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    I don't really understand "RokuNami" since Roxas has only met Namine once, and Roxas has been friends with Xion for almost a year. So, yeah, I reckon it's Xion.

    //ships RokuShi
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    Most definitely Remix. I'm not even so close to looking forward to the PC game.
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    Are you saying that my username is terrible? <///3
    No Riku n00dz 4 u
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    There is this one person I hold a grudge on...

    Once upon a time she thought I was angry at her, then she told me, "I hate it when my friends hide their problems with me or don't tell me if they're angry, I at least want to fix it." We had a fun, immature frenemy relationship, but good friends nonetheless. I really have no idea what I did or whatsoever, but one day she just started to ignore me out of the blue. There was this one time I tried to give her something as an act of apology for whatever I did, when I called her out, she acts as if she hears nothing. I got to the point where I was already pulling her arm, but still, she acts as if no one is. It hurt me at first, I have no idea what I did.

    But then I remembered her words and thought, "What irony!" in a sarcastic manner. Why would you do something you'd hate to be done to you? She has some problem with me, I know, but she won't tell me what it is; exactly what she hated to be done to her. I don't hate her or anything; she just pisses me off.
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    I also had a best friend for, like, 7 years or so, now we barely talk to each other. I understand that it hurts to lose someone you've been friends with for over 9 years, but based on my experience; I learned to move on. I wouldn't say that we aren't friends any more, just that we're not that close as we used to be, I think that's what your relationship is with that friend. How about your other friends? Have you ever thought about them? So don't you even think that you don't deserve friends any more. Having a friend is a gift; and like those other material gifts you receive, no matter how much you think you don't deserve it, someone thinks you're worth it.

    Besides, I think I you're awesome, I never had the guts to share these kind of stuff. I'd be your friend if you'd want to.
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    Profile Post

    Heh, thanks! :)

    Heh, thanks! :)
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    I watched the film a few weeks ago; IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

    Like Plums, I read the book 2 years ago. I was a 11 at the time I didn't really fully understand some parts... but it was beautiful nonetheless. Though Charlie's Christmas/Birthday with his family didn't make it, some new parts got added that wasn't stated in the book (eh, I won't spoil it). But I suggest to go read the book first because some parts won't really make sense in the movie. I heard the people behind me complaining, "What did his Aunt Helen do?" aloud. I had to resist the urge to shout at them.

    But, yeah, it's awesome.
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    On the novels, we got a relatively small amount of information from Larxene's past life: she stated that having no heart was "alright" and having one was painful. So that means she was emotional hurt a lot when she was a Nobody, maybe even causing her sadistic nature. But, you know, if the game's plot isn't based on the novels then that piece of information is incredibly irrelevant.
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    Thank you all <3 I'm, like, the only one at my school who knows about Kingdom Hearts. Haha.
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    Idk just call me Riku. Attention-catching username, am I right or am I right? Anyway, I'm new here and all those stuff and I joined because I'm sick for the day and missed school and I somehow stumbled into this handy site. Seriously, when I discovered there was a forum I almost leaped for joy. I don't really get to talk about Kingdom Hearts stuff a lot; mainly because I don't know anyone who likes them as much as I do. Let's hope that changes.

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