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    Christmas Shopping for me! Loving it! :D
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    Give or take. We only can speculate and guess for now. Kingdom Hearts 3 is still quite a ways down since KH 1.5 Remix is coming out next year. KH 2.5 Remix possibly in 2014. Might not see KH3 till 2015 the earliest. So there's quite a ways till KH3 starts production so I have a feeling Disney will be able to get Utada back. Plus Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005 in which Utada sang Passion/Sanctuary. That's 7 years ago. Give or take not till another year or 2+ since the team working on Kingdom Hearts 3 is busy with Final Fantasy.

    Hopefully a new song though I loved Hikari/Simple and Clean and Passion/Sanctuary. Always the two best songs. <3
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    Now that's really well done. I wish I had a voice similar to Ventus or Roxas. But that'll never happen haha.
    Great job by the way. Hope you guys do more ^^
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    Profile Post

    Hello! :D

    Hello! :D
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    An add on to that is Nomura wants Kingdom Hearts to be on one console after we witnessed Kingdom Hearts to be on multiple consoles. That's another reason Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and soon 2.5 HD Remix (unconfirmed but is obvious from previous Nomura interviews.) are made for the "current generation of hardware" or most likely the PS3. So Kingdom Hearts 3 will 99% be on the PS3 and someone who owns the PS3 can have the entire series of Kingdom Hearts. Give or take, it will be on other consoles later.
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    Definitely Kingdom Hearts 2. It is the first Kingdom Hearts game I played, even though I should start with 1. However, it was very moving. There was a lot of story and plot development in KH II in another other KH games personally. Having about 2 good hours worth of Gameplay of Roxas was pretty neat. The first two hours of the game was already making story/plot development which is amazing. Plus Organization 13 added a lot of twist and turns. Despite being the first KH game I played, it felt like the best and I think it will remain the best. I guess I'm a little bias since it was first game I was really impress with the Gameplay and different components they added to make the game more fun.

    Kingdom Hearts day 358/2 falls behind second as it was my second game since I saw Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2 beginning and fell in love with the character. Just wanted to learn more about Roxas and play more as Roxas too. Was a pretty fun game too. Though the graphics were not the best, the custscenes were really great and one of my favorite things I got form Day 358 was Sea Salt Ice Cream. Plus I cried a lot because of Xion.
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    Hmm. This is interesting and fun.
    Elonoxs? I could scramble my username all day and then adding an X.

    I like Oblexon. :3

    It's kind of amazing they were able to make unique names for nobodies by scrambling and adding an X and still making it sound good.
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    It's always great to hear news about the recent Kingdom Hearts development. Any news in my eyes is always good news since they are trying to keep up us to date on what's happening.

    I'm pretty sure there will be an English/Overseas release date. It's just a matter of time. If you look back at all the Kingdom Hearts game released, it's not till several months till the English version of the game is released AFTER the Japanese version. Plus I'm pretty positive an overseas release will happen since the PS3 is the new thing in the market and Nomura wants Kingdom Hearts all to be on one console since they switched so much throughout the series. Plus more revenue for Kingdom Heart and lots more publicity for Kingdom Hearts 3, drawing more consumers that don't want to buy a PS2 to play the old versions or bringing new consumers that have never heard of Kingdom Hearts.
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    Well, I mistyped Noodles on Minecraft and all the Moderators and OP started calling me that. So since then, I've been called Noobles. Reading this is making me hungry and I know how to cook all kind of noodles so don't you worry.

    I should open a Noodle Shop at Twilight Town :3
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    Wow! That's a good deal! I better get a 3DS on Black Friday as well.
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