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    Awesome! It was frustrating to not be able to find anything when I'd get that nostalgia itch.
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    over/under on my dead body?
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    14 years here in October, and I turned 28 this last March.

    I kinda miss this place. Mostly been on Reddit lately and content is decent, but pretty impersonal unless you're going out of your way to deep dive into a specific sub. I wanted to like our Discord more when stuff was shifting that way, but group chats just get so overwhelming so quickly. Although that looks like it's slowed down a lot too without quite dying, maybe I'll try faffing about in there again soon.
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    I got
    • Cash towards a VR headset / Re:Mind
    • Bluetooth earbuds
    • Electric toothbrush
    • insulated bottle
    • Demon Hunter t-shirt
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    View attachment 50451
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    {insert nose flute noises}
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    Welp, my guess on pricing was off.
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    Well DLC for FF15 ran $5 for the bonus episodes and $15 for the Royal Edition overhaul. So that's the general range. Hard to say past that though since we don't know much about how extensive Re:Mind will be.
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    I'm interested in Black Code since it can be fun to mess around with mechanical stuff like that. I'm just kinda worried that if it's being billed as a super-ultra-extreme difficulty mode then it might be using critical as a base and modifying from there, and KH3's critical was too much for me already.
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    For what it's worth the handful of times I've been in Discord has been almost entirely text chat. Voice was used more when the Discord is new, but I haven't seen anyone in those for a while. Granted my activity is pretty dang low, so that doesn't say much.

    As for KHUX, there is a weekly contest thingy which gives quite a list of players in this thread. Heck, depending on how you feel about party jumping you could get in on one of ours since we have one for each union.
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    I don't really get upset at free updates/DLC much. At worst (*cough*FF15*cough*) it basically becomes the AAA equivalent of early-access. Particularly in this case they were able to focus development time on the rest of the game instead of a feature many players won't use, and it allowed them to get data about how people were actually playing the game to hopefully craft the new mode better.
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    Your face is slow.

    Nailed it.
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