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    Oh, I see D: Is there one for emuhaste? :)
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    Howdy Boys & Girls :D.
    This Code doesn't work correctly:
    Have All Synthesis Items
    0032F13F 00000062
    4032F140 000B0001
    62626262 00000000
    1032F16C 00006262
    0032F17B 00000062
    2032F17C 62626262
    1032F19A 00006262
    1032F19C 00006262
    2032F1D8 62626262
    2032F1DC 62626262

    It gives you some Synhesis Items, but not ALL. May someone can fix this? :3

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    Thank you very much :D It's nice to play Kingdom Hearts again ;D
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    Sup Guys :cool:
    Wanted to ask two things =D
    1. Is there a code to complete the Journal?
    2. Does someone has a "complete"(beating the game once) savegame for ps2 emulator?

    Thanks :)

    #1111 Posts :D
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Oct 30, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Hey Guys. Long time no see ^^. Are there any new codes? Sorry for being so long away, just started hacking Super Mario xD
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    Profile Post

    Yo Bro, sub ^^?

    Yo Bro, sub ^^?
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    Hello? xD Please anwser me i want somethin new :D
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    Woah! Guys :D I'm back ^^ Any new codes???
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    hey guys ^^

    long time no see ;)

    anything new?
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    only Ultima Weapon ^^
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Feb 24, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    <_< i use Ar Max... it's on it already but many cheats don't work >.<
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Feb 24, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    everytime i want to have Ultima Weapon at the beginning (Traverse Town) it crash or i have Max HP/MP and all my abilities are not there anymore :(
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Feb 23, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    xD thats looks very cool :D

    Play As Ven(Fix V.2)(Made By Aurangzeb56) {Go to Hall Of Cornerstone while pressing the Model Mod Joker to become Ven and then press L2 while in the room for the animations}
    E012FDFF 0034D45C --------->Model Mod = R2
    21CE0B68 096F0323
    1032E020 00000029
    01C9F62F 00000001
    21CE267C 00C000C2
    2036d8c0 61786f72
    0036d8c4 00000073
    21c6c93c 04040000
    21c6c940 00000000
    01CBD98C 00000001
    11CBD9D4 0000000D
    21cbd9b0 00000000
    21cbd9b4 00000000
    21cbd9b8 00000000
    20943e74 00D7D540
    11CD4390 0000077B
    11CD4394 0000077B
    4032F064 00130001
    12020100 00000000
    E010FEFF 0034D45C --------->Ven Style Animations = L2
    2098fAD8 00A299E0

    Note:To give him Vens Voice goto Twilight Town and then he will get the voice,then u can roam around with Vens voice
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Feb 13, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    i think these are all:

    Shield Digits:
    055E - Adamant Shield
    0560 - Chain Gear
    0562 - Ogre Shield
    0564 - Falling Star
    0566 - Dreamcloud
    0568 - Knight Defender
    056A - Genji Shield
    056C - Akashic Record
    056E - Nobody Guard
    07D1 - Save The King
    09CF - Freeze Pride
    09A2 - Freeze Pride+
    Post by: NeoRoxas, Feb 11, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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