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    The prince awoke that morning, his faithful companion still curled up at his feet. Varion was less than a minute into the day before he was adrift in thought. "Tomorrow i am to wed the princess" he silently mused to himself. H e still had had little interaction with Kaileigh since she arrived in the kingdom. He decided today he would go talk to her, study her, and hopefully catch some insight to the future.

    Varion dressed in casual wear, and calling to his friend, shut the door to his room and left to find his princess.

    ❝Ah, good marrow,❞ Kaileigh greeted him before stepping out of the way so that he may enter the room. ❝And to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?❞ "You have been in this kingdom for over two months now and i have yet to see you, i decided we should take some time getting to know one another" the prince said suppressing his emotion.
    Kaileigh nodded at him before taking a seat on the bed. "That is true. I am pleased you stopped by. It is only right for us to get to know one another before we inevitably wed." she said smiling brightly at him. Her white hair fell in her face and she brushed it aside with her fingers. "Tell me Kaileigh, in this land that is to one day be yours, what do you find most beautiful?" She tapped her pointer finger to her chin lightly for a moment before responding. The princess appeared to be well in thought. With a light grin she glanced out the window. There was a distorted view of the harbor and she turned back to him smiling. "I find the sea to be rather beautiful, but I have yet to actually visit it. Lazinth has no major bodies of water. It would be nice to spend some time out there." She paused briefly. When Kaileigh opened her mouth to speak again, she abruptly closed it at the sight of another figure enter the room. The princess stumbled to her feet and smoothed out the creases in her robe. "Your Majesty," she greeted the Queen.

    "My timing if off, as I do not mean intrusion. It is wonder, however, to see the couple-to-be together," her voice was light, gentle, as she looked the two over. Varion felt odd at being addressed as part of a couple, but i guess he would just have to get used to it. "Mother would you like to join us for breakfast and a little chat?" Varion offered up to his mother.He waited for a reply before leaving the room and together they walked to the dining area, with much left yet to be discussed, who knew where the day would wind up?
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    So I have been more active on the site recently and my message count has been going up, and after I deleted one post my message count dropped back completely to zero when I still had other posts that are still currently on the site. I went up to four today and after I deleted the post it all disappeared and now it says that my message count is back to zero which makes no sense. Help please?

    Edit: this brought my count back to one, but it should still be at two or three.
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    Turning away from his window prince Varion made way for his bed. An early night indeed as the sun was just setting, but it had been a long day. Every muscle in his body threatened to scream as he crawled into bed. His noble pet Fenris curled up at his feet and as the two began to drift off to sleep, Varion began to reflect on the day's events.

    The morning started off as any other, a hearty breakfast before lessons in diplomacy and affairs both foreign and domestic. A light lunch and off to the training grounds where Master Roxan had forced Varion to run combat drills for the remainder of the day. Usually Varion didn't care much for combat training. He looked at the mace and shield he wielded, the weapons of a protector. Varion had chose the weapons knowing their meaning.A meaning, an idea, a force that he now embodied. He was a protector of his family and his kingdom.

    It had never bothered him. nay it had strengthened and driven him to be the best he could for all those around him. What shook him was the news delivered just a month ago. He was to be married to princess Kaileigh of Lazinth. He had met her few times and never for very long. He wondered if she would like him and how the future was to turn out.

    A tremor of fear crept through the young prince. What if she were to despise him? What if he could not protect this soon to be family of his own? What was to become of the future of Lazinth? would the price be made to protect the intrests of both kingdoms? Fenris let out a low growl as if telling the prince to relax. Vraion scratched his friend on the head, comforted by the wolf's fur rustling through his fingers, Varion finally made peace with his long day.
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    Name: Varion Tallence
    Age: 20
    Status: Royalty
    Allegiance: Korr
    Appearance: here
    Occupation: Prince, castle's ambassador to the village
    Ranking: N/A
    Weapon: Mace & Shield
    Personality:Very obedient and respectful of parent, trainers, and military higher-ups. Willing to risk/give all for family and kingdom. Respects the rights and beauty of others and nature. Feeling distant from his father (except in their training sessions), he grew up very close to his mother. Has few friends, mostly confides in his mother and fenris (his pet wolf). After hearing new of the upcoming marraige, the young prince is nervous and anxious as he prepares to come into the world as his own man while training to take over a very demanding job.
    Other: pet
    (Fenris: A loyal servant of Korr and personal friend to the prince. After an afternoon ride through the woods a scrappy wolf followed the prince back without his knowledge. Crossing through the castle gates, the guards sized the wolf, not wanting to see it harmed. The prince brought him home and has enjoyed his companionship ever since. He is believed to be around 25 which is believed to be rather special given the age length of wolves. He mostly stays by the prince's side but can be found roaming the village.)
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    happy birthday <3

    happy birthday <3
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