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    On an Unknown Beach- Amanda Palmer
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    -I apologize for my recent Internet crap-outs. I've been trying out new routers, and my Internet is having a hard time.-

    The scent of blood hit his nose before everything else, and he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and placed a hand over that sensory organ. He dragged the ends of his clawed fingertips over the bridge of his nose, breathing in once more and shivering. What was that? There shouldn't be such a strong smell from something like a nosebleed. He looked around, trying to spy anything that could be the reason. Holding out his hands, he wiggled his fingers and began to walk a little faster. He sure looked ******ed, but he was certainly a strange guy. Who cared what people thought? He just followed that smell until he reached a house and stood at the front door. He placed a hand on it and closed his eyes, breathing in once before deciding that this was the place. He figured he wouldn't need to kick the door down if his intuition was right. He twisted the knob and pushed it open, not stepping in yet as it swung open and he saw someone standing there. Everything was absorbed in an instant that felt like a decade, the demon's eyes slowly rising to focus on the figure standing there. "Hey, you!" He called in his voice, suddenly rushing in towards him. "Get over here!" He demanded, making sure to prepare himself to dodge any incoming knife blows from the weapon that the person most certainly had.
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    Mmmh, hi. How're you?

    Mmmh, hi. How're you?
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    I cannot do it anymore. You promised us, you promised these children that all we would be doing is helping them, and we've done nothing but hurt them. This letter is my resignation, if you have not figured it out; I am willing to lose my job, my life because of what we've done to these children.

    Commander, you know as well as I do that we deserve to die for what we've done to these children. We deserve to burn below the Earth. If I die in at least partially righting my wrong, so be it. I realize that there cannot be salvation for what we've done. We could fix their flesh, but we could never fix what has been done to their minds.

    As you read this, I will be gone. Most likely, the children will be gone, too. I will not tell you how I let them out, I will not reveal where I told them to go or what to do to escape. All I will tell you is that I helped them to the best of my ability, and that every moment until my grave I will be praying that they escaped and that you cannot find them.

    You know, deep in your heart, what we've done here was wrong. You say it is for science but you know, you know that it's not. This is not science, this is torture. Every moment you try and make it go on, Commander, is another nail in your coffin. These children are strong, stronger than you know. I spent months with them. They are strong, and they will defeat you.

    Sincerely, Cain Weyland, Lead Director of Science and Research."

    The escape had begun and the guards were searching by the time the letter had been found. In the wing where the subjects were being held, a letter had been placed, a copy of the same, into each of their cells earlier that day.​

    "Subjects, you do not know who I am. My name is Dr. Cain Weyland, and I apologize, apologize from the deepest wells of my heart for what has transpired in this facility. You did not deserve any of this, none of you. That is why I am going to help you escape. During the scheduled socializing time and recreation time, you will discover that there will be no guards. They have been told it has been cancelled for today. The North guard's office will be unlocked and a guard will be asleep, drugged inside of it. Take his pistol and his assault rifle, and find whatever other weapons you can in the room. Bind him so that he cannot raise an alarm and use his ID card to bypass the card scanner. After that I cannot help you; all I can offer you is advice. Find the Artifact Room and the Security Arms Office and use his card to gain entry. There you will find weapons. By then, they will have most certainly figured out your escape, and you must rely on your ingenuity to find your way out of this facility. I have faith that you will prevail. Trust nothing that is said to you."

    The cryptic letter was delivered three hours ago, shoved through a grate in the door in the early hours of the morning. The doors will automatically open within a minute.

    What will you do?


    A Backstory:

    It is cliche, but it works. Kidnapping children whom no one cares about, that no one know; children off the street that no one would miss. It happened, and in a blur of motion, the children taken were transported off of Earth. Darkhep 3 was what they named the planet, where they first discovered the ancient hunting grounds of Alien and Predator, had recovered the first, acid-eroded bodies of the defeated Aliens and their hunters. They were not welcome on the planet, though for now they were accepted; they had their base on an island in the southern part of the primarily jungle-covered planet, somewhere where almost no Predators or Aliens went. The mainland was visible from their island, though trecherous waves buffeted the rocks that surrounded the island. To escape was hard. The children all gave up their plans of escape long ago, however; those kids, ranging from ages 14 to 19, were held there for years.

    It is said that, in the future, genetic modification can be expanded to include not just plants but people; Weyland-Yutani pursued this concept doggedly and succeeded. A group of survivors who came to be called as The Mixers, overcame the crippling deficits that were placed upon them and thrived as much as they could. It was already proved that they could take xenomorph DNA and splice it with people; the clone of Ridley Scott and the human-mixed xenomorph incident proved that. However, the results were ugly and rough-they gave up the project until a revolutionary idea came about. Instead of mutating the xenomorph, mutate the human. That's what they did.

    Using samples of both Predator and xenomorph DNA, they changed these children in the name of science. What started as a scientific experiment became so much more, however, when they would drag out the changes. They mastered the art of a complete and utter species change, though when the Mixers came about and demonstrated the ability to survive being shoved in the middle, that's what they took a new interest in. Every teenager there has something different that's been changed about them. They had dreamed of escape for the years they'd been imprisoned, and now it's finally come.

    Except will they make it out of the facility? If they do, where will they go? How will they make it to the mainland? From there, how will they get back to Earth?

    Case Files:

    [SIZE="1"]Full Name: [Last, First]
    Age: [14-19]
    Gender: [Male/Female]
    Role: [Mixer, Scientist, Alien, Predator]
    Species: [Human, xenomorph, Predator, Mixer with [insert race here, can only be one]
    Height: [{feet}',{inches}"]
    Hair color: [Brown, black, etc]
    Eye color: [If any.]
    Aspects Shifted: [If a Mixer, describe what has happened to you.]
    Weapon of Choice: [Be appropriate. For Mixers, the following weapons are available (one each): Wrist blades, Smart Disk, Combi Stick, Pulse Rifle (equivalent of a machine gun) Pulse Shotgun, or [Pulse Scoped Rifle is now taken].
    I.D. Photo: [Url link, please.]
    Personality Traits: [Few sentences.]
    Biography: [At least a paragraph.]Other: [Other.][/SIZE]

    Weapon Descriptions:
    Wristblades: Two of the same weapon. It attaches onto someone's forearm and has three buckles that one pulls tight; at a motion and a squeezing of the trigger(pressed against the palm by the top of the wrist bracer), three wickedly long blades come out from the top, curling over the hands and providing a deadly close-range weapon.

    Smart Disk: This disk can be thrown with or without the guiding laser. For newcomers, however, the laser is almost completely crucial. It comes with a pair of gloves to defend the user's hand. Like a shuriken, this bladed star can be thrown and will follow a laser that emits from the user's glove. It takes a lot of practice to master, due to trying to control it while it's going forwards and backwards; when it is mastered, however, the weapon has the ability to mortally wound multiple people.

    Combi Stick: This javelin-like object is perhaps one of the Predator's most powerful weapons. It can be used either short-range or long, and is utterly demolishing; when it is thrown, the gloves that the user is wearing sends a signal for the javelin to come back. It will return from as far as the user can throw it, though they have to be careful; it's not uncommon for young Predators that attempt to use the Combi Stick to get bruises all over their arms and torso. While it's strong enough (it's a partially self-propelling device, like the Smart Disk) to impale someone and nail them to a wall, it takes a long time to retrieve and use again, and cannot really be used for multiple targets unless they're in a line. A hit-or-miss weapon, albeit one with titanic power.

    Human ammunition is required for all guns below.

    Pulse Rifle: This all-purpose gun is a necessity for any Marine. It is fully automatic with a high rate of fire, and the magazines hold one hundred bullets each; it has minimal kickback and is a good gun for anyone to use. An underbarrel grenade launcher can be employed if one can find that kind of ammunition, and causes an explosion equivalent to that of a hand grenade. Good anywhere from close to medium range, though once things get long range it gets difficult to hit things.

    Pulse Shotgun: This gun is a lifesaver for those that aren't good with sharpshooting. This double-barrel shotgun can defend you well in a close group against multiple targets with its' eight round clip; the gun has to be pumped after each shot. The power diminishes rapidly with how far the creature moves away, though because xenomorphs and Predators both sometimes need to get close to finish someone off, the alternative double-barrel fire can demolish anything that's within a meter of the shooter.

    Pulse Scoped Rifle[taken]: This gun is a definate hit-or-miss, much like the Combi Stick. The scope equipped on it outlines both xenomorphic and normal heat signatures; it is a single-shot gun. It is extremely accurate and can kill with a single shot if done in the right place; even if it misses, the large caliber bullets can make a serious wound that often can't be recovered from. It can demolish groups from far away, though close and medium range fighting is almost completely out of the question with it.

    The Planet:​

    Darkhep 3 is almost completely jungle. From the Equator, about three-quarters of the planet in both directions is coated in lush forestry. Temperatures cn range from 36 to 130 degrees, perfect for thick wildlife to flourish among the probably poisonous flora of the place. It is a hard existence, surviving outside of a Predator village; beasts and weather and everything was against you. The Poles of the planet have water on them, though the rest of the planet is almost completely solid land.

    Open. Yeeeeah.​
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    A huge sigh of relief echoed through his form, his body shivering in just...happiness as she talked to him on the Comlink. When the static cleared, he expected to hear a frantic, half-chuckled apology. She had to have been distracted, maybe she tripped and hit the warning button by accident or something just scared her and it was nothing. When he didn't hear anything he felt a cold void in his stomach and he leaned a bit closer, turning the volume up. What he heard, ironically, was indeed an apology, though it wasn't one that he /wanted/ to hear. "Kiki, what do you mean, I..." He whispered into it, then pressed the button again and again as he last connection. He tried finding her again through his scope, though only saw a ghoul staggering towards where her position was, behind a large outcrop. He shot it for good measure, though missed. His hands were shaking terribly as he fell back from his gun, his entire body quivering in denial. "No, she couldn't, she's....just playing with us..." He whispered, feeling like throwing up. He slung his weapon across his back and swiftly descended the building, running down flights of stairs and falling at the last step in his hurry; with a throbbing shoulder he began sprinting back to the elevator that led down into the city. Who could he tell? He had no idea! He had failed in his job as an Assassin, he hadn't protected her like he was supposed to. It was all his fault if she...if she... No, he couldn't think about it. He entered the elevator down as soon as he could, wishing it would move faster. He had to tell someone about what had happened. Kiki was gone.
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    Why wasn't his Commlink working? This wasn't normal at all. He repeatedly pressed buttons, the green and the red, thinking he was doing something wrong. "Stupid's not working..." He murmured quietly, fiddling with it and not watching Kiki as a result, however; this was a mistake he would soon regret. As if disturbed by some kind of unknown technology, it suddenly surged back to life. Unbeknownst to him, there was a reason for that device failing him. "Stupid...stupid thing." He cursed with a stutter, as if Kiki could be listening somehow. He brought his sniper rifle to his eye and realized he couldn't find her. He looked back to his Comlink with a pounding heart, his breathing starting to get hard and ragged. "Kiki!" He practically screamed into it, hitting the button with shaking hands and bringing his quivering sniper rifle up to his face. He looked around frantically for her, his throat starting to burn as if he breathed in mustard gas. He was going to go inform them. He had to. He had to. "Kiki? Please..." He whispered into the Comlink, holding down the button for recieving messages and putting his ear to it, just praying that she'd send another plea out. He couldn't tell where she was through the tracker; she'd ventured where his rifle couldn't reach. The warnings were coming in and he couldn't see anything. He bit his lip, beginning to crack under the pressure he'd never experienced before.
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    Oh. My. Lord. "Holy crap! Oh, my God....Oh man, oh man, oh man...." He whined, covering his head with his hands and collapsing to his desk as the chalk people began walking around. What if they went berserk and attacked everyone? Or he got TB from breathing in all the chalk dust. 'Please, please, please let them go away...' He begged whatever entity was out there until they finally did, the poor little guy letting out a sigh of relief and running a hand through his grayish hair. He shakily looked down at his book and back up at the teacher, nodding and swallowing. "No going into forests. No breaking gingerbread houses." He repeated to himself, then laughed shakily at the absurdity of his comment. He took out a pencil and began playing with it, trying to get this freaky class out of his mind. English would be better, right? Or maybe even math? There wouldn't be melting desks and turberculosis and freaky chalk people going around. That was a bonus, yes?.

    It was as the announcement to stay out of the forest came from the teacher's mouth that he realized how abnormal he was. He sat up straight, ran a hand along his neck sadly, and removed a white slip of paper from his pocket that he's recieved earlier. Grimly, he read over the hand-written permission slip that allowed him to enter and leave the forest as he pleased and placed it in the manilla insert of his notebook, so that he wouldn't lose it any time soon. He needed that forest, otherwise...bad things could happen. He cleared his throat as the chalk dust continued to surround them, his heterochromic eyes once again focusing intensely on the man in the front of the room. Professor? He was completely fine with calling the man that. No snarky comment came from his lips, no bemused chuckle escaped from deep within his fanged cavern. He was austere as he stared at the front of the class, his large hands clasped in his lap, his large shoes gently lying on the floor. His eyes watched with that same, lazy quality as a feral one of his species, though, like them, he was paying more than rapt attention.
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    He couldn't help but swallow down a frog in his throat. He was strangely nervous, and he didn't know why. He knew that everything was going to be okay, like it always was. If a ghoul was being exceptionally sneaky, all he'd do was shoot it or warn Kiki through the Comlink they had. Simple, right? He was safe up in his vantage point, he knew how to take out these Ghouls. Everything was going to be fine. He forced a smile onto his face as he tromped over to the elevator with Kiki, smiling and wrapping an arm around her upper back. Giving her a happy squeeze, he looked down at her tiny form and nodded. "Ah, yeah. I'm ready. Everything will be great, just like always, right? We'll find some more survivors or maybe something valuable, let's hope." He said, trying to be optimistic. Feeling them rise and the elevator open to the surface world, he stepped out with Kiki and watched the thing descend. Kicking some sand and dead leaves over it to hide it better, he looked over the barren landscape and then back to her. He nodded silently and parted ways from her with a quiet prayer, heading for an abandoned skyscraper with a blown-off roof.
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    What a nice boy. They had welcomed him so nicely over at their little clubhouse, though he supposed that it was better if he left. Little did those Acolytes know what he was really planning, that clever Lenny. Sitting in his cool car, a low temperature to keep the demon from feeling like he was in Hell, the demon approached the city with reports from Lenny about something...interesting that he should scout out before the Acolytes came. A simple mission, though he understood the importance. His yellow eyes flashed as he parked his car in an abandoned parking lot, lying a gentle spell over the thing so he'd feel if it was getting taken or whatnot. Nothing all too big, he couldn't track the car or anything. "Hmmm." He murmured quietly, stepping out of the vehicle in his typical clothing. Smoothing out his t-shirt, the demon cooly began to walk. He had a vague idea of where he was going, though he didn't exactly know. He could feel it, magnetism working on an iron core, he could feel what he needed tugging at him.
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    This little girl was scaring the piss out of him. He just wanted to get up and leave right then. He may have been calm on the outside, sure, but his insides were churning with the need to take out his wire and end it. He could feel something off about her, and didn't like it at all. "Huh?" He asked, perking up a little bit as Kiki through something at him. He snatched it out of the air and snapped it onto his wright wrist, among the dangly little threads that hung there and other bracelets that adorned the wrist. He clicked the red button just for the heck of it, watching with wonder as the city unfolded into his hands, three perfect red dots describing where they were. "Wow, that's really cool." He admitted with a happy smile, turning and watching her exit. "I'll do the same. Be right back." He said, watching Kiki gather her stuff. He turned to Daemon, giving her a small wave with a few of his fingers and a corner-of-the-mouth smile. "It was...good to meet you, Daemon." He said, then turned and jogged back to his home. It wasn't long before he was completely suited up once again, boots and blades and hood and all of his materials over him. A ripped and leavy gray cape, meant to make him blend into wherever he was hiding, was tied in an inconspicuous knot and looped down the back of his shirt. He'd take it out once he left. Gun on his back and satchel loaded with ammo, he was ready to go as he approached Kiki's abode. The thrill before an excursion, a hunt was always what made him coming back for more.
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