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    OOC: Look, I have to say that officially, this thread should be proclaimed dead. I don't really care anymore and nobody else seems to want to.
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    Frostex's clone examined Xeal. "His been in stasis much to long. He needs to get blood pumping through his system again. Number 35, see if you can't help him. I'm going to search the rest of the place." Number 35 picked Xeal up off the ground. "How's it going? Moving any part of your body would help. Do you require any assitance? Would you like to know the location and status of any other nobodys?" he asked each question in quick succesion. "Would you like me to repeat any of that?"
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    OOC: If you're (collectively) not going to do anything then I guess...

    "Looks like we found another lab sir!" "Good job number 35, status report?" "One occupied pod. I remember this being sir... He seems to occupy a large quadrant of our memories." "Yes, I remember him as well... he was friendly if I recall correctly. Let's remove him from stasis." Both of Frostex's clones began activating the systems. "Remember his name number 35?" "It was a nobody name... X... Xeal! His name was Xeal!" The pod slowly began to open and the clones took a step back. "You awake?"
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    Well... you know what? Shut up.
    That's what I thought :P
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    I must agree.
    That game is the bane of my existence.
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    Right, they shouldn't be disturbed
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    Pothead. XP
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    Frostex laughed harder. "Wrong again, sir. You know nothing about what I'm capable of. The thought that went into this plan, the hours, days, months that went into this plan. Soon you will understand why I am at such a confident state." He etched a target onto the armor. "Surely now you will not miss."
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    "When you have nothing better to do, you don't just sit around for weeks. I don't know if I can speak for anyone else, but this 'pathetic fool' as you call all of us will be a little harder to destroy than you think." Frostex sneered. "I don't need minions to take you down. Why don't you deliver the first blow this time, huh?" He hit his armor of ice making a large dent in the center. "Hit me!"
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    OOC: Agreed. If the one we're basing the entirety of the thread on never actually shows up, the whole thing just never works.
    So ha.
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    Oh! I'm sorry! :sweat:
    I've never actually thought of them in a sense of playable and unplayable... I'm not sure this is one of those playable ones. In a sense it seems that only 3 or 4 people may be able to play without making the situation awkward.
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    You just want to know if it's weird or not? The format does seem like it could very easily be any person taking the places of the characters. It's quite a good story if your looking for that kind of feedback (And I don't even like the concept of fan-fiction too much). But yes, it is normal in the sense you are looking for.
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    Frostex thought for a moment and then summoned a small shadow. "Go tell research to send half of the workers off the ETHER project and start looking up alchemical equations and theorems. This may prove to be a very useful adaptation to the prosthetic arm." Frostex waved the shadow off and it quickly tele-ported away. He looked towards the center of the battle. "Looks like it's time for some fun."
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    Frostex looked as Kade flew away. He turned to Zepharus. "You two have got to teach me that alchemy stuff some time." He lifted the hammers unto his shoulders and walked to the scene of the battle, carefully examinig the different factions as they brawled. "Most are against Telren... and pulling out the final attack would not be the smartest of things."
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    Frostex sighed heavily. "It never seems to work out that way anymore..." he said. He leaned against his hammers. "People seem to keep coming back as long as there are friends who know to do it." He looked down at the wound at Kade's chest and winced. "I have no knowledge in the arts of healing."
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