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    Well, I assure you that this "bad ass female" you speak of was created by a "Feminazi." And yeah, I'm intelligent enough to know that the word has nothing to do with the Nazi party. I'm sure most intelligent people that use the term know that. It's word play, as are a lot of words in the English language.

    Either way, this goes to say, just in case you missed it, I call them "Feminazis" because they aren't actually Feminist. They are in fact misandrist. This movie sadly was a product of that.

    And yeah, I am aware that the CSI franchise has extensions of the original show, but this movie was lamely titled MAD MAX when it should have literally just been named FURY ROAD. I said this because the trailer, just like the description of the movie was poorly named which lead many MAD MAX fans to think they were going to see a movie with him as the main character as he was in the original movie.

    With that said, I'm sure you understand where I'm getting at with this.

    I went to see a movie about mad Max, not about the hardships of being a "bad ass female" that doesn't need a man to get nothing done. All in all, I am just really in awe at how they managed to ruin this film and mislead countless fans. And obviously others agree if you look at how well this movie is actually doing in comparison to movies like Pitch Perfect (which was in no way misleading to its fans).
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    "Feminism" aka "Feminazism" ruined this movie. Honestly, if the movie was just called Fury Road, it would have been fine and dandy, but I went to see a movie about Mad Max, not Furiosa.

    As a feminist, I honestly am tired of women that feel like they need to get a movie catering to them--hints the Feminazis' staple of the female hero. Female heroes are cool, but not when it's obvious that Feminazis' are the ones being catered to. It's sad that it's gotten to this point. The director definitely shouldn't have went to a Feminazi to write the part for Furiosa.

    No one likes when ppl portray women as whiners, yet Feminazis are behind this.....

    Rolling my eyes.
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    :) Agreed.

    :) Agreed.
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    I feel you on that one. i have the same feeling all the time. Like no matter what I do, it will never be good enough. But at some point i realized that if i care more about how other ppl will take my choices, the less I will do what is right for me and the more I will do what i think they want me to. And that doesn't make u happy at all. Juts makes u miserable.
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    I understand what you mean. I have a big phobia of failing at anything. One wrong move that you could mess up can leave u feeling badly. I get what you mean though. I still have that fear, but at the end of the day, you can only really do what you think is best and if that is a mistake, sometimes u juts have to be ok with it.
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    Speaking from a personal stand point, yes, there are ppl that say, "I am useless" and "I want to commit suicide." And when you hear it, it's an outcry. I have said these things and I have battled with depression for longer than I can remember. So, yeah, I definitely get that you would be like, "How does therapy help?" I have been there. And at the end of the day, it is up to u to decide to get help or not. Saying how you feel out loud is the first step to fighting it effectively. There was never a time in my life that I remembered not being depressed, so no, its not an easy thing to get out of feeling. I am not one for sugar-coding things, so I'll just tell you flat out that depression is a life-long battle. And it's not easy, but the individual has to have the will power to fight even when they feel like they can't go on. Fighting depression is a choice. So, in the end , it's all up to you.

    And honetsly, medication isn't going to help that unless you have a chemical imbalance or a mental aliment that may be causing these downs.
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    Would anyone be interested in joining my RP?

    Location: Salem, Oregon[

    Background Info : The existence of Mutants has always been kept under wraps by the government and Mutants alike. However, after Craven, an underground organization wishing to expose the existence of Mutants, almost exposed Mutants lead to the 1st Revolution--the war on humans waged by Craven--the government forged a treaty with Mutants pledging to keep their existence a secret granted they sent their children to special Mutan facilities to be trained to use their powers for good. With most of Craven's leaders and followers detained and what few Mutants that were devoted to them on the run or in hiding, a second war seemed unlikely. For centuries, this treaty held true, that is until Craven was resembled. Now Craven, has risen after the 1st Revolution against Mutants with the hopes of starting the Second Revolution.

    Plot: Mutan High has opened up for another year of teaching mutants how to control their powers, but this year’s a little different. This year Rein Valadan, Peace Warren, Spike Appero, Fin Blaze, Star Nolonez and Tech Malan will be attending it. They are the only mutants other than Avery Carmichael—the principal of Mutan High—that have more than two powers. All of these teens are a group of “Grade A” example of rule breakers. They all seem very different, but the same. These kids may not get along with each other, but they’re forced to when they all get partnered up to be teams for the rest of their time at Mutan High. They may not like it, but they have to live with each other and stick it out. These teens get off to a ruff start that is until they find out that they all have more in common than they ever imagined. They all come together to bet the current champs of Mutan High, the Eagles. After their big win the Eagles turn evil and try to destroy the school. Rein, Peace, Spike, Star, and Tech all team up to defeat the Eagles. But will they overcome their differences long enough to work together and defeat the Eagles or will they let that be their down fall?
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    Personally I just always ask myself if I ever have kids is them knowing abut this something I am willing to tell them. I also ask myself if I would do this if someone I loved was round, if the answer is no, then I just don't do it. Also, I often ask myself if I would want someone I love to be around someone that did something I was thinking of doing. I ask myself if the action is worth the consequences, but many ppl r more impulsive and don't think everything out. My moral compass is based on a treat others how u want to be treated thing. I also do that, would u want to be a round a person that did this or that thing too.
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    I started the convo.
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    Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try this. Hey is it ok if I pm u?
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    Fair enough. Great advice. I really appreciate that. I have been trying, but sometimes, if i know a person is very sensitive, I may not say anything though it is rational that I should talk to them about it. I mean, I am considerate of other ppl's feelings, but then I feel uncomfortable which can kind of make me act a little meaner than I intend to seem. In such situations, I am so uncomfortable I sit in silence or say things that may seem a little mean, but not t hurt. It's just i feel so not in control that I'd rather pretend not to be there or pretend to be engaged when in truth I'm not.
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    B/c I have grown up in abusive environments were words were used to hurt, and my feelings were never considered, therefore, I consider others feelings which translates into my being silent which isn't beneficial to me, but it kills me to speak up for my own good b/c I fear treating others the way I have been treated, so I tend to be very passive or pretend things aren't happening so I don't have to deal with them or saying i oppose certain actions or doings of others.
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