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    Name: Garrett von Ronsenburg
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Click
    Class: Two
    Weapon: Naginata
    Cure - A healing spell.
    Protect - A spell that increases the defenses of the caster or an ally.
    Wall - A spell that generates a large glass-like barrier to stop incoming attacks until it is broken or dismissed.
    Jump - The user jumps into the sky and plunges downward to increase the force of his/her attack.
    Lancet - The caster summons the spirit of the dragons to siphon energy from the opponent.
    Bio: Garrett is one of the more-skilled students in his class. He is proficient in both the use of support magic and melee combat, which is unusual for a Dragoon. When not in class, he is often practicing his techniques to become even better at combat.
    Personality: He is soft-spoken around people he doesn't know. Around people he does know or has become friends with, Garrett is generally straight-forward and blunt.
    Other: His fighting style as a Dragoon is completely unorthodox as he wields his weapon with one hand and swinging it like a gigantic sword, only using two hands to increase the force behind his strikes or when he is defending himself.
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    I'm partway through writing a background story for the RP, so I should have this up within the week.
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    A Persona RP is a Role-Play based off of the Atlus series Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
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    Since there are currently no active Persona RPs going, I was wondering if anybody at all would be interested in doing an RP. If enough people show interest, I'll post a new thread with all of the information required.
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    This looks very interested. I'd like to get in on this RP.
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    Ken sat back and enjoyed the show as it unfolded. He had decided not to participate in the dog race because he felt that doing Carnival Corpse was bad enough, so he was content just watching. He thought about the people that died participating in the race, Well, at the very least, they don't have to suffer through the hell us Deadmen have to go through. To him, dying during the dog race was better than being forced to participate in the Loser's Game. He had a cigarette in his hand, but he hadn't lit it yet. "This is pointless." He grabbed a lighter and lit his cigarette, the smoke slowly billowing from the end. Ken knew the cigarette couldn't damage him anymore than the poison being pumped into his bloodstream.

    OOC: Sorry for not posting in a long while. Just finished moving to Florida and unpacking everything.
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    Shortly after the result of the penalty game was revealed, Ken, known as Hawk by everyone else, scoffed and said to himself, "Well, that kid won't be giving any lip any time soon." He knew that Deadmen are forced to fight and that this was the result of losing. There was no point in him objecting. He couldn't do anything about it. After a quick glance at his clock, he decided to head out and get some food, he had more than enough Casts to afford two weeks worth of Candy, so he figured he would eat something in the cafeteria, or at the very least, grab a little snack. He didn't really care, just something to put in his stomach. As he left his room, he saw the others in the hall and just walked past all of them, paying no particular mind to any of them. Don't make any connections with these people. In here, they are just enemies that I haven't fought yet, he thought to himself as he left the behind to head to the cafeteria.
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    Name: Kenichi "Ken" Matsuda
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Click
    Branch of Sin: Hunting Hawk - His Blood solidifies on his arms or legs to give him talons to improve his offense and defense.
    Bio: Before he was sent to DW, he lived a normal life along with his wife and their newborn baby. He worked as a bartender in Tokyo before the Red Hole incident. When the Red Hole incident occured, both he and his family were fortunate enough to survive. However, Ken began to show signs of madness. His anger would flare up for the smallest reasons, even if you just bumped into him by accident, he would fly off the handle. Eventually, his anger triggered the release of his Branch of Sin, Hunting Hawk. He came home one day to find his best friend with his wife. As soon he saw this, he went completely berserk and butchered his friend, wife, and his child in a blind rage. He was sentenced 2 days later and sent to G Block in Deadman Wonderland to participate in its most brutal spectacle, Carnival Corpse.
    Crime: The ruthless murder of his beloved wife and child, as well as one of his best friends.
    Sentence: Deadman Wonderland Death Row Inmate
    Deadman Name: Hawk
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    I would totally be up for this.
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    "I see, so we're going to deliver a message to your brother. Well, I can't say I'm overly eager to just chat with them, but I'll do as you wish." Shinjiro rises to his feet, sheathing his Zanpakuto. "Are we going to do anything else, or are we to just speak to him and come back?" He wipes his sleeve over his brow to get rid of the sweat on his forehead.

    Ryu, standing with his fist cocked back, ready to punch another hole in his wall, turns to the direction of the shout. He begins to chuckle. His chuckle turns into a demented cackle as he shouts, "AT LAST! THE TIME HAS COME!" Ryu bursts into more laughter. He stops and begins to head to the Dungeon, a grimace washing over his face. Ryu finds himself deep in thought as he runs to the Dungeon. The time has finally come. He will finally be able to fight, he will finally be able to satisfy his urge, get rid of the itch that he feels. As he arrives at the doors to the Dungeon, he kicks the doors open and steps inside, letting out a deep chuckle. Satisfaction clearly written all over his face.
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    Getting out of his Jinzen state, Shinjiro is out of breath. Exhausted from the intense mental training he just underwent, he looks up at Kyo. "Is it finally time? Is this thing finally going to start?" Shinjiro leans back, using his arm to hold himself up. In his mind, he can clearly hear his Zanpakuto speaking, "Understand what tethers us. Understand why I have taken this form. Understand, and you will be able to use my power to its fullest extent." Shinjiro, frustrated to no end, is trying to understand what Ryukotsusei is telling him. He feels that he is close to the answer. The answer to the question is within his grasp, and yet he can't reach it. Something is blocking him from the answer. An answer he knows. The answer he needs. He knows that knowing how to use Bankai will be crucial to his survival in the battles to come.
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    Shinjiro is sitting quietly on the floor in with his legs crossed. His sealed Zanpakuto is lying on his lap. He is performing Jinzen to communicate with his Zanpakuto, Ryukotsusei. As his still body sits in the nearly empty room, Shinjiro is speaking to his Zanpakuto in his inner world. His inner world is a large and barren wasteland. Strewn all about the desert are empty houses and withered trees. He is standing in the middle of the houses, with a large, draconic creature standing in front of him. The scaly red skin and large claws lying close to Shinjiro. A voice comes out of the beast, a voice with a hint of sorrow in it, "You have yet to learn what our relationship is. Why I have taken the form I have taken. Only when you understand, will you be able to utilize my power to the fullest extent." Out of breath, Shinjiro just stares at the gigantic beast, trying to understand the words that it spoke.

    Meanwhile, in another room, Ryu paces his room impatiently. His desire to fight can barely be contained. He wants to sate his desire but has no way to do so. With no way to do so, he is beginning to become very annoyed. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" His fist flew against the wall. Another hole in the wall among the other hundred holes that were already in the walls and floor. "When is it going to finally be time? When will the damn invasion start?!" Ryu is gripping the handle of his sword tightly, eagerly waiting to unsheathe his sword and engaging in raw combat.

    OOC: Sorry I haven't posted for forever. Dealing with graduation stuff. That, and I couldn't find a proper moment to jump in.
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    I figured I'd make another Espada since there are so few.

    Username: No Heart-X
    Name: Ryunosuke "Ryu" Komatsu Watanabe
    Gender: Male
    Alliance: Espada
    Age: Looks like he's in his 20's
    Appearance: Here
    Division: Fourth
    Rank: Captain
    Bio: When Ryunosuke first became a student in the Academy, the students looked down at him because of his inability to call on his Zanpakutou after his first two years. Because of this, he constantly got into fights to show that he is a capable fighter even without a Zanpakutou. His constant fighting earned him the reputation of a Battle-crazed Maniac. After he finally learned how to use his Zanpakutou, the fights began to stop, though they still happened every once in a while. When he finally graduated, he became a seated officer immediately in Squad 4. Over time, after a mission with the former captain of Squad 4 killing an Adjuchas class Menos Grande, Ryu discovered his Vizard powers. Afraid of what the others might think, the captain tried to kill him. However, in his attempt to kill him, Ryu ended up killing his own Captain. After that point, he decided to hide his Vizard powers no matter what. He told the others that he had killed the captain because he became a Vizard. Despite protests from the other seated officers, he was promoted to captain rank. 3 years after he became a captain, he discovered how to use his Bankai. Soon after, he had become known as the "Second Most Powerful Shinigami", though he knew this to be a lie. He hadn't become that powerful, at least, not in his mind. With his knowledge, he knew that he was stronger, due to his hidden Vizard powers. When the defections happened, he decided to defect with the others, revealing the truth of why he became a captain. With this revelation, he left his Squad behind and became an Espada.
    Personality: Ryu has a powerful desire to fight. No matter what happens, even if someone close to him gets hurt, he wants to fight. He has a desire to find a decent challenge for himself. Because of that, he acts horribly to anybody he meets, saying that he does not care what someone can do. He believes that if you can fight, you're worth something.
    Other: His mask adds two additional voices. The base voice is his own, the second voice is Shi's and the third belongs to Hakai. His ceros are black and red and fire off as a double-helix. Ryu fires his ceros from his hand.

    Zanpakuto Name: Sougenmu [Twin Phantasm Dream]
    Sealed Appearance: Sealed Form
    Spirit Appearance: Shi [Death] and Hakai [Destruction]
    Release Command: Bring death and destruction to the world!
    Shikai Appearance: Shikai
    Shikai Power: He can dash forward at a high speed and charge his blades with Spirit Energy and slashes with either one. This technique is called Rakan Dantojin [Arhat Severing Tower Blade].

    He also has the ability to create a clone of himself and give him the other blade. That way, he can attack from two directions at once. This techniques is called Misogi [Purification]. He can still do Rakan Dantojin during this technique.

    Another ability he has is to jump up and then drop down quickly and attack unexpectedly. This technique is Hyakkishu [Hundred Devil Attacks]. Can be used in conjunction with Misogi.
    Bankai Name: Kyuukyoku Sougenmu [Ultimate Twin Phantasm Dream]
    Bankai Appearance: Bankai
    Bankai Power: During Bankai, he can increase his movement speed drastically. This is called Ashura Senku [Asura Flashing Sky].

    He can combine the butts of his swords so that they form a giant Sword-Staff. He charges it with his own Spirit Energy and throws it. It creates a huge boomerang-like arc. This move is called Tenshou Kaireki Jin [Heaven Shocking Sea-Plowing Blade].

    He gathers Spirit Energy into his sword and then he launches it. This move is called Meido Gohado [Dark Painful Great Surge]. Can be used in conjunction with Misogi.

    This technique can only be used during Misogi. Ryu and his clone approach from opposite sides of his enemy and then clash blades on the enemy. This technique is called Tenchi Sokaigen [Heaven and Earth Twin Crushing Raise].
    Hollow Mask: Here. With dark red and black marks instead.
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