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    I had a feeling it might have ended this way. Team Somebodies = Sora, Riku, Kairi, Team Original = Ven, Terra, Aqua, Team Nobodies = Roxas, Axel/Lea, Xion/Namine. That's how I always kinda pictured it. Since its Sora - Ven - Roxas. Kairi - Aqua - Namine/Xion. I figured Axel/Lea had to represent someone as well since he was part of a trio & he does. Riku - Terra - Axel/Lea ~ Gah! I'm so excited
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    When Lea was like "Isa..." I died :c their friendship is now dead, but Lea still can't help but feel sad!! My poor fangirl heart can't take this much angst!!
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    Dissapointment washed over Aki's face as she took the phone back and examined the autograph.
    Tellus? I thought his name was...ah nevermind I'm just wasting my time thinking about it.
    She put her phone back into her pocket and sighed.
    Not a regular person, huh? I kind figured that out within these past hours or so...
    She watched Holden fidget slightly as he stared her. An uncomfortable feeling rose in her, but she had figured it was pretty late by now and that she needed to get home soon.
    I wonder if he needs to go somewhere. Maybe check in with his boss or something...Or maybe-

    It was nice meeting you Aki. I hope you'll come back for the next performance.
    Her thoughts had shattered as she looked at Holden with blank eyes.
    Oh yes, my apologies. I'll make sure to stop by the next show.
    They both eyed the exit of the tent.

    You better head home. Forgive me, but I'm not allowed to use my ability to get you there and I really have to get back with the others.
    Aki groaned to herself. Great, just perfect.
    Holden waved at her and made his way towards the exit, dissapearing within the shadows. Aki then took out her cell phone and flipped it open.
    No messages...
    She put her hands in her pocket and shivered under the deep cold, hoping that her journey back home wouldn't be as harsh. As she exited the tent again she took one final glance inside before making her way back into the forest. When she arrived back at her house she kicked off her shoes a ran upstairs to her room. She jumped into bed and pulled out her cellphone. She ran a finger over the name "Tellus" and smiled.
    Alright, let's see how the next performance goes.
    She then closed the screen and covered herself under her sheets.
    That night she dreamed of the circus.

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    Well as of right now, I've seen to make contact with Flare already. I think I can try and save both my original and Flare, but if not I'll make a new one.
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    Aki was taken back slightly. Not in any kind of danger? Is that some kind of joke? I mean she has a spear!
    She inhaled and exhaled deeply. Although death seemed to be going through her mind right now, she couldn't help but feel slightly relaxed. The way that the magician smiled at her gave her some reassurance and feeling returned to her again.
    Anyways, what do you want me to sign? I don't normally do this kind of thing but I'll make an exception for you.

    She watched as the magician pulled out a pen from thin air and she smiled widely.

    When she finally came back to Earth, she searched frantically for a piece of paper, but grew slightly dissapointed when she realized that she had left her bag back outside. A light bulb hit her.
    My cellphone!
    She started to search her pocket frantically as if her life depended on it.

    You're one of the more attractive girls who's ever asked for an autograph though.
    She paused as heat rushed to her ears.
    A-Attractive? Okay calm down, he probably says this to every girl. Plus this Scarlet devil chick says he's kind of a perv so I have to be careful and not fall into his trap.
    She found her cell phone and smiled triumphantly at the magician.

    Anyways, I'm Holden. Holden Grey. He pointed at the Scarlet Devil. And that's...well, she's Flandre.
    Aki smiled.
    Nice meet you, names Aki.
    She suddenly felt the spear leave her cheek and she looked at Flandre.
    Next time you introduce me, remember that shadowboy.
    Aki blinked in confusion as she watched the Scarlet Devil vanish in the darkness.
    Had she been talking this entire time?!?
    She gave a weak chuckle.

    I wonder what her problem is...
    She made her way towards Holden and blushed sheepishly and drew small circles in the ground like a small child meeting his favorite hero.
    Umm...w-would you mind signing my cell phone?

    She bowed her head and showed her hands.
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    Aki felt her heart leap into her throat as the magician vanished in a blink of an eye.
    No way...she muttered breathlessly.

    It may not look so extravagant.
    The sound of his voice seem so strong behind her, but when she turned around he wasn't there. Her heart raced with excitement and anxiety.
    But it's far from some common trick.
    The voice had moved. Aki turned back forward to see Holden hovering about the ground and dancing around her and Petal. She could have sworn she saw Petal smiling as if this was all fun in games. Her mind raced with more questions.
    Maybe you'd believe me if I just-
    But before she managed to say something he vanished again, but each time he reappeared he was inching closer to her. Her heart skipped a beat when he was finally next to her. She didn't noticed how tall he was or how distinguished his facial features were till now. He grabbed her arm and she blushed hard. She hadn't felt this kind of human interaction in for a long time.
    Took you elsewhere.
    She looked at him with somewhat terrified eyes. A tight squeezing feeling enveloped her body as the world started to swirl around her. The pressure grew tighter that she thought she might pop, so she closed her eyes and let the darkness swallow her. She could have sworn she heard the flower girl laughing in the distance.

    When she had reopened her eyes, she was back in the tent. The moon shone brightly in the open hole that the scarlet devil gladly punctured, and the world was calm. She peered around the tent to see Holden in the stand, arms across his chest and leaning back.
    Now how about that autograph you wanted?
    Her eyes sparkeld with joy.
    R-Realy?!? You mean it?
    A huge grin fell on her lips as she made her way towards him, but she didn't notice the eerie breeze falling in.
    Well now! What have we here?
    Aki didn't hear the wings flapping, but she did see the Scarlet Devil's entrance. Her breath stopped as soon as she saw her. She was paralyzed as the young blond girl materialized a spear from nowhere and pressed it against her cheek.
    W-What is this?
    Holden, I know youre a bit of a pervert, but I had no IDEA that you were so sadistic as to want to get a random girl killed by Victor just to get your kicks!
    Aki's eyes widen with fear. K-Kill me?!?
    Her lips started to tremble as her face became a dangerous shade of a dying pale.
    Man, I knew I should have ignored that text message, I mean, what in the world was I thinking. Me, normal and going to normal events? Hah what a joke.
    She gazed at Holden desperately with fear and betrayal in her eyes and in search of salvation.
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    Welcome to Hell
    Each hallway seemed exactly alike from the previous one and Elsie started to grow impatient. The blood had dried from the bottom of her feet, but Uso still dripped like a faucet. The wine red blood blended in too deep with Uso's black layer that she couldn't tell. She cradled him in her arms and she gazed down a forked split hallway. Her eyes were still slightly melancholic.
    "'Ney, Uso. Which way should Elsie take?"
    The rabbit sat quietly, it's smile unchanging and it's black button eyes staring at nothing. Her eyebrows furrowed.
    "Are you sure?"
    She peered down the left corridor and held on tighter. "Okay, if Uso says so, then Elsie will listen."
    She started to make her way down the hallway as her feet padded across the floor, making small scuffling noises along the way. She noticed that the humming had died awhile back, but she continued to hum to herself and Uso.

    She turned the corner and noticed a man looking completely puzzled. She blinked and squeezed her rabbit tight.
    "'Ney, Uso. Is he a bad man?"
    Silence. Elsie's eyes became cold and fierce with darkness. "I see. So he must die, I assume?"
    Silence. Her blue eyes flickered warily towards the man until she heard another noise. Running? Was there more people that have escaped their rooms as well?

    Elsie relaxed slightly but didn't keep her eyes off that man. Instead, she started walking towards him with a straight gaze.
    "Elsie won't kill him..."

    She managed to brush passed the man with the confused gaze, but she didn't turn around. Instead, she continued to walk down the hallway without batting an eyelash. Still she continued to hope the man would turn her around.

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    I apologize >.< this weekend wasn't the best for me to post since I have winterguard competitions :c
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    Accepted, and if this is still technically up so I dont see why not, but it'll probably take a while for it to start up, hope you don't mind.
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    That was all she needed to hear to clear any doubt that stirred in her head. Aki bit her lip and stared wide eyed at Petal for a moment as if she had learned a dark secret. It took a while for her mind to process the information that she had just received, and the fact that the flower was 100% percent genuine. But when it all cleared she actually felt relieved.

    I see.
    She smiled. That's amazing! So you're some kind of Poison Ivy from Batman or something, but like good and all.

    Her eyes twinkled in amusement and her heart leaped. It took her by surprise to feel this much excitement again. Her thoughts raced as more questions came to mind, but she turned to look at Holden and her smile slightly faltered. The nagging feeling she had felt since the end of his act had grown and her eyes slanted into determination.

    Well, what about you? I'm sure you act was just smoke and mirrors. Tch, nothing special really...

    Aki bit her tongue and mentally face palmed herself. Crap! Why do I always come off as a cold hearted person when I try not to. But then again, that's who I've always been...
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    'Ney Uso, is today going to be a bad day today?

    It was dark inside Asylum as Elsie's bright blue eyes flickered silently to the floor as she tightly squeezed her stuffed rabbit towards her chest. The floor was cold against her bare feet and corridors seemed to go on forever as two security officers walked by her side. They were talking casually as they escorted her to her room since it was quite the distance from the testing lab. She had just finished a inspection and had been feeling slightly sluggish from her intake on drugs. An annoying buzz echoed in the background as their footsteps seemed to deepen with every step. Why was the hallway so loud?

    Shut's too damn loud.

    A guard turned towards her.

    What did you say?

    She turned and gave a cold glare.


    The man snarled angrily and raised the butt of his rifle in the air, striking her in the head. She came crashing down as Uso tumbled out of her hands.

    That's right you psychopathic *****. Know why you're in the crazy house? It's because you're ******* insane!

    His words didn't seems to phase her. Her face continued to keep a melancholic gaze as she reached out for her companion and brushed his head. After being in this place for God knows how long, she had grown immune to the simpletons jeers. The other guard grew impatient and snapped at the other. Her eyes focused on the floor and became cold with irritation.


    The room grew suddenly cold as a screech of wheels grew closer. A large group of doctors and nurses came rushing by with a brand new patient. They were yelling for assistants and Elsie and the two guards looked with gaping eyes. Time seem to slow down as her eyes quickly darted to see the new person. She didn't manage to get a glimpse at the face, but she did see it smile insanely. She shuddered. The buzzing had finally stopped. The two guards managed to stop arguing as they pulled Elsie to her feet.

    Damn, another one of these freaks? It's bad enough that we have to deal with this one.

    He pushed her from the back and they continued to walk down the hallway.

    Her door had seen better days as she gazed upon its iron frame. Inwardly she spat disgusted remarks, but she couldn't say anything. No one could. Lately, she has wondered if she was the only person who had felt a strong desire to leave. Heck, she had forgotten what an actual human was like since being here. But she has heard some foreign humming throughout the years that had reminded her of her mother. Whenever she heard it, she danced around her cell and her dress and hair twirling gracefully around her, humming along to her own tune. Her only audience was Uso, but she didn't mind.

    She hasn't really seen any other patients besides the ones she would see in the waiting room. Even so, it would only be a quick nod and then she'd never see them again.

    The two guards opened the door pushing her inside her prison. Elsie held Uso by a paw in one hand, allowing him to trail on the ground. She turned around with glaring eyes and prepared herself to be in the darkness again. The door slowly creaked closed as the light slowly dissipated behind it, and all was left was a sliver. Her eyes, still unchanging, held a melancholic gaze.

    The door suddenly stopped closing. The buzzing noise returned. There was sudden screaming and cries for help, and the guards had left her door. She paused and listened carefully for the noises outside. Cries of terror and gunshots echoed down the halls as Elsie slowly came to the door. She curiously pushed it open to reveal the bright hallways again. The buzzing grew even louder as the screams became muffled now. She took a step forward her feet brushing against the cold tile again and Uso dragging on the floor.

    The cruel guard suddenly came running pass the corner, tripping over his own feet. She looked at him with disgust. There was fear in his eyes as he looked at her, reaching his hand out for help.

    S-SAVE ME!

    She blinked. Save him? Now in the world would she do that? She couldn't help but reveal a twisted smile and his eyes widen with more fear. The buzzing was extremely intense now that Elsie thought her head would pop. She watched the man turn around in horror and bring out his rifle, shooting aimlessly at the barren air. The lights died out and was followed by a horrid scream of agony. A warm wet feeling splashed on Elsie's cheek as she stood their in fear. The yelling grew unbearably loud and she covered her ears.

    SHUT UP!

    The screaming had ceased as did the buzzing, Her eyes slowly flickered open to a bright room again. The man's organs were completely exposed and the white walls painted with a beautiful coat of red. Her melancholic gaze had not flinched. She walked next to the man's carcass as her feet and rabbit soaked in the pool of red around him. She gazed at the agonized stricken face. She smiled.

    She turned to her side to see a shadowing figuring hovering over her. It stared at her intensely and smiled insanely. Her eyes shrank slightly as she stood up defensively, but the shadow vanished as soon as she stood up. The sound of humming and skipping reverberated through the corridors as she looked looked down the hallway. She smiled slightly and started to hum as well, pulling Uso into one hand and made her way down the aisle with bloody footprints and a rabbit's trail.
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    Aki blinked in confusion and unconsciously took the flower into her hand. She twirled the stem between her forefingers and stared deeply at the flower, allowing its vivid colors the mesmerize her. The hand against her back felt warm as she inhaled deeply savoring the flowers scent. The pain in her head lifted immediately and her vision returned to normal. She turned to her side and gazed at Holden. She frowned.
    I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak around.
    She laughed nervously then stuck her tongue out and hit her head childishly.
    I just tend to get myself into trouble whenever it's around. She sighed. Sucks about the autographs though. I was really looking forward to one.
    Alright...all I have to do is make up some cheesy story so I don't get into any trouble.

    She looked towards Petal and smiled.
    T-Thank you for the flower. She turned her face away sheepishly.
    Now I just need to act like a damsel in distress and they're sure to let me go free!
    Before she decided to end her act a question popped into her head. Umm, just one quick question. You didn't really make that flower grow on its own...did you?

    There was an edge of disbelief in her voice.
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