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    I used to be a member here a long time ago. My last visit was in 2008, so i that makes me an old-timer. It's been some time since then. I tried logging in on a whim and found that for some godforsaken reason, my profile was still on the website. So, i guess i'm back!
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    Green Manhattan

    In the beginning, there was chaos. Nations were rising up against each other, and times were bad for everyone. The missiles flew across the sky, and in the end, all but a few were left rotting on the ground.

    The few that did survive the horrible times of war and death did their duty as members of the human race- they began to build up again. And thus, they made the ultimate utopia- a great city known as Fiddler’s Green. It seemed like paradise- war, disease, hunger and poverty had been stripped away, and everything seemed like heaven. No one had any worries at all. Anyone could get just about whatever they wanted with no trouble at all, and their every desire was fulfilled.

    Such a peaceful, wonderful haven of joy. Why would anyone leave? And yet, there are those that do. They probably have their reasons. Some might argue that Fiddler’s green isn’t truly real, that people have gotten out of touch with their past. That people have grown shallow and indulgent, and lack individuality or creativity. And so, some who broke away have claimed their own territory. They were decidedly more spread out, as a result of running away from developed society to live on their own. However, the majority of the ones who left made their homes in the destroyed ruins of an older city. Since they only knew so much history, they didn’t know the city’s name. And so, they called it Manhattan (note: this is not named after the section of New York. The Manhattan project was the name of the project by the US to develop the first nuclear weapon in WWII).
    The two societies have lived in relative peace thus far, keeping their own borders. However, with different societies come different views, and different views inevitably bring conflict…

    Could history be doomed to repeat itself?

    The different societies:

    Fiddler’s Green
    Fiddler’s green, as stated before, is a vast city, approximately the size of the state of Rhode Island. It was built on the idea that for people to survive, they need to be happy. Therefore, the rules are relatively loose, and the people generally behave themselves. After all, what need do they have to bite the hand that feeds them? On the surface, it appears that people are generally happy and free to do what they wish. They do not understand the people who have left, and call them “Savagesâ€, for lack of a better term.
    However, to those who are brought up differently, or just have a different point of view, many questions are left unanswered. The denizens of fiddler’s green have no perception of history, for example. IS this because of the people in fiddler’s green are just too shallow and indulgent to care, or could it be by design? Additionally, people of both societies have spread rumors of a secret police force that keeps the denizens of fiddler’s green in line. They are known only as “The shepherdsâ€, and their identities, whereabouts, and methods are always unknown.
    Is there something darker behind the bright lights of Fiddler’s Green?

    The society of Manhattan is built on the idea that people need to be informed and have strict rules to survive. They disapprove of the indulgence and ignorance of the denizens of Fiddler’s Green, and contemptuously call them “sheepâ€. They believe that to truly appreciate life, one must turn to ideas and art as opposed to pleasures of the flesh. They have a stricter moral code than the people of fiddler’s green, so they are often times more restricted in their actions, and yet most of them seem genuinely happy.
    In Manhattan itself, which is the hub of the dissentor’s society and unofficial capital, there is some form of government and unity, but not in the way fiddler’s green is ruled. IT’s a bit more democratic, since people have more of an interest in what’s going on around them. However, the denizens of Manhattan are growing wary of late. There are rumors going around that something bad is about to happen. That war might be coming with the denizens of fiddler’s green. And no one knows why.
    What is brewing in Manhattan?

    Character sheet:
    Location/ Allegiance:
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    Leaping Lemmings?
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    BEing jewish, my family always has the best christmas meal ever-- Chinese food.:)
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    I never noticed it before, but you're right. I think it's the constantly dialated eyes.
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    Remember me?

    No, you probably don't. But either way, i'm back. :)

    I've been gone for a while for multiple reasons, but i'm here again, at least for a little while.
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    The movie was made in 1941. It was made in black and white, and it had Cary Grant in it. It's not like it's a classic like the Maltese Falcon or the Marx Brothers' movies, so of course you haven't heard of it.

    For an old movie, it's actually not half bad, though.
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    Who cares? As long as they are good movies, it shouldn't really matter, right?

    After all, it doesn't matter when it's made, a movie about a family like that is still funny (even if the humor is a bit dated).

    And the wine... you've gotta love the elderberry wine! :D
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    Holy crap, someone else knows this movie? I had to see it for drama five years ago because it was our school play. I played one of the policemen.

    This is the version with Cary Grant made in '41, right?
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    Mind if i play Axel?
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    In soviet russia, television watches you
    In soviet russia, telephone calls you
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    A hit and run? That just plain sucks. I hope they find him soon.

    And my condolences for your loss...
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