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    that sounds awesome, I took a picture of people there cosplaying from, kuroshitsuji, well my friend did, I've never read the manga or watched the anime myself but these people looked awesome

    yeah I know what you mean, I'm going to the one in may too, paying out of my christmas money, cosplaying suigintou and crossplaying as nekozawa from ouran high withh beelzenef if I can find the puppet somewhere to buy cheap.
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    yeah it costs quite a bit, I had to pay £100 for my share of petrol and hotel, then I took £100 spending money :/ + it cost me like £30 on top for cosplay, I made it myself instead of buying online

    I'd love to go to a con in america :3
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    yeah I went with my friend and her mam and dad and the whole time her dad was shouting "look at him" "my god what is she wearing" "can we go home yet" they didn't stay in the expo with us but in the hotels and stuff
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    Anyone go to london expo over the weekend? or ever been to an anime convention for the matter?
    I went to the one down london, and I have to say I found it amazing, might have been because it was my first one ever :3
    I loved getting dressed up, hugs and being able to take random photos. So of the costumes people had were brilliant I'm denfinately going back in may.
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    I had that problem with kh1 and kh2 *facepalm* I completed the whole of number two using the kingdom key and number one I played half way through and realised. When I realised I threw a fit at the game -.-U.
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    Olette stayed seated in the chair not saying a word.
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    Olette looked up again for a moment she smiled and looked back down, is he talking about riku she wondered
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    Olette looked to see Axel appear then looked away. her face was burning so put her head in her cold hands to cool herself down.
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    Olette rolled her eyes tyipical she thought to herself.
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    Olette looked at him "Sorry for asking so many questions" She mumbled.
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    Olette walked over to the chair and sat down without saying a word. She started playing with her fingers, where's Riku? she thought to herself she wanted to ask it out loud but didnt say anything.
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    REP punched Olette in the face. "I had enough of you. If you ask me another question I won't be so gental on you. I will break every bone in your body if I have to."[/QUOTE]

    Olette sat on the floor and held her cheek. she wasn't going to cry, she wouldnt give him the satisfaction "Fine" she whispered.
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