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    Just Loved it Jayn!!!!
    Good job everybody!!!! Sorry about any mistakes, now I'm back home and the school is really making me busy, but I'll try to continue helping you guys at the chorus...
    C U all!!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 31, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Hey jayn!!!
    Here are my lines:
    They aren't good at all, because I have to travel and didn't have the time to learn the lyrics and the beat...
    If they aren't good enough you can just take'em out...
    Sorry about my english in the song, I was a little bit confused because of my travel, so I couldn't do it sooooo well...
    The picture is the same as always!!!
    BTW, I just loved this song!!!!

    Thanks Jayn!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 22, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Hey Jayn!!!!
    Here is my song:
    If there's any problem just tell me. It's a little bit bad because I had to do this really quickly, as I'm going to travel next tuesday...
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 21, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Hey Jayn!!!!

    I'd like to have this lines:

    [As long as we know it's there,
    We're always reaching within sight.]

    [Just remember that dreams are limitless.]

    There's no need to be sad,
    As long as we have,
    Each other to sing along.

    No matter how hard it may get,
    I'll lend you my courage, [Excasr]

    { ♥ } Smiling together
    We'll be together, [Excasr]

    Is it possible????

    Thanks Jayn!!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 18, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    I'll send my lines (song) as soon as I can Jayn!!!!
    This will be funny to record!!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 17, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    At least you are in the US...
    I'm Brazilian!!! It's really hard to be a good actress here... So I'm trying to get a good english and learn as much as I can...
    Good lucky with your dreams!!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 12, 2012 in forum: Music
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    I just loved it Jayn!!!!!
    The map idea was awesome!!!!!
    Thanks everybody, you were great!!!!


    Esther *-*
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 9, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    She is really awesome!!!! And I'm just like Rachel in school, so I like her very much for teaching me how to deal with the situation and never give up my dreams...
    I loved her in Spring Awekening and Les Mis...
    She is flawless for me!!!

    That's nice!!! I'm a really bad dancer, but I love singing and acting too...
    I dream on going to Bway...
    Are you American??
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 5, 2012 in forum: Music
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    Hey Jayn!!!

    Here are my lines:
    I hope they are all right????
    If there's any problem, just tell me, so I can fix it!!!
    (My picture is the same that I used the last time, I tried to put it here, but I didn't work...)



    PS.: They aren't so nice, because my intire family is at home, and they don't like too noisy... So I couldn't record it again...
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 4, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Good job everybody!!!!!
    I'm glad to make part of something like this!!!
    Thanks everyone!!!!
    And Happy New Year!!!!!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 1, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Hey Jayn,
    I'd like to have this lines:

    A singer in a smoky room, -in green

    { ♥ } For a smile they can share the night. - in gray

    [Working hard to get my fill,] - in green

    Everybody wants a thrill, - in blue

    Is it possible????
    Any problems just tell me!!!
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 1, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
    I'd like to have a pin!!!
    Is it possible?
    Post by: MsEstherMaria, Jan 1, 2012 in forum: Community News & Projects