift' to her new room mate. 'Might as well be nice since we'll probably be hanging together a lot.'
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    Blue stood next to the office where she was supposed to get her schedule, staring at a random girl's socks with unusual interest. 'I really should get my schedule... but those socks are strangely fascinating...' She thought to herself as she continued to just daze off into her own imagination. 'Hm... I should buy some socks like those someday...'

    The girl realized what she was doing and shook her head to go back to reality. She sighed and stood straight again, checking out her outfit before quietly entering the room timidly. "Hello? I'm new and I was told this is where I get my schedule." She informed the woman politely. The lady looked up at Blue with an uninterested stare and just nodded her head.

    The woman then pointed to the door to the head master's office, and Blue just blushed slightly at her own oblivious view. "Um... thank you." She said awkwardly and walked over to the door. Blue suddenly became extremely interested with the door knob, starting to stare at it's color, shape, and such.

    "Hey! Are you okay?" The lady suddenly brought the blue-eyed girl back to reality, causing her to sigh in the annoyance of doing such a thing. She nodded at the woman, who just went back to her nails, and opened the next door to shyly enter.

    Blue stared in wonder at the crouching, sleep-deprived looking man in the chair on the other side. The great detective L stared back at her with wide, black eyes, both practically going into a staring contest, one just distracted by the person, the other interested of what she was going to say. The girl finally came back to reality and blushed slightly in embarrassment.

    The two had a small conversation before he gave her the schedule, the key, and her dorm room number. She smiled in appreciation before waving good-bye and walking back out to the hallway. As she was about to move from the office to her dorm, she saw something else and got distracted once again.
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    Name: Blue

    Real Name (Last, First): Traurig, Liebe

    Gender: Female

    DOB/Age: 11/11/91-18

    Appearance: Shoulder-length dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. 5' 6'' in height, average weight, looks more scrawny than strong, paler than most. Usually wears many hues of blue and many ribbons.

    Backstory: Blue was born in Germany in a normal family that blanketed her from the horrible and insecure things of life. In school, she only had one close friend to keep her 'in line' and help her concentrate better. When she was accepted to the school, she was pretty shocked and felt a bit lonely that she had to leave her friend, but excited. Now she needs to look for a new friend before she ends up somewhere she'll never be able to explain.

    Personality Quirks: She's usually very serious and comes off as cold, but gets so easily distracted that she has to be with someone at all times. When on a task, she's very concentrated on that thing and can't really hear what's going around her, which explains her high grades, but when in class or simply in the hall, she becomes slightly oblivious and begins to kind of wonder.
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    'Wow... negative, but realistic.' Brixania thought to herself as she listened to the meeting continue. The way she saw it, there really was no hope for the organization to get their hearts back, as much as she wanted to deny that. It wasn't like she WANTED to stay heartless forever, but she really didn't care either way at the moment. If she got it back, she got it back. The purple eyed girl shrugged off her thoughts and went back to pay attention to the meeting occuring.
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    Brixania looked back at the other member and nodded, not seeing any reason to say anything. She followed Xinamar into the castle silently, looking back one more time at the lake before joining her companion on the way back.
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