Awarded Pins

  1. Awarded: Jan 6, 2017

    Castle Survivor

    You made it to the Final Floor AND you remember everything!? That's pretty brave of you! (Must Partake in the Castle Oblivion Event. Happens Once a Year)

  2. Awarded: Dec 1, 2016

    The Promise

    Thank you for joining in the fun. We hope you keep it up! (Help in any community event with no pin award assigned)

  3. Awarded: Jan 7, 2015

    O Hundred Hours

    You've made it through all the floors of Castle Oblivion in record time! Congrats, here's a nifty pin for your swift escapade. (Completed Castle Oblivion within 24 hours of its opening. Happens once a year.)

  4. Awarded: Jan 7, 2015

    Smell Ya Later!

    You've made it through the basement of Castle Oblivion! Congratulations on stumbling through the dark! (Completed Castle Oblivion and reached the ground floor. Happens once a year.)

  5. Awarded: Jul 5, 2013

    Luminary Residuum

    A hero's path abides by the protection of others... (Must be a Former or Active Staff Member.)