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    so strange that just changing them to neutral is all it takes...

    I am guessin it is because my game is patched, but it only allows me to play as goofy (and if I try to equip a shield it crashes after I leave the menu screen) when I try axel. Haven't tried anyone else but I can imagine that as long as I use my english patched game it wont work (note did not patch it myself, don't even know which patch was used)

    I apologize for you being bothered to repost those codes. Maybe they should be added to the front page...

    anyways, speaking of the front page, the true hero cup with a billion lines of code...what does that modify? I don't recall seeing a "hero cup"
    I am also not quite getting the summon mod code,

    Summoning Mod
    0032f055 000000??

    00 =
    01 =
    02 =
    03 =
    04 =
    05 =
    ??? what does 00 equal? 01? 02?

    also what exactly does the 3/4 sora fix code do?
    I haven't tried NOT using it, but I did notice using more than one main character allows you to somewhat control all the characters (camera follows one, all jump, but their attacking is a bit...odd...)
    never mind I just looked at my codes and noticed I have been playing without it for a while...meaning I don't think it has any effect whatsoever...

    and one more thing, I was messing with the status and moveset modifier codes along with a few other codes.
    well I turned sora into Donald, had all his abilities and weapons and the likes, and I could run jump and attack and the likes. but I really couldn't figure out how to use any of Donald's magic, nor could I find anything in the shortcut/reaction command's relating to his abilities

    thank you for your for your response
    and thank whoever responds to this afterwards.
    regardless of being able to help me or not.

    thanks to people like you I can play kingdom hearts 2 for the billionth time and then some...I mena without stuff like this it gets old once you've played each game a few billion times waiting for the next game (and for the spare change to buy another DS since my lil sis sold hers....guess that's what I get for buying games for a system I don't own...ah well and dream drop is for 3ds anyways.)
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    thank you for the response, I suppose I will have to look into that psdis then.

    I suppose I missed that on the front page, I apologize for asking for something that was already there.
    As for the rest I assumed as much, just figured I would ask.

    I also apologize for making you have to break apart my block of text like that...
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    being me I think...maybe?
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    Is there any way to make characters not dissapear during summoning?

    And how would you go about editing which character comes out when you summon? It'd be nice if you could just plug in the character codes for the universal character codes...

    ALSO! (Geez, who is this gosh darn demanding noob? could somebody or a nobody shoot him already? Xigbar? please?)

    How would you go about going BACK to the 1000 heartless battle, moding who you fight...and would it even be possible to make it say...unlimited until you got bored?

    p.s. rule of thumb, don't try bringing all 12 nobodies into that one room where all their doors are....because for 1 only 11 will spawn without crashing the game (or mayabe roxas was crashing it...did'nt test that far, not that it matters, because only the wind dude Xaldin stays and fights, the rest fall down to the bottom and become possible to lock onto, but do nothing else (course I do recall hearing "dance water dance!" at the start...and I swear if its not Xaldin calling Sora's name it must be someone else...most likely Xemnas...all those X's....geez)

    Hey another do you guys go about finding these codes? I have some (very meager, and mostly forgotten through lack of using...and maybe alcohol, but mostly because I stopped using them, but I haz them! I swaer!) minor coding skillz, and maybe could help learn some o' the codes.

    Also (Holy crap ( no I did not just cast holy on a pile o' poo) does this guy ever shut up? seriously shut this mugger fudder up! I will shoot him myself! Don't mind me...something about multiple personalities or something ya know? Ooh is that a keyblade? SHINY!!!) I forgot what I was gonna say...something about Axel probably...or maybe modding a character...or that one time at....yeah...
    I don't think it was a question...I think I was trying to be helpful...but who knows...certainly not me.

    signed, your truely Mindwarper the infinitely awesome, epically epic, master of your most uberish noobishness, newbie to reality, dude who types more at 1AM than he does all day, dude.

    p.s.I still don't remember what the crap I was gonna say...that will be killing me all morning...ah well I go to bed in about an hour or two...depends on when I get tired of typing...

    p.p.s. <--or w/e, I just thought of it possible to make infinite gummy blocks? Back when I used to play kh feverishly I had all gummy missions completely maxed out except the dreadnaught's third mission where I could not seem to beat the final boss thing dead-like, even wih my completely decked out gummi madness. (I had some cool looking ships mind you!) now that I am mostly screwing around playing khfm I want a giant....block...of power...)
    (I wonder If iwas going to ask how to get my "play as axel" code I found to work...if nothing else to play as Axel in something other than 358/2 days, specifically in like a friggin dream (just until kh3, where he will be the main character and save all the worlds and all that ,you know.)

    OKAY! I am finally shutting up! No more headaches for you!
    You may now proceed to yell at me and possibly ban me from the site for being annoying, but if you do that I swear to whatever deity or deities you worship I will haunt you! I will! and if you don't worship anything well...I will still haunt you...
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    I have been looking forward to this since kh1...soooo saw this coming...I mean mysterious strong hearted person? Princess of heart only my butt...please...
    I figured she was going to be magic type, BBS confirmed this for me.

    Lea/axel I was not expecting, but him being my fav char makes it okay.
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    I just don't like the kh2 magic they changed useful spells like fire into a different kind of useful... ice is nice, but homing is for the champions (hey I can aim amazingly, I found that out when I started playing kh2 again recently)
    area is nice assuming you have the time to pull it off, because if your sorrounded they are probably already attacking. and the area is so small even with firega it is near pointless.

    oh yeah...and I hate cure costing all mana....that is the most rediculous thing of all...
    almost as bad as removing dodge roll...
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    thanks for the heads up, cause knowing me I would pull this mistake right off the bat...
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    It's worth it, like others have said you really don't NEED anything but the kingdom key to beat this game (unless your doing khfm+ on hate the low hp...especially since the enemies do so much more damage....and did they HAVE to remove dodge roll from the first KH? REALLY? lol...)
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